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Update On Cole!

So I have been working again.. alot of hours so havnt been on much.. just wanted to share how Cole was doing, since he is my MH baby :)  

He is 8 months old now, and yes yes yes.. he started crawling on hands and knees 5 days ago!!! OMG and yes its very true, be careful what u wish for.. I chase him EVERYWHERE, i went and made a pot of coffee this morning and i turned around I was like where did he go.. he was ALL the way in the back bedrooms playing with the game system lol.. he loves to crawl out to the kitchen and play with empty gallons of his nursery water lol...  He has his next appointment in Febuary, but last I knew he was 16lbs and 10 oz or so, which was in November.  

He hasnt started pulling up yet. he actually did this really cute thing the other day, its hard to explain, he was like by the foot rest and i was on the computer and he got half way up and i helped him the rest of the way and he let go of the foot stool and made it to where he landed back down on his knees standing up, IDK if you can picture that but like I said its hard to explain.  

He hasnt broke teeth yet, but I can see his two front bottom teeth and there about a quarter in from cutting through.. Ive been waiting and waiting..  OOOO and i know some of you knew I was so worried about working again and missing cole crawling,BUT he did it on Wednesday ON MY DAY OFF!  and I didnt miss it :)  

Next step pulling up and walking...

ooo and when do they usally say momma :)  I wanna hear him say momma so bad!! lol

This is mmy update but feel free to update as well :)
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wonderful isn't it.  I'm sure Cole is the best thing that has ever happened to you.
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Aww...YAY COLE!!! You're so lucky he did it on your day off. I didn't miss any of Elijah's "firsts" EXCEPT for him saying mama. I was working the first time he said it. I don't remember when he started saying it, I know he was at least 7 months old. Now you really get to start the fun stuff. Next thing you know he'll be up running and back talking! It's amazing how time flies when you have a baby. I can't believe Elijah will be THREE in six months.

GO COLE GO, make mommy chase you, LOL! Aww, I miss Elijah being so small, and Aubryana's gonna be there before I know it.

BTW you know you wrote 250 ounces right, lol. Sounds like he's doing really well!!!
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that is so good...how exciting that he did it on your day off:)  as far as the momma thing, I think it varies from child to child...My DD is 5 almost 6 months old and about a month ago she started saying momma, and now she is stuck on dadadada lol I am not sure that she knows what she is saying but she looks at DH when she does say it...

But all of my kids(3) have started talking extremely early...probably because I am a talker haha
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Oh and I forgot to add, he is eating like a piggy these days!!! he eats all his veggies and fruits and still gets his 250z of formula aday.  he has tried, mashed potatoes(which he wont eat without gravy) lol mac and cheese, candy cane(oops lol) and a grham cracker yesterday.. o and alil ice cream.. and he got apple juice a few weeks ago for the first time.. and he loives his banana poofs.. haha im done!
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