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Turner Syndrome

My daughter is 28 weeks pregnant and her fetus has been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome.  The fetus weighs 1 pd and 6 oz.  She (the fetus) has a heart defect, and one working kidney.  She has a cyst (filled with fluid) on her neck, which has to be removed at birth.  What do you think are the chances of survival with all of these symptoms?  The doctor had recommended aborting the baby once they found out the baby had Turner Syndrome, but the mother decided not to.  The fetus is already going through a lot.  Her heart rate is 176.  I just don't want the parents getting their hopes up to high.
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i had a still born at 22 weeks due to turner's, we found the cystic hydroma (neck fluid) and hydrops (chest fluid) on my 1st ultrasound at alomst 21 weeks then 5 days later no heart beat. the fluid on the chest was too much for my little girls heart and my hubby and i think thats why she passed away. we also had the choice to abort/terminate it the fluids got worse (in mn can terminate past a certain week if it life threatening) having our little one make the choice of passing away on her own was a godsend i would have hated to make that decision. we talked about termination a little at the perinatal place, but what scared me the most was the possibility of carrying her to ohh lets say 34 weeks the suddenly no fetal movement and i grew even more attached to her and got my hopes up so high that she would survive to full term.  as far as the survival odds i would say low *BUT* thats my opinion due to my experience. my advice to you is to be there for your daughter in every way possible.  i will hope and pray that your daughter little girl's fate will be better than my lillian's fate
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here's a website about Turners


The baby does have a chance to survive, definitely. The heart defect can sometimes be helped with meds, but might also require open heart surgery. My son had his OHS last november and is now healthy. He has down syndrome which also comes with alot of health problems.   Make sure your daughter talks in detail w/her genetic counsellor and doctors to find out what treatments they're going to offer the baby  at birth.

Doctors ALWAYS suggest abortion when a baby is shown to have a genetic problem, but some are more tactful and will respect the mother and fathers wishes if they say no. others will push for termination and be very VERY forceful about it.
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But it's not only about how the baby is inside the uterus, its also how the baby going to be outside of the uterus, after she/she is born. If he/she is going to spend the rest of her/his life tied to tubes and unable to move or something, or have 20 surgeries, I'd rather free her from it.
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Martikadragoon's site is probably the best place to find the information you are looking for, Grandmother2525, besides what you and your daughter are able to learn from the genetic counselor.  There will be many variables in place that will affect the outcome.  I wish lots of strength and peace for you and your family.
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The answer your original question, I am not sure what the survival rate is, but babies are miraculously strong beings. I applaud your daughter for not wanting to abort and giving her daughter a chance for life. The only advice I can offer is be there for her and support her through this trying time. It is going to be difficult, but with loved ones around, anything is possible. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and all the family.
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We got a phone call yesturday and we found out at 22 weeks that our baby girl  has Turner syndrome. Myself along with my fiancĂ© have not heard much to anything about it. We have a meeting Thursday with a heart doctor and a genetic counselor. It is nerve racking because you ready online but do not know what Is going to happen. I have read that if you have made it this far it is good news.. We are just keeping up the faith and praying that she will be a fighter.
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She should be fine, I have TS and I am now finishing my bachelors degree. Hope this helps, also check out the turner;s syndrome website
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