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Too many different answers on conception dates.

Thank you in advance of your kind help.

To be brief- my long-term g/f and I split due to differences on the timing for having children. She is now pregnant. After the split she met a guy that wanted children. They slept together unprotected from any contraception and he did ejaculate. This was sometime between the 6th and 12th Feb 2011.
I last had sex with her on the 28/29th December 2010 and didn't ejaculate inside her.
At her 12week scan she was told she was actually 16weeks (I'm pretty sure this is what she relayed to me anyway). Her due date is given as the 24th October 2011.

I have tried conception calculators and they produce dates in the region of 23rd Jan to 3rd Feb. She is adamant (and I do believe her entirely) that there was no sex with anyone else between our split and meeting this guy.
I do not know her last period around these dates, although I was aware they were very irregular.

Can anyone give an indication, or valid thoughts, on who could be the father? And please explain the rationale? I just want to do what is right.

Thank you very much.

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Your ex girlfriend gives you a lot more information about her activity than I would :)

You are not the father. Sperm can live 3-5 days in a woman's reproductive tract...not weeks, days. I am thinking the discrepancy between her recollection of when she had intercourse and the estimated conception date is due to 1) scans are pretty accurate but not perfect. The earlier they are done, the more accurate they are and 2) maybe her recollection of the exact date is off.

Now, if the baby is born early, you may want to ask for a DNA test but otherwise I think it is pretty certain you are not the father.

FYI I tried a conception date calculator for myself (I know the exact date my baby was conceived) and the actual conception date was the LAST day listed in the possible range.

So I would tend to think she conceived on the far end of the date range...and Feb 3 is not that far away from Feb 6th...
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I agree that you are not the father. If you last had sex with her end of December then the latest she could have conceived with you is beginning Jan. This would mean that she would be due mid - end september. If she claims that you could be the father i wouldn't believe her and get her to do a DNA test. If she claims you aren't the father then i wouldnt worry about it.
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Hi - thank you. I few people have said exactly this. The ex OH is adamant it has to be mine, but the science doesn't add up.
If it is then I am more than willing to make things work (we had a great relationship which ended simply because she wanted kids; I didn't just yet). If it is mine then the problem has resolved itself and I get on with it :thumbup:
What I don't want to happen is that I continue along supportive as always, attend the birth, become all excited an then find out it isn't mine- I'd be pretty upset and to make things worse I have a teenage child to my ex-wife who I obviously don't want to confuse.
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You can do DNA before the birth by doing an amniocentesis
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