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Tubes grew back after reversal/ectopic pregnancy

This is complicated, sorry ahead of time :)

In January of 2005 after my 2nd child, I had my tubes tied. In April of 2006, I had a reversal but one was too short to get back together. I was unable to conceive until 2010 which I became pregnant 3 times and all were early miscarries. In 2011, I became pregnant again and made it to 7 weeks, but that ended up being a tubal pregnancy and I had to have emergency surgery which ended with the removal of my only connected tube. In February of this year (2013) I had a cyst on the ovary the same side that my tube was removed. I gave my gym all the info from ttc and specifically asked her to if I would be able to conceive. During the surgery, she found that the other tube (that was originally too short to put back together) had grown together on its own since I had the reversal in 2006. She said the tube was connected, clear, and she saw no reason I wouldn't be able to conceive.

Now, my questions is, has anyone heard of a situation like this and if so, anything where there is a viable pregnancy? I so greatly would like to have another child. And have been trying for over 7 years now. Since the surgery, my cycles have definitely gotten more regular (from 3 month cycles to 28-31 day cycles) so I'm hoping this is a sign that I am ovulating right. Any info/stories/experiences are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!
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I really dont know anything about this but I would think it sounds promising since you have one good looking tube. Good luck :)
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Thank you very much! I'll take good lucks! Maybe if I get enough, they will work lol  :)
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I left this out, but in February 2013, I had surgery to remove the cyst on the ovary of the same side of my removed tube. So I have one side with ovary and tube and one side with no ovary or tube. Don't know if that makes a difference :)
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This is not really the same but simular. My mom had my oldest brother and then had to have one ovary removed due to a burst cyst and infection. She was able to have two more babies with just one ovary. It is not the same but my moms chances were limited as are yours but it goes to show it is not impossible. Best wishes!
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That is very similar. Thank you for the input, it does give me hope! Thank you!
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Never had anything with the tubes but the best thing to do is download a ovulation calendar and you put in your last periods and it tells you when you should ovulate... Another thing is don't stress over it bc it affects a person a lot who is trying to get pregnant! I've heard of someone with their tubes tied that got pregnant and had a baby some kind of way they untied. Good luck!
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I had an ovary an fallopian tube removed due to a cyst in 08 and i just found out i am pregnant so you should be able to
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