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THC Testing during pregnancy

I am 16 weeks pregnant.... I found out I was pregnant the end of March, before that day I smoked pot on a daily basis.  After finding out I was pregnant I quit immediately... At my first OB appt on April 12th they did a urine drug screen and I tested positive they said it was in the 30's, my second appt on May3rd my level got higher in the 130's and my third appt. May 31st my level was 17... I told them from the beginning that I was a regular smoker until finding out I was pregnant.  I just had my appt today so they were retesting but they do not believe me that I quit and I am concerned because I know I have and I have not been around it once since I stopped the end of March.  It seems my level has went down and I'm hoping todays test is negative but does anyone know why it increased even after stopping smoking.  My Dr. was extremely rude about it and told me I had to still be using.  Anyone who could offer any advice or insight I would appreciate it greatly.
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I would say drink lots and lots of water. Try sweating it out also. I drank so much water while I smoked that once I found out I was pregnant they couldn't detect it in my urine. And if they are so rude abt it I would say find another doctor and explain you have stopped because this Dr will always look down on u even once its cleared... Hope some of this helps:)
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I had never smoked but was at a party and ate a brownie (special one ) that my friend gave me not knowing I was pregnant thinking it would be funny because I dont smoke, anyway I went in and tested positive idk what the levels were but all my dr said is make sure im nit smokeing or around anyone who is because when ur pregnant ur body is more suseptable to things and I could still test positive. Idk if they ever retested because he never said anything else about it so maybe if you were around it alot after you quit thats why ur levels were high. I do think you might want to look for a diff o.b ypu dont want to be uncomftable with them
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I'm not exactly sure why they would go down then up to be honest. But before me and my fiancee got together he got in to some trouble. Well we had about 2 months before his court and we smoked on a daily basis as well. Well he ended up going to jail because of the court date. He was in for 3 months. They **** tested him about a week before he got out, and I am not kidding you, he seriously almost failed it!! Mind you he did not smoke at all in jail! So honestly it might be in your system for a while. Just drink lots
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God I hate this phone just drink lots of water they can't do anything to you just because of this. As long as the baby doesn't have thc in their system when they are born they can't do anything to you dear. If they get too rude I would just switch doctors. My doctors know I smoked but they didn't even write it down when I had my first visit of the 21 questions. they have everyone pee, every time right before you're visit. At my doctors anyway. you'll be fine! itll be out of your system in 9 months I promise. Have a happy, stress free pregnancy. ! (:
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Oh and you can't get thc in your system just being around it. I know TONS of girls, including myself, who are around it a lot due to friends and they all have been fine with no thc in their system. You have to consume it somehow for it to get in your blood!
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May I ask why they are drug testing u in the 1 st place?
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Its not like ur doctar can nark on u plus there r no studys saying it will hurt the baby.my 3 year is so smart and extremely funny and I used at the beginning of tht pregnacy.but why r u still showing idk.i do know that 30 days it takes to get out of ur system is if ur not a all the time smoker so it might just take a bit longer to go away.dont stress if ur really not using just tell him to take a blood test instead
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I and not writing this post to be negative or harsh, just putting a fee points out there thst maybe werent mentioned yet. Ok let me start off by saying yes, you can get the effects from THC by being around it.  You may not be actually smoking it but you are still inhaling it into you lungs into your body.  Just because someones aunts uncles cousins brothers sister was around it or smoked it all through her pregnancy does not mean its safe. (And my cousin smoked weed like crazy through both her pregnancies and guess what?  Both her kids have asthma, severe adhd, and one is pretty close to being legally blind and she had both taken away at birth.  She has them back now but thats not the point.  Her outcome was not a very good one.  Her kids have issues all because smoking weed is natural and it could have been avoided!)Second google THC used during pregnancy and there are countless studies saying that it can be harmful to your developing baby and there are lists of side effects from it.  Just because someone else smoked, drank, did drugs, etc during pregnancy and their baby was fine do you really want to risk your baby because someone who is not a doctor says so?  Also, if you test positive for any kind of drug during pregnancy guess what?? Your dr can and will report you to child services and your dr will continue to test you throughout your pregnancy.  And when your baby is born even if you are negative babys meconium and the placenta will most likely still test positive. So you could possibly have your baby taken from you at the hospital.  I don't think that's something anyone wants.  And fyi, your dr tests you for drugs usually along with  all other prenatal testing.  So ladies why not just stay away from the stuff that's questionable, its only 9 months and your baby is so worth it.  Good luck.
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Everyone is saying that they have stopped. Just tryin to clear their system.
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I wouldn't worry I'm 32 weeks and I smoked the first three months of my pregnacy.... I found out at 5weeks but I continued smokeing bc I couldn't eat if I didn't I dropped 15 pounds one month when I tried quiting bc I couldn't eat.... my doctor knew I was smokeing they can't report you for weed.
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So drinking lots of water will dilute it it will still show up and second my uncle smoked pot all the time it took 3+ months before he could pass a drug test
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I don't know why your levels would go up before they went down, I don't even get why they would continue testing you like that, I don't remember my OB testing me for drugs, or at least he didn't say anything to me about it but I was also supposed to be taking Marinol (which is the legal pharmacological version of marijuana) because of stomach disorders I suffer from that cause me tons of severe chronic nausea/vomiting, extreme weight loss, and even severe to debilitating chronic pain but my ins. wouldn't cover the Marinol and I couldn't afford the $350+ for a 30-day supply so I did the next best thing I could think of an smoked marijuana instead, which on top of helping my stomach disorder side effects it also helped with my depression and my anxiety/panic disorders and I was smoking when I found out I was pregnant, when I let my stomach doctor know I was preg. he recommended that I quit smoking until after my pregnancy and I even told my OB when was asked about *recreational drug use* (which for me wasn't recreational at all but just to control my disorders so I could function on a normal daily basis) that since I couldn't afford the Marinol and ins. wouldn't cover it that I smoked instead, they just told me that I would need to stop smoking during my pregnancy.  I have even had child services called to my house because when we moved one of my old neighbors was paying a little bit too much attention to my 5 yr old son and when we moved he called CPS and told them that we were beating my son, locking him in his room, and we were both on meth (me and my fiancee). CPS of course had to investigate so a caseworker came to our house and interviewed us all and told us the drug and abuse allegations and we both explained to her that we didn't do meth or any drug like that but (and I also showed her my Rx sheet for the Marinol) we told her about the pot use and explained why I wasn't on the Rx instead (when I told her the amount of money I would have had to come up with to get the Rx filled for a 30-day supply I thought she was going to pass out) and I explained to her that the only reason I did it was so that I COULD function on a normal capacity to take care of my son, we volunteered a drug screen and she flat out told us that they weren't worried about marijuana and that even if our tests came back positive for it it wouldn't be put in the record.  She told me that they don't remove children from the home just because a parent might smoke, unless there was evidence of something like dealing or child abuse/neglect. I also live in Indiana and each state has different rules on things so someone elses state might have a different *approach* to the same situation, but where I live there are many, many meth-heads and crack-heads and they are more worried about them.    
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