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TTC after DEPO

i got theDEPO shot a year ago Nov. DH and i were TTC before i got the shot, but he was laid off and we decided not to try anymore until we were positive we both had stable jobs. he got a job with a great company in Jan. 07 so i never went back for a 2nd shot. we have been trying ever since. unfortunately with no luck. i was under the impression that as soon as the 3rd month is over, you can get pregnant, but from what ive read online it usually takes a minimum of 1-2 yrs to regain fertility. many articles i read stated that a large percentage of women took up to 5 or even 10 years to regain fertility!! is this accurate? it has been a year, and i am hoping that i will see a BFP witin the next few months. i have to admit that reading all of those articles was very dicouraging, but i am hoping to hear a few succes stories from mothers who concieved soon after the DEPO shot. as i stated, it has been exactly a year since my shot, and i only got one. any feedback would be very much apprecitated. THANKS!
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All I know is that I had 2 different friends get pregnant very soon after going off DEPO, so hang in there. I think they were both pregnant within 6 months if not way sooner. I don't think it should take much longer depending on your body and cycle. Once you regain a normal cycle and know when you ovulate, you should be able to conceive just fine if no other health problems exist.
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well, i have gone to the gyn and asked about not being able to concieve. my insurance covers NO fertility treatment, so my dr. gave me a PAP smear, and internal and external ultrasound, and did blood work and cultures for STD's just to make sure.(they were all negative THANK GOD!) and he said the ultrasounds looked "perfect" the doctor never once mentioned to me ANYTHING about fertility loss due to the shot. i learned of this by researching myself. actually, i just realized by typing this that i was on the pill and patch when i was a teenager due to very long periods. maybe that has something to do with it? i will research that, but does any1 know?
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I was on the depro for 9 months ( 3 shots ) after my son i fell pregnant 6 weeks ago however i am now miscarrying ... i had a really bad reaction coming off the depro ( bleeding HEAVY as for 9 days ) it was a nightmare and i was told after the depro really stuffed up my hormones ... i have heard of other couples using clomid to kick start the production team so to speak ( increase fertility) however multi births often happen using that .. doc said my miscarriage is due to the depro and it stuffin my hormones ( i produced a bad egg or something to that effect ) GOOD LUCK I HOPE ALL THIS HELPS!!! the clomid is apparently great as it increases egg production therefore hopefully produces a viable egg ... and even though ur insurance doesnt cover that maybe it might be worth the out of pocket expense .

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i appreciate the advise. i have weighed my options, but we are very religious and believe a child is a blessing from god. i believe in science also, but we have decided to wait atleast another 2 years before we go to any fertility treatments. we are going to rely on nature, and prayer for the time being. my dr. and i discussed the cost of fertility treatment very briefly, but i do not remember how much he said it would cost. we are not rich, and we know how one day can change EVERYTHING financially so i really cant see us spending money on fertility treatment. if it was a guarantee maybe, but there is always a chance of us wasting thousands that we really cant afford to waste. on top of that, if we do have multiples that would cost alot more money. i just dont want to spend money to have a baby, and when the baby(ies) come we may be broke, or in debt. if we win the lotto i will def do it! hehe. thanks.
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i had the depo and had a period 3 months after and am now pregnant with my first child, 2 years later my friend is pregnant with her first 2 months after depo depends on ur body
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What is the DEPO???
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