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TMI- super constipated!!

what the heck can i do? ive been downing water all day and no luck...ive been like this for 4 days and its starting to make my stomach hurt a lot! i keep feeling like i really have to go so i run to the bathroom and then nothing comes out...i cant go at all and im super miserable! im about to give in and go to mcdonalds to eat super greasy food lol!
any tips or tricks?
as if i didnt feel bloated enough...ugh!
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With my first pg I was super constipated. The dr recomended miralax it's gentle and safe for pg and stool softners. My prenatals have stool softner in them. I tried prunes too.  I did everything and still had little luck.
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Miralax mixed in hot liquid and then down a bottle of water.... later in the day repeat if nothing came of that.  I also find that physical activity helps...  And if your prenatals have iron in them that can make it worse... you can ask your doctor for prenatals without iron and then get a slow release iron pill... which makes constipation less of a side effect
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I was super constipated with both of my pregnancies. My 2nd worse than my 1st.
There was nothing that I tried that helped, I'm sorry I'm not of any help. lol

My 2nd was worse than my first though because I developed IBS around the time I got pregnant with my son right after I had the stomach flu.
It ***** and I'm still dealing with the constipation and diarhea n gas.

I feel for yah girl.
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try some pineapple - half of kg per day and some honey - at least a glass of water with one spoon of honey first think in the morning
this worked for me!
good luck!
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Honey is the best thin in this condition.

Take a warm glass of milk with honey...........it will definately help
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id have to say prunes. or prune juice good luck!
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My doctor told me to take colace.  It works for me, but it takes a while sometimes.
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lol wow you guys have a lot of suggestions! thanks! to the one who said to take prenatals without iron...i cant. im anemic so im on an extra 300 of iron plus what i have in my prenatals...which is obviously why im so constipated lol i wish i could stop the iron though! but my hermatacrit (sp) gets dangerously low....there thinking they might have to put me on more than just the 300 now ugh....so i think im screwed!
i think im gonna try the honey thing first and then ill call the doc to see about the miralax ....thanks everyone!
oh and RIOT_QUEEN- thats a bummer! my mom has IBS....and i have a lovely little thing called gastro paresis ....my digestive system moves about 70% slower than everyone elses then add pregnancy to the mix...then add iron supplements to the mix....i probably wont poop for a year LOL. i think i just need to make an appointment with my specialist...this is one of the reasons why im high risk...ever since i was a child my whole digestive track shuts down at random intervals and they have to hospitalize me...pump my stomach and then feed me interveiniesly until my system decides to kick back in again (other than the gastro paresis and a few other complications we have yet to find out the exact cause or any kind of treatment). thank god we have had a problem during my pregnancy thus far but this could be the begining...im unsure. so anyway i deffinitly know a thing or two about constipation but i didnt know about anything you could do about it while pregnant!
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*havent had a problem
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They can't switch you to slow-release iron????  It's still iron just won't make you so constipated... (??)
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I was in the same position as you last week. I didn't go for 10 days. Finally after taking fiber pills for 2 days (doubling up on them) it started getting a little more regular. LOTS of water, and prune juice in the morning. And don't ignore the urge to go, it doesn't help at all!
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I just talked to the dr. about that today actually and we are gonna switch to the slow release iron pills. i wish they had told me that was an option before!
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i was so constipated myself i could not even go to the bathroom with out bleeding i tryed every thing nothing worked at all...and then i found out that (SENOKOT) its a comfortable overnight relief....natural source laxative..i no you can take a laxative when you are pregnant iam 27 weeks myself and this is only what helps out pregnant wemon and children can take this(pregnancy and children 6 - 12 years 5 - 10 ml at bedtime not to exceed 10ml twice per day
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Is this why PG are so moody? LOL dont mean that rudely! but WOW 10 days w/out some action in the bathroom!! I'm still TTC and when i have "issues" and its been 3-4 i get soooo bloated and moody its unreal and everything hurts!! I can only imagine what being PG must do!! At least when i read these things on here its another tip to prepare me for the journey if i can ever get there!!
Sun..I hope you feel better soon!! and if you have had issues with your system b4 make sure to get to your dr soon!! you need relief and to be treated properly!! Take care of your L/O!!
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hot water with lemon 1st thing in the morning used to help me alot in my 2nd pg and 1 more thing i find useful is to drink worm water at lest 3 time a day that was super solution while pg (@lest for me) LOOOL

good luck and hope you are feeling better by now :)
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