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Hi All -
Just wondering...I am 8 weeks pregnant & so excited...but wondering/wishing we could have an ultrasound.  My husband & I have been to our General Practicioner & a midwife to confirm our pregnancy - and we are due in June.  They took a urine sample, my blood pressure & heart rate....asked how I was feeling, etc... - very nice, but that's it!?!  I did not get an ultrasound & they will not do it until Dec. 15 when we are 12 weeks.  Is that odd?  I really want to know that everything is looking good, okay, etc..
What is a normal time-frame to get an ultrasound?
They said that we did not get one b/c we knew the date of the first day of my last period & also when we conceived.  Any advice/reassurance would be GREATLY appreciated!  
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Usually the wont give an ultrasound until around 20 weeks. At my doctors you only get one the whole pregnancy unless you become considered high risk. Most of the ultrasounds they give in early pregnancy are for dating reasons and since you know the date of your last period they wouldn't need to date it. You could try telling your doctor that you are concerned and want an ultrasound. But its pretty normal for them to just give the standard ones.
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with my 1st we didnt get a u/s intill i was 18w. with my 2nd pregnancy I was high risk so I had one done at 6w
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I would think they would have done an u/s at 8 weeks.  Maybe they could hear the heart beat at 8 weeks and you would know (for peace of mind) that everything is ok.    I would just call and tell them you want an u/s.  Just remember that this is YOUR baby and you need peace of mind, so don't be afraid to request one.  I'm sure everything is fine since all your tests were good, but I understand needing reassurance.  
Good luck!
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depending on where you live, uk only does u/s at 16 weeks unless complications, usa seems to do them earlier, but this is fine , don't worry try and relax as much as you can and you will see your baby just before xmas great pressie. it will all be fine and i am sure your symptoms will arrive soon. good luck
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Most of the early ultrasounds are to make sure everythings fine and if you don't know what's going on with your dates or how far along you are. Most doctors want to have the first ultrasounds around the 10th week. Since nothing seems to be bothering you, they didn't see the need for one. I would not worry. When I went in because I was bleeding, I was told I was around almost 8 weeks and they did a transvaginal u/s and afterwards I had cramping and started to bleed heavier. Two days later I miscarried..and I blame the u/s. Doctors don't really like to do u/s until the sac and fetus is stronger. If you really want one you can ask to have one, I doubt they would say no! Do you have an obgyn?
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thanks so much for all your insightful minds!  i feel much better.  :)
i really love the doctors we are dealing with - they are wonderful.  i just wanted to make sure it wasn't out of the ordinary that i wasn't getting an ultrasound.  i feel great/awful (nausea, &  tender breasts).  no spotting, no cramps.  all good signs.  we have not told anyone yet and are planning to tell our parents over thanksgiving - of course I'd love to share the news with some reassurance & a picture, but i guess I can be patient like all of you.  :)  THANK YOU DEARLY!!!
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