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TTC causing yeast infection??

The whole time I was pregnant we had unprotected sex and I battled with yeast infections and vaginosis. We used condoms up until about 2 months ago. I didn't have a yeast infection that whole time. I've now had 2 yeast infections since we've started TTC.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? How am I suppose to TTC if it causes me to get an infection and then I have to wait 7 days while treating it before we can have sex again only to get another infection. AHHHHH so frustrated right now.

I don't have insurance so I can't go to the Dr and ask for his advice.

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ok i'm going to be really gross...sorry Britt, lol.

It sounds like him, tbh. if your normal vaginal pH is good and you don't get yeast infections without him in the equation (i.e. when you use condoms you're not actually exposed to him) then it must be him.

A few ideas....how often does he wash down there? He could try an antibacterial soap, or wipe off with vinegar. men's private areas tend to have a frequent outgrowth of yeast, but they don't notice as much and pass it off as "male itching'.

another one...sorry, gross, but does he ever "spit lube"? Big cause of yeast infections as the mouth carries a small amount of candida anyway.

do you use ANY lube? you might consider switching brands because it might be throwing off your pH if it's too acidic.

don't stress! it's probably an easy fix once you target the problem.
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I agree with Ashelen - It sounds like your partner bc you are probably treating the issue when you get symptoms.... Men can also have yeast infections but tend to not have any symptoms like we do... so I think its getting passed back and forth and back and forth.... Just have him head to the dr to get a script and get it cleared (use condoms until then) and when he has taken all the meds and been cleared you can ttc again! Good Luck
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I never thought about him having yeast. I just thought it could be caused by the sperm.

He never "spit lubes" LOL!! We do have to use lube which we use KY liquid. I may go to the store and look for a different brand then.

I'll have him take some oil of oregano which is what I take for my yeast infections. Neither of us have insurance so going to the Dr is out of the question he just will not do it. I on the other hand will go if needed.

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another option: it could just be an issue of ph balance. when your partner comes in you repeatedly the sperm can actually change the ph of your vagina so that it is more hospitable to yeast overgrowth. that in itself can be enough to set the stage for a yeast infection.
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I wonder if your partner could use monistat cream? Have him try that, buy the 7 day one and have him apply it. It works well on women! I remember I gave yeast infection to my ex but he didn't even know what it was and didn't tell me so he was in a discomfort for a while. I have been fighting couple of yeast infections with  this pregnancy and am making sure that I buy and use gentle baby soap with the right PH, no dirty hands down there either and I make sure that my underware is dry because wetness also causes irritation and is a good environment for these kind of infections. Hope it clears up soon and that he cooperates! Wishing you health and success in conceiving your precious little one!
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I've been treating it for over a week now and it's in my chest now. I get pins and needles when I feed. Ugh this is so aggravating I think I'm going to have to go to the Dr. soon.  
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