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Thinking about a third

So, Hubby and I were going to start trying in the summer time for our third and last baby! I/we wanted Hunter and the third to be closer in age then Ethan and Hunter (2y8m) So we figure that the summer time would work out great. But now I’m thinking that we should maybe start sooner then later, like now(lol) because what is a few months? I mean…..You know? I know that all I want is 3 kids so I kind of what to get it over with (does that sound bad??) I don’t want it to sound like that, but its kind of true. I want to be done having kids so I can 100% focus on them and Not on having another one. To kind of start the next step in our lives….You know?? But does a few months matter in age wise? If we got pregnant this month they would be 1y3m part and before it would have been 1y10m? I would love to hear from Mom’s who have there children closer in age.  I mean my mom did it by herself all 4 kids under the age of  4! What do you ladies think???
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I think you should go for it!!!!  And I'll send prayers that you get your little girl!!  My best friend has two children that are only  11 months apart!!! she got pregnant when Emmalee was 2 months old .. and she loves every minute of it!!! She did quit her job after #2 ... simply because daycare was soo expensive...  and they play together so well.. its super cute and since they are both girls she had everything already for the second one...
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Go for it girl!! =) I only say that because Jeremiah and this baby will be 18-19 months apart and I think it will be GREAT for them!  We weren't going to start trying until the summer, but then I ended up pregnant..total suprise, but we are so happy now! =) My little brother and sister are 23 months apart and they are extremely close to eachother. It's so sweet. =) I know there are a couple of ladies on here who are having babies so close together as well.
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Ahh, thank you! I do REALLY want a girl but I am not going to get my hopes up! :o) Part of me wants another Boy.........
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i say go for it i have a friend of mine my age 22, and she has 3 boys under the age of 5 the youngest is only 4 months old and just found out she was 3 months pregnant with her 4th... she loves it that they are all so close.
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Wow, 3boys! I bet she hoping for a girl as well!
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I had my first two 1yr and 9mts apart. It was hard at the bigining but now it's not soo bad. They are both in school and we have time to focus on the little one that is on it's way (due april 24th). Between the second and third there's going to be a 4yr 8mth difference. Go for it!
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Well I think you already know my answere!! I keep asking you if your preggers yet:) I think with Hunters age now it would be a perfect gap!!! I too hope you geta girl!! But being so close maybe another boy would be nice!! I wish my two older boys were just a little closer but they still get along good, they fight alot but still get along great. As for the next baby he/she will be 11 months younger than my 3rd. I am really hoping for a girl but I think they will be closer if its a boy, either that or she will be a big tomboy:) I am pretty sure its another boy though. I would be known as the mom of 4 boys!! Wait I take that back, mom of 5 boys!! Cant forget my hubby, he is sometimes more needy than our kids!! Good luck!! Lots of baby dust!!
BTW I was going to vote your crazy just so that you have a little variety on your poll, hehe:) But it looks like everyone agrees!! Go for it!!!! And have fun:)
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Hey you! Thanks for the kind words! I know, I have been talking about getting pregnant again for sometime now! LOL Well, I do think I will try this month, so we well see, I have only taken 3 bc pills so hopefully it doesnt mess Oing up?! I hear Ya about the hubby!!! I feel like I already have 3boys!! Well, i hope all is well with you and the babies!!

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Well girl, you and I have talked about this before, so you know how I feel!  You go girl!!!
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