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Update: on bedrest until they figure out what's going on

I've posted recently about the contractions I've been having and the worry they have caused. They are now daily occurrences, and have been getting stronger and definitely more worrisome.

Just wanted to say: Don't hesitate to get checked out if you think something is wrong. Be persistent! Its your body and you know it best!

I'm not trying to bash my midwife but when I called my doctor's office and met with her yesterday she told me I had done the right thing and that I should be assessed by a preterm unit. I am also on bedrest until they can figure out what's going on.

So always get checked out! The myth/falsehood that they are "just Braxton Hicks" can be a dangerous one!
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I agree!!! you know your body better than anyone and if your concerned your doctor should be too, nothing is too small of a worry to get checked out! I hope all goes well and you start feeling better! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your little one
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i am glad you are posting this....i found out with this preg that the littlest contractions (or BH) cause me to dilate....i am currenlty 3cm dilated and 33.4 weeks....im also having twins so early dilation was expected but last year i had my daughter at 32.1 weeks

its always better to get checked out then wait it out

hope they figure out what is wrong with you....i will most likely be delivering my babies next week (due to other issue)
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I hope you're doing better! and that they do figure it out! thanks for letting us know!
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Thanks everyone! Just hoping that the bedrest help and the tests clarify things. This baby is not done cooking yet and I'll do whatever I need to do to make sure it cooks as long as possible!

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I hope they figure things out or that things just go well..

I have been saying this since I was admitted at the hospital at 31 weeks because it would have been so easy to overlook the two painful contractions..

But clearly I was having alot of "braxton hicks" - or aka painless irregular contractions.... that in the ened were causing cervix change..

I lucked out and didnt have the baby until the day before my due date BUT it could have gone the other way if i was still working and running around etc...

ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry..  I really hope your baby just stays put
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Thanks PetiteWonder, I've been thinking of your story the last week or so. I really hope that we also have a positive outcome -- am thinking positive. :)

Do you mind me asking about your bedrest restrictions and strategies you used to cope? I have been told to significantly restrict my activities, lie down as much as possible, no housework, no walking, no sex, etc. Basically can only have bathroom breaks and if anything prompts a contraction I need to stop and rest.

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Alright, so I'm getting an ultrasound to check whether my cervix has been been dilating and effacing tomorrow. So at least I will have some answers soon. Either way I've been told that I likely won't be returning to work as it is too early for me to be having contractions. Right now I no longer care -- just want to make sure this baby is healthy and stays put for as long as possible.
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Good luck and try not 2 stress... I know its easier said than done
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I know it's hard being on bedrest.  I haven't ever really been or for very long, but I get Hypermesis for the first several weeks of my pregnancy and can't do anything.  I hate it!  But I just can't physically move.  I watch a lot of TV/movies I never have time to watch.  You might also read some books you have been meaning to get around to.  Believe me.  Once this baby gets here, rest and reading will be a thing of the past for a while :)

I wish you all the best and will be praying for you and your little one.
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I wish u lots of luck bc I know how it is to have worrysome cintractions I was onlh 30 weeks when I had my 1st scary especially with me only being [email protected] the time good luck & really follow ur drs orders
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