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Anybody know any tricks to help increase the chances of conception??  My husband & I have been ttc for a while now (not too long, but long enough for me, lol) and I was just wondering if anyone had used herbs, or teas, or anything else that helped to conceive quicker.  We bought Pre seed lube to try next month, so I hope that helps, lol Has anyone head of it??
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I heard that foods rich in beta caroten help to regulate your period and become more fertile. This is what I found about yams:

Eat Yams
Yams, a type of sweet potato, have also been linked with multiple births. A tribe in Africa whose diet consists mostly of yams was recently found to have exceptionally high rates of twins and multiple births. Yams are thought to contain chemicals that stimulate hyperovulation, increasing your chances of conceiving twins.

Good luck trying! <3

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Thanks ladies I'll keep ya posted on the ttc saga..lol
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Oh sorry just looked up and I was reminded..just because your period came back right away doesn't mean that your cycle is regular. most women take a few months to get back to normal after stopping birth control....even if your period arrives, your hormones may be out of whack and your ovulation may be funny for a few months - so don't be surprised if that's an issue for a little bit.
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There are absolutely no tips or tricks aside from knowing your ovulation, having favorable cervical mucus (which pre-seed or mucinex can help if that's an issue) and knowing that your luteal phase is appropriately long....it's all a matter of timing, and, well..luck.

Even a couple who times it correctly, having intercourse right around and over the ovulation date, only has a 25% chance of conceiving, like smj said. There are SO many factors that go into conception...it's really kind of a turkey shoot, lol.

With that being said...all 3 of my babies (my 2 live ones and the one I'm pregnant with now) were all conceived the first cycle we started trying...and aside from blind, dumb luck...we had sex every or every other day starting about 3 days after my period to until about 4 days after ovulation (in case I ovulated late). I elevated my hips once or twice when we were trying for my son, but I never did that when trying for my daughter, and definitely didn't do that with this one - I would jump up right away and go pee, lol.

so honestly all you can do is keep trying...pay attention to your ovulation, and having sex every single day isn't always the best idea - it works for some people, but sometimes it's best to do it every other day to let your husband's sperm count build back up. Even if you don't have sex the day of or the day before ovulation, the sperm from the last time will still be alive and able to impregnate you - my husband and I completely missed my ovulation this month..I think the closest to my ovulation date that we had sex was 2 days before, and then the day after, and we still conceived...so don't worry about doing it every single night; DH's sperm will thank you if you go every other night lol.
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Thanks Ladies

I went off birth control March 21st 2011 (I took oral BC for 2.5 years straight..no periods) I went off because my husband & I decided it was time to start trying to conceive.  I expected it to take up to a year to get my period, let alone get pregnant.  My doctor estimated I may have to wait 8 months to get my period, luckily I got it in 30 days!!   My April to may cycle was 30 days, my May to June Cycle was 33 days (I ovulated on June 8th got my period on the 22nd), my June to July cycle was 35 days.  So I am not sure if that is considered regular or not..lol  

I use the ovulation sticks to see when I am ovulating so I don't miss it.  My hubby & I make love when I ovulate & a few days before & after..if i estimated when I should  ovulate right.  I have an app on my phone that help me narrow down when I should ovulate.  

I do try to stay laying in bed after for a t least half an hour, post nookie..lol

Is there any special teas that may help??

Thanks so much again ladies I appreciate your comments!
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i would say check on ur ovulate date as soon as u get it positive start having sex every day for 3-4 days , and each time u have sex dont get up for 30 min and just laydown and put pillow under ur hips. if u are going to take shower after that dont dosh or anything like that.oh and try to relax , sending u a lot of baby dust :)
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The things with tricks is there is no proof that they actually do anything to increase your chance of conceiving.. it could all just be coincidence...

When I was ttc, I did the 30 mins in bed thing with my legs up as well...  Not sure if it did anything...    I also bought preseed and the first month I used it (I used it in the days leading up to Ovulation when my CM wasnt that great to help out) I conceived my baby...   Does that mean the preseed was effective?  I really dont know...  It was only my 3rd month of trying to conceive and the first time I got pregnant (ended in miscarriage), I had only stopped taking my birth control 2 months before and we were not trying.. So I honestly cant say if its the preseed or we are just lucky..

People will tell you to have sex every other day to build up the sperm supply.. I did this for two months then in the 3rd month, we did it everyday for 5 days around ovulation time.. and the time I was doing it everyday was the time we conceived...

The best thing you can do for yourself is to have your partner and you be at healthy weights, eat right, and avoid things like caffeine and alcohol if your are concerned since those things decrease your chance of being fertile...  I was still drinking tea every morning and wine on the weekend....

But they say it can take a healthy couple up to a year to conceive so I honestly dont think there are many tricks to it besides being healthy and tracking your ovulation.
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Unfortunately we can tell you every trick in the book and you try them every month and it still take a while to conceive. There's only a 20-25% chance each month that you will get pregnant, timing has to be right...there's a list of things. Do you know when you ovulate? Are your cycles regular? How often are you having sex? There's a lot of things that factor into trying to conceive...it can take a healthy couple up to a year or more to conceive. I hope you do conceive soon...It's hard to do but forget about trying to conceive, and just HAVE FUN!
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my moms fried didnt get up after sex for 30 min. She put a pillow under her hips during sex to elevate her cervix and uterus to help sperm flow. Good luck
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