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The HCG increased in a slow speed! This is my first pregnancy.

I am an Asian, 31ys old, and this is my first pregnancy.
My last menstruation begin on 15th April, and my menstrual cycle is about 29 days.
I use pregnant test paper on15th May, shows positive.

Then there are two blood tests for β-HCG:
19th May: 2220 MIU/ml.
(31days, I guess the doctor define this day NO. based on the volume of germ )
2nd Jun: 24220 MIU/ml.
(45days, 14 days after first blood test)
Seems the HCG increased in a slow speed!

the progesterone is 18.61 ng/ml (45days).
Now the gestational sac is 13mm×16mm×14mm, and the fetal bud is 10mm. fetal heart beat can be found (49 days).

I’m a really worried about the situation of HCG slow increasing, does it shows a negative signal for the baby? And I’m trying to be a mother ASAP, is there any advice from you? Thanks!
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Well, congratulations.  First take in this moment!  You are with child!!!  Rub your belly and enjoy.  Try NOT to worry.  There is a wide range of normal.  I'm trying to read through what you've written.  Here is the wide range of 'normal' for 5 weeks into pregnancy :  18 – 7,340 mIU/mL.  for 6 weeks of pregnancy:  1,080 – 56,500 mIU/mL  and for 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy:  7, 650 – 229,000 mIU/mL.  Your number seems to be within these ranges.  And you weren't checking every other day to give you any idea of how fast numbers are increasing.  The American Pregnancy Association says to not make too much of the HCG readings.  If it stalls or starts decreasing, that is worrying.  But it sounds like things are on track with your pregnancy.  You already have a visible gestational sac, fetal bud/pole and they have found the heart beat!  Sometimes in early pregnancy, they don't ---- so please take all of this as a very good indicator that things are fine.  

Has your doctor said anything to you to make you worry about the HCG number?  When is your next doctors visit?  

Anyway, congrats and keep the faith that all will be okay!  Hugs
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Specialmom, thanks a lot!

Yesterday the doctor only said that theβ-HCG and the progesterone were a little bit low, and let me eat vitamin E and make an appointment for ultrasound screening of Down’s syndrome in 12th July(12 weeks).
She said I could do B-scan checking again 2 weeks later (9 weeks) if I was worried.

What makes me worried at the very beginning is some info. I got from internet about the HCG speed, and thanks again for your help.

Frankly speaking, I’m still a little worried about the size of my gestational sac, it seems a little smaller than other mother’s base on my reading. And it’s usually not the same doctor when I go to the hospital each time in my country. Is there any advice from you? Thanks!
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The internet is a bit dangerous for new moms.  It can be confusing and worry us.  Sometimes you just have to trust!  This is one of those times.  Your doctor's comment worried you but he doesn't seem very worried.  When doctors suspect miscarriage, they do readings of the HCG level every couple of days and he didn't ask you to do that.  So, try try try not to worry.  I would try to stay busy so the time passes.  How are you feeling otherwise?  :>))  This is an exiting time and it's all going to work out.  hugs
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Dear Specialmom,

I feel really relax a lot after reading your comments. Thanks again!
The only thing make me a little worry is the gestational sac size, seems it’s only 5mm bigger than the germ (10mm). I may ask the doctor if any action needed for this. Good news is there is no any blood or pain for me by now.

Thanks for your kindly reply!
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I'm am glad you are feeling better.  Remember that all pregnancies are a little different.  You are keeping an eye on things and hopefully all will be well.  You've done everything you can.  Please come back and let us know how it goes!!  Do you have anything like morning sickness yet?  I got that around 6 or so weeks.  Not too fun.  LOL  But part of the process of making a baby!
Dear Specialmom, since then everything is fine. But I have some nasal bone issue for ultrasound recently. And I have a new post for it in this communities.
To be honest I feel very pressured these days and try to push myself far away from internet, but seems it's doesn't work.
Any suggesttion from you will be very appriciated.
Oh, I will take a look!  I'm glad it is fine thus far but sorry you have a new concern!
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Dear Specialmom,

Thanks for your kindly reply. I do feel better now.
Like my mother who has two children, I do not have a lot symptom, almost no morning sickness. Only a little lack of appetite. But I try to eat some nuts and milk everyday.
Based on current studying, I think once there is fetal bud and fetal heart, I should not care too much about the gestational sac size.

The good news is I never have an obvious abdominal pain or visible blood.
I'm trying to relax, and waiting for the next test, and I will be very glad to share the good news.
Thank you very much.
I'm so glad you are feeling better.  Early pregnancy is always a nerve wrecking time and it just shows you are going to be a great mama because you care so much.  Glad symptoms are minimal.  Mine were too early on until nausea set in.  That I did not like.  lol  do you have any new food cravings?
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