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I am 33 weeks pregnant almost 34 weeks I smoked weed because I had to smoke because I was throwing up constantly. I recently stop smoking but I'm TERRIFIED that my baby will have THC in his system when he is born and CPS will come... will my system and my baby be clean by the time of deliver which is Nov. 3.
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Does your OB know about the THC? I would make sure he or she is aware.  I was really sick thru both of my entire pregnancies. I tried many things. What worked for me was zofran my OB gave me. I had to take some heavy duty opiates daily thru both pregnancies. I was followed by a pain management doc and my OB knew. I didn’t have any trouble with them wanting to take the babies. I can say my daughter was in NICU because of it.
I wish you and your baby the best!
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I agree that letting your doctor know is best.  Lots of people se THC these days. It's illegal some places and not in others. But regardless, if your doctor knows it is better so there are no surprises.  What state do you live in?  
I live in idaho and its illegal here I just want to know if I stop recently will it be out my system and my baby. I'm pretty sure my doctor knows from when I first pee they tested it but they do not ask me to pee anymore I only had to do it that one time and I was using then also.
Regardless of being legal or illegal the OB has to know.  I believe THC stays in your system quite a while.  That is actually a question that the pain management forum might be able to help you with.   I’m surprised they only have checked your urine once your entire pregnancy. It’s usually checked every visit to make sure you don’t have an infection, blood or glucose in your urine (those are the most looked at on the dipstick).  I would think it will show up in the babies meconium.  If they were going to test, that would be it. Also, I would advise you to tell your OB so that if there are any problems with the baby they know about the THC. They might want to have a specialist around when the baby is born. I’m not really sure with THC. I was taking fentynal and Percocet for an injury.  
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My urine was checked for protein which is a sign of pre eclampsia. So, they may ask to check your urine sometimes in the near future for that reason.  Be prepared.  So, it's illegal in your state.  Dang, that throws a monkey wrench in it.  Remember though, your doctor isn't stupid. I'm sure he or she knows a lot of people use THC either for medicinal purposes or recreationally.  I'm guessing your doctor will  not go into full shock and call the police to wait for you in the lobby.  :>))  Here is a rough estimate----  if you smoke occasionally, it is in your system for up to 10 days.  If you smoke regularly, up to 45 days and if you smoke daily and constantly, up to 90 days. I've read that in terms of the baby, that it can stayed stored in the baby's meconium for up to 4 months.  Every day closer to your delivery date, it will be less than less.  However, if you want no problems, tell your doctor!  That really is always the best idea.  They will not freak out.  Surprises freak them out.  Don't be afraid---  it will be okay.
I forgot an important one...protein!  Thank you :)
I would have to agree with SM. Surprises freak them out.
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So, how did it go?  What did you decide to do?
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