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URGENT!!!! labour and delievery!! Should i stay or should i go??

Ok so for the last little bit i have been having weird pains in my belly....to me it almost feels like i need to do a b.m. but i did and its still there!! I do have some tightenings but not everytime i feel this way!! Could this just be braxton hicks or should i go into l&d just in case?? I dont know what to do at this point....baby hasent moved alot today!! But still is moving?? The pain hasent let up?? anybodys labour pains felt like this?? Im almost 35 weeks!! any suggestions/?
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OO and by thee way when i lie down its not soo bad and when im up they get worst! MORE PAINFULL!!
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hmmm, maybe call your doctor and see what (s)he thinks!  Cause it very well could be bh contractions
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i dunno....i dont remember bh being this painful!! Ohhh and where im from we dont call our doc we just go in thats why im stumped on what to do!!
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I know that if you've delivered one then one baby that the bh contractions are supposed to be worse because you know what they feel like already or something like that. It sounds like its bh to me since they aren't as painful when you lie down. Best thing to do though is either call your doctor or go to L&D to reassure yourself that everything is fine.
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hmmm, then maybe go ahead and go in, I mean they may send you home.  But I guess it doesn't hurt to get checked.  I don't think it's labor though since when you lay down it doesn't hurt as bad.  Or just hang in there.  

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im going to try a bath and see what happens....i thought braxton hicks were supposed to stop after a little while tho!! I have been having these pains now sence about 330 or soo!! I am feeling alot of pressure now tho!! So im not sure what to do!! the pains have gotten a lil bit worse but i am feeling more pressure...just so stumped on what to do sence i have been dropped for a while now!! Oh dear!!
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take a bath, and if that doesn't help then i'd go in.  Usually the pressure is a sign you may be dialating, OR your cervix may be effacing or thinning.  You are pretty close now!  But do keep watch in the bath for if by chance your water breaks...there will be some blood in it...  
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well my water hasent broken! BUT it seems as tho the bath never helped..i had pain the whole time i was in there and it seems as if the pains are worst and closer together!! i think ill give it another little bit and wait for my mother to get home!! If they stil havent subsided by then i guesss ill grab my bags and go in!! I almost seems as if my belly is hanging....ill post a pic and show you!! Tell me what you think!!
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have u had any nesting instincs etc? normally a few days b4 labour, sound like your close but id wait it out i mean i just hate going to the hospital and being told to go home but if its really that painful you should go in best of luck keep us updated :)
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Well, it definately looks lower than your precious pictures!  Braxton hicks contractions can happen quite often, they just wont be like 5 mins apart, they'll be....say you have and 13 mins later another, then 10 mins later another, then 18 mins later.  

Mine are like twinges in my stomach.  Like a finger nail running across your belly.  I don't feel them otherwise.  But  you very well could be on your way soon, and that is exciting!  I had my son at 35 weeks and my daughter 34w1d..   So say you have your baby in the next few days, the baby will be in the nicu for a few days just to be monitored!  But hopefully just baby getting ready, maybe engaging!
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I know exactly how you are feeling right now.  I've been having those kind of pains since Tuesday night.  Went into the hospital on Wed and then on Thurs the Dr. examined me and told me that my cervix was short or low? and that even though its closed I could still be in labor.  I've been on bed rest since then waiting for my fetal assessment ultrasound tomorrow.  The only thing I find that makes it better is laying down but once I get up and move around a lot I get sharp pains, cramping and lower back pain.  Its not fun and I hope you get checked out!  Keep me posted and good luck.  Just try to relax and lay down on your left side, it will help a bit. Also keep drinking water.  Take care.
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i have been trying to rest....but i cant get in a comfortabke position...almost like i cant sit still for very long..even tho im trying to rest...this ***** and im not sure if i am or if its my body getting ready for a couple days time!! Say if i do have my baby now...will i be able to still breastfeed!???
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oh and by the way the pain had been kinda regular which is why im not sure..like every 15-20 mins..but no further apart then that!! I dont know what its like to go in labour on my own because i was induced with my first!
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I breastfeed both my babies!  What you may have to do is pump so your milk comes in, and then try to latch the baby on.  Or pump feed the baby breast milk in a bottle, and then try to get s/he to latch on when out of the hospital.  My daughter wouldn't latch on  until she got out of the hospital, she was there for 2 weeks exactly.  But for the first few days gave her formula, while I pumped to get my milk to come in, then she was on pure breast milk!  My son latched on like a hungry hippo!  LOL  

Hmmm, when your mom gets home i'd go ahead and go into get checked just to make sure.  That way they can hook you up to the monitors to see if their irregular or if your in labor!  They might even give you a shot of tribudolin to stop the contractions for another week or so!
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ok so i still never went in and it seems like they are worse...ok they are deff worse..i just dont want to go in and have the nurses get mad if its not true labour!! Oh dear!
561451 tn?1257476350
they wont get mad.  

if it's hurting GO IN!  Cause you could be in labor, and take my word on it, your better safe than sorry!  My labors are so freaking quick, that I barely made it in with my daughter.  That was 36 mins!  And my son was 20 mins, but I was in the hospital, and trying to make up back up to the labor and delivery floor!!!  

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