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This might be a dumb question . but please read.

I need an answer please... I saw a lady post about she tested positive for meth. Crazy! Cause it was second hand smoke? Is stuff like that true? I don't do drugs and neither does my husband, but he does smoke weed for his anxiety. He does NOT smoke near me or my child he will go outside but he does bring his stuff around me and hides it in his dresser. Hes real secreative with it. Have the time i am already asleep as he gets up late at night and helps him go to sleeo. This is were the dumb question might be..
Will it affect me just by smelling it when he opens the bag? Lol I know it might be a funny and dumb question but I'm really curious cause I read that lady's post. Will it affect me or my baby? I have no clue on any of this stuff cause I don't do it and I feel dumb for asking cause I know I sound dumb lol but I'm just curious?
Hopefully my lost made sense.
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No will not affect u or baby I'm my sec baby and my husband smokes weed as well but outside not near us but u can smell on him lol but I health 2yo and I'm 31weeks and a healthy pregnancy too..plus I kno a lots of girls who smoked weed While pregnant and there baby came out healthy but not for me
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Meth is a little different in that it involves heavy chemicals and they linger. Houses are condemned as poisonous if meth is cooked there often enough. It can be toxic. Obviously second hand smoke applies to weed as well if you are near it.  But if he is doing it away from you and your child, it won't affect you. However, I wouldn't be cool with a high partner on a regular basis. That is something I'd want to help him with.
I agree but he may not be high all of the time it can make some people feel normal. My brother has ADHD and he use to use it to feel normal and stopped using it when he had children. But he was always able to do what he needed and the right way as well.
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Any hard drug I have no idea but weed won't do any thing my step sister smoked weed and cigarettes during her pregnancy and my nephew came out fine and he's very smart.  Although I wouldn't do it.but the only way it would get into ur system is if u smoked it or he smoked it in front of you. And BTW not a stupid question.
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It is extremely unlikely you would test positive from even just being in the room withat marijuana. However if you do smoke weed and you continue to after like week 18? The baby could possibly test positive for marijuana if they test the baby. I don't think most places test for drugs unless there is a reason too otherwise it would be more well known they test... I could be wrong though....
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My bf smokes weed in the other room. I also live on a building that alot of people smoke weed and cigarettes sometimes I can smell it from the window. I think for it to hit you is by them smoking the cigarettes in your face or same room. And for the weed is for them to smoke it and blow it in your face. But not even. I read that it takes 8 blunts a day for you to have second hand smoking from weed.
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