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Tattoo's and Stretch Marka

Hello I recently found out I am pregnant, this will be my second pregnancy but the first unfortunately I miscarried and my husband and I are very exited as all is well so far! I have not started to show very much but one of big concerns is that as I do grow I am afraid I may ruin my tattoo. I have a large tattoo on the right side of stomach/ribs that comes down and raps to the lower part of the right side of my stomach. Has anyone had any problems with this? Also my mother always got stretch marks very easily especially with her pregnancies do you know if stretch marks are in genes? Basically I'm looking for ideas on how to not nessicarily prevent them (im sure we would all love to) but just keep them faded or keep my tattoo from ruining?!  Thank You!
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i heard that if yur mom nd grandma have stretch marks yu will also! i heard palmers coco butter they made one fur stretch marks a friend of mine said she loves it that her stretch marks are fading... as for the tattoo i have one as well on the left side of my stomache.. theres nuthing really we could do right now mby after might have to get it touched up... every girls body is different
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Just make sure you keep your skin as moisturized as possible that way the skin is easier to stretch which means little/no stretch marks! And my mom's stretch marks are horrible, but I'm doing okay. My boobs have grown 2 cup sizes in the past 14 weeks and no stretch marks! :)
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With my first I didn't get any marks.. with this pregnancy I have a tattoo on my side still no marks and tattoo looks great.. and I'm 37 weeks all I use is bby oil sometime.. and my mother has them and I don't so I guess everybody is different and with both my pregnancy all I got was stomach
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My tattoo got a lot of stretch marks and I just got it about eight months before I found out. They will fade
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Stretch marks are definitely generic and no amount of creams or lotions will prevent them. They can help them fade, but if you're meant to get em you will. Some women even get them after they give birth.
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My friends sister has a playboy bunny on her hip, and in the words of a 5 year old "that not no bunny" . 2 years after birth and her bunny is unrecognizable! Hopefully, mine wont be like that as I have wings on my hips :)
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I have stars running from the bottom of my hip bone that go until after under my pant line, it already looks stretched:-(  keep moist skin so it stretches with the least impact on your skin/tattoo, and so it is more elastic and snaps back to normal easier. Good luck!
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