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Even if I'm only 8 weeks pregnant I still want tips on how to take really good care of me and my future baby!
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I am 21 years old and 34 weeks.  This is my first pregnancy and was very nervous at first. I recommend partaking in some sort of yoga or meditation group early on in your pregnancy.  Staying active walking or just stretching helps you prepare for future delivery(the more flexible you are the easier it will be) . i also recommend meeting with a nutritionist and monitoring your intake on junk because everything you eat your baby eats so eat as healthy as you can. Prental vitamins are necessary. I prefer the gummies to the pills.  I would try and get as much shopping done as early on as you possibly can because you dont realize how expensive everything is until you begin shopping.  Try and spread it out over the next 9 months so your not spending 3000 dollars all in one week. You wont need a crib til the baby is between 6-7 months so you can get away with buying a bassinett for 150-200 dollars for the first 6 months. Bouncers and chairs for the baby are recommended and i would definetly pay the extra couple hundred for a good safe carseat. Strollers are important too if you dont have a car.if you have masshealth and plan on breastfeeding they will provide you with an electric pump which is much better than the manual and it saves you 300 dollars because they are pricey.  Breastfeeding is a much healthier alternative than formula i have done my research.  Higher iqs and just more nutrients in general. I also recommend the 4th and 5th edition od what to expect when expecting.  I lived by those 2 books my whole pregnancy. Hope this helps i am here if you need me. Good luck
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Congratulations.  Honestly, having a baby is a very natural experience.  Women have been doing this for as long as their have been . . . well, women.  :>)  Your body does the work and you just keep it hydrated, fed and rested.  Stay away from the bad stuff--  smoking, drugs, drinking and take a pre natal vitamin.  As far as 'stuff' for baby . . .  ask around.  My sister and sister in law provided me with much of the items you need for a new baby, gently used from their own kiddos.  Don't stress over that.  Good luck sweetie.  It's an awesome experience becoming a mother!
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Eat healthy, and stay active. Congrats. Babies are awesome!
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I ended up buying so much first time around that I didn't need. I've learned this time! Babies pretty much live in onsies (I'm Aussie!) for first 3 months. Way easier when changing 10+ nappies a day. You can get cheap bassinets for first couple of months- until baby is rolling. Get a good light pram if you need to get it in and out of a boot. You can do without rockers, bumbo chairs, electric swings, walkers etc. I bought a $300 baby ergo carrier but my bub had reflux and hated to be tummy to tummy when carried with me so that was a waste! Car capsule/seat of course. Apart from that most stuff you can buy later if you need rather than waste money early. Lots of wraps and spew rags! I don't have time to think much about me this time around but Pilates and swimming when I can has been helping. Oh yeah and avoid big bulky things especially when they are toddlers that you can't easily store. Good luck
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