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Okay so I took a test this morning. Since I am breastfeeding and still haven't had a period (breastfeeding for going on 8 months) I randomly test "just to be sure" since we don't use birth control. It was BFN.

For the past week or two though I've been thinking that maybe we should start trying. It took over a year to conceive the last time and while things can certainly change I wonder if we should get a head start. Daniel hasn't said one way or another yet what he thinks but I think he might be on board. He wants a son so bad!

Anyway we love having our kids close in age and with PCOS I never know what my body will do. I want to try to have the kids we want now in case my body doesn't let me later.

So I think I'm jumping on the TTC Train again! Baby number four here we come... perhaps a boy? LOL! Poor DH is so outnumbered.
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Good Luck!!!! I know how your DH feels about being out numbered lol. I have DB and my 3 boys plus his 2 boys....so 6 boys. I'm hoping soooooo bad that this little bean is a girl! Because I'm way out numbered too!

I'm sending tons and tons and tons of sticky baby dust your way!
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Girl 2 weeks ago I would have said you were nuts...but last night holding my daughter and feeling my son kick in my belly I know we're not done with babies yet (DH may not know this yet, however). But the next time around I'm pretty sure we'll keep the sex secret since we've got one of each (or will in the next month at least LOL). good luck TTC and I know from experience...most likely if you plan on it taking a year or more you'll conceive right away. Happened with me for this pregnancy...they said "too much scar tissue from post-partum infection, don't plan to EVER conceive again." and so I said ...we'll try, what the heck...it'll take at least a year if we can even conceive at all...nope. first month. Now I'll have 2 kids under 2...now THAT's crazy, LOL.

Good luck!!!
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hey, great to hear all is well with your family and newest little girl.  just wondering how you TTC while breastfeeding if you haven't got a period yet?  I know itis not a fool proof contraception and that many women get pregnant while feeding as you could just be about to get your period and then get pregnant that month.  Just curious how you bring your period or ovulation on or will you have to stop feeding or cut down and wait for your period?  Hope your husband gets his little man and the teams balance out - I remember when you were rescuing thoes kittens, do you still have them? is any of them male?
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Yay Joy! It is always a fun roller coaster (well most of the time) with TTC but it is definitely harder to predict what will happen when you have PCOS (poor girl I feel your pain and it took me 30 months!) but I really have my fingers crossed for you and hopefully you will get that little boy that you guys want to badly!
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hehehe....you go girl! And let's hope it's team blue this time! Best of luck to you. I think you're right. PCOS can be tough to deal with, especially when you are TTC....so go for it!!!
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Sending you TONS OF SS BOY BD!!!!! And good luck! I know it took sooooo long ttc #3 for us that we started ttc#4 right away and sure enough it happened right away for us too, lol! So hopefully you wont be ttc very long!!
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