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Umbilical cord not in middle of placenta

My daughter went for her ultrasound today and found out she was having what appears to be a normal, healthy girl.  But, then the doctor told us there was a problem with the umbilical cord - instead of being in the middle of the placenta, it is on the side.  He wants to do another U/S in four weeks.  But, he didn't tell us much else.  My daughter is distraught and I am a little concerned too!  Has anyone else ever had this?  Did everything turn out alright???
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Did they give you a name of Velamentous cord insertion? It sounds very rare and that it usually isn't found until after delivery.
If her little girl is healthy then she is obviously getting all the nutrients and anything that she needs from mom. That should be at least something to keep her less worried. How far along is she?
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I think it is Marginal chord insertion.  The doctor did say that the baby was very active, had a good heart rate, all the organs looked good and the measurements of everything were right on target.  She is 18 weeks and 6 days, or she was yesterday.  So I guess that would make her 19 weeks today.
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Hey! I just received this same news from my ultrasound appt this morning and the same exact scenario. Organs and everything look good and she is healthy and measuring at a great percentile. I am exactly 19 weeks today and they said my cord was to the side instead of the middle of placenta. Did everything turn out okay for her? I have to follow up in 4wks as well and want to know any answers sooner.
Hi KurlyJess. Was your doctor at all concerned about it?  This is called velamentous cord insertion.  This must be a special baby and you must be a special mama as this is a rare happening. Only about 1 percent of singleton babies have this situation!  The fact that they see it and are now aware of it is good. It does pose a little higher risk of complications than if the umbilical cord is properly placed.  TRY not to worry though.  It seems everything has a risk in pregnancy.  My sister didn't use her microwave for 9 whole months when pregnant!  Risk to baby are very low. There is just a bit more risk for birth issues for you as the mom.  You will be watched a little more closely, may bleed more during delivery or you may need a c section.  From now on, you will likely be more carefully monitored (not a bad thing!)!!  And my friend had this issue and had a routine delivery. Try not to worry!  Your doctors will take care of you sweetie (and your baby!).  So, what month are you due and what are you having?  Feeling pretty good in the second trimester now?
The doctor  didn’t show too much concern as of yet but she definitely didn’t want to deliver the kind of news since me and dad have gone through so much for our first pregnancy with a Down syndrome baby girl and the second we had a miscarriage. Yesterday little one was being super active so they couldn’t take pictures of all her anatomy so they really want to monitor and have me go back in 4 weeks to follow up on some more pictures and see how she is doing as far as her growth. Good thing was she was at 9oz and the doctor said that was a wonderful percentile. I know there isn’t much I can do but she did tell me from now on depending how the next visit goes, I may be monitored much closely which kind of makes me happy I’ll be able to see my baby girl more often. I’ve read some stories me researching and I did notice it does pose some risks and complications for birth. Only part that freaks me out honestly. Lol. I am due in Aug 2021.
Oh my goodness, you've had a lot to deal with, haven't you?  I have a child with a developmental delay.  It's kind of lonely sometimes.  How old is your daughter?  Try NOT to worry about your pregnancy. They know what is going on and will get you and baby through it.  hugs
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