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VBAC delivery...im scared.

Ive had a prior csection. It will be 3 years since i had it when i give birth for the second time.
I am so scared of either delivery i dnt know y. I want to try vaginal but im scared of all the risk of the vbac. But then im also scared of csection because i want two more babies after this one. Has anyone here had vbac?
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i have not had a VBA2C. i had 2 c-sections but i will be trying for a VBA2C. my doctor told me i would only have a 2% chance of a uterus rupture, he also said with just a 2% chance its unlikely that i would have a uterus rupture but it could happen. i can only go 5 days passed my due date and if i dont go into labor by then then i would have to have a c-section. i think you should be fine because they recommend that you wait to have a vbac between 18-24 months. i have never passed 38 weeks ever with my 2 pregnancies because at 37w3d i told my doctor to induce me and i was never dilated but my son went into distress and his heart went down to 19BPM so thats why i had my c-section and with my daughter i had another c-section at 37w5d. so this will be all new for me.
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First of all, you can still have more babies after 2 sections. Not sure who told you that you couldn't. :) I'm a labor & delivery nurse so trust me, we have patients that have had 3, 4, 5, and even more sections. VBACs are very risky, I know the risk of rupture is very low but when it happens, it can be catastrophic. I don't mean to scare you but I want to be real and honest with you. I have seen VBACs that were very sucessful, but I have also seen them go very wrong and the outcome is not always good for baby and sometimes mommy either. This is something that you and your doctor need to decide together once the benefits and risks have been thoroughly discussed. I wish you the best, whatever you decide!
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Thank You for your help....i just want to experience the vaginal birth but in also aware of all the risk.....thank you so much ladies. And i think im going for another C-section after all. This might be the safest decision since anything can happen during the vbac.
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I think women.get so tied down to the idea.that they have to have a VAC for so many reasons (i.e. They dont feel like a real woman if they dont, etc), and its.really not about that. As long as you and the baby are healthy, who cares how they come out. Do what you feel is the safest route, that will cause you less stress.
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