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Vacumm use in delievery

Okay during my deleivery, I could not stretch enough for my son to get his head out, so they had to cut me.  and I couldnt push as much as i needed to, so they had to use the vacuum.  I was wonderin how long does it take for the bump on his head to go away? If youve esperienced this, id appreciate ur input.. thanks
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I don't know about the bump from a vacuum - sorry!  They put a little clip on my son's head when he was descending the birth canal (so they could monitor him more closely than by just using those monitors that they strap to your belly), and he had a mark from that for about a month afterwards. It was small, but it did eventually go away.
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oh Well the doctor said it will go down within a couple months but that seems so long. I worry everytime i look at it cause its a blood clot.  and they did say it can cause more jaundice as it goes down.  and my niece needed to be vacuumed out and she spent a week in the hospital after words because they thought the bleeding got into her brain.. the doctor told me its just on the outside of his skull but i still worry..
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This was used on with the birth of my first child. It will go away within a few weeks. What you can also do is massage you baby's head. The skull is soft and can be shaped in the 6 months. I would slightly massage my sons head and shape it. In fact, I did this wil all 3 of my children.
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my friend had this done too and it took about 6 months to go away. they lump was pretty big though.
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I dont mean to be rudee, but whatt do you mean by Vaccumm??
Sorry, and do theyy ALWAYS have too cut youu?

Cause I am so scaredd about Child Birthh.......

But I will never have a c section unless I NEEDED it.
if that makes senseee :)

Thanks and sorry :)

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She didn't have a c-section, she was given an episiotomy (a cut in the perineum which allows a baby whose head or shoulders are too large to pass through more easily....it's actually a fairly controversial procedure, however you go into delivery with an OB you trust so you hope that if they chose to do it they're doing it for the right reasons and that's the best you can do).

No, they do not always have to cut you and most doctors do not preform episiotomies anymore....but some women will either be cut or tear and it's inevitable, no way to know for sure. Not using an epidural and performing pre-delivery perineum massages are thought to reduce the chance for either tear or cut (there are also different birthing positions that are thought to reduce the chance of tearing or the need for a cut)...but there's no way to know for sure, sometimes your anatomy just doesn't want to cooperate (as in my case...my epidural was nearly worn off and I had performed the perineum massage and still tore like crazy).

Anyway...the vaccuum is a little plastic device that does exactly what it sounds like it does...it has a little cone-shaped attachment on the end that is placed on the baby's head, the vaccuum machine is turned out, and it applies a gentle but steady suction that allows the doctor to pull on the vaccuum to help extract the baby instead of grabbing the baby under the chin or around the neck to get a grip. Vaccuums are also something that are used less and less these days, but sometimes are unavoidable....forceps can also be used to grasp baby's head and get a better grip to aid delivery. But most deliveries will not use forceps or vaccuums. you'll note that Ammanda said that she was having trouble with pushing and the baby was not fitting well in the birth canal so her delivery had more complications than a "normal" delivery might and even though she was able to deliver vaginally, not all women will experience these problems.

What is it that scares you about child birth? the pain, or the uncertainty?

Sorry to hijack your post, ammanda...I think if you're really worried call the pediatrician again and ask if he recommends the cranial massage...I know I was a vaccuum delivery and my mom had to do it and she says it helped a lot...he can tell you exactly how to do it :).
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No I know she didnt have a C sectionn.

and Ohhhh i get it, I didnt know what was meant by vaccumm. Thank you.

I want to give birth and not have a csectionn cause givingg birth is the firstt real part of becoming a mum, but I would like drugs and thingss cause Imm scaredd of the pain too, Im scared of blood testss. Wooo.

Its all overwhelming (I cant spell) I am looking forward to it and going into labour and stuff just NOT the pain....

and I duno where to havee it and stuff, I live in one town and my boyfriend lives in another and I want the baby in the hospital he was born in (Where he lives) but I dont think my midwife will let me (Shes mean)

She had a go at me or having to cancell my last app due to a miscarrige.

Im just scared.

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hehe the blood tests aren't bad :). Well you have a bit of time to figure it all out and trust me you'll probably change your opinions several times over the next few months LOL but definitely try to stick with the attitude of looking forward to it...as any woman can tell you, it's the most amazing experience (even when it doesn't go right).

It may sound funny but when my daughter was born the thing I was the most frightened of was the epidural....and it really didn't hurt at all. And while the pain of birth is probably the worst pain you'll ever feel (unless you're lucky like me and get kidney stones while pregnant...LOL) you'll be so focused on what you're doing that it all kind of fades away. I mean when you ask a woman she'll say yeah it hurts but I would do it again in an instant. So try not to let it get to you too much :)

Were you being sarcastic when you said your midwife was mean? Because if you don't get along you should definitely switch to someone else NOW because you need to be 100% on the same page as your medical provider during pregnancy.
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No she is actually horrible to me.
haha! I will try and get along with her.... haha

My step mum laughed all the way through givin birth to my Brother (her second child)...


But I know i wouldnt want a C sectionn

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i agree with Ashleen, its the most painful thing I have ever been through, but i would do it for my son again in a heartbeat. and when i say for my son, I mean I dont plan on doing it ever again to have a new baby. but for my son i would.  I only want one child.

But yea I was completly nervous about labor and delievery.  and ya Ashleen the main concern was the epideral, even though I didnt get one, I got something else, which was still a shot in the back, its so nerve recking, knowing if you move one bit that everything can be meesed up, and by the time i got mine, my contractions were all over the place, so we couldnt tell when i was gonna get one, so we had to chanch it, thank god Df was there keeping me focused.

And I was in labor for 12 hours, pushed for 2 hours. it was so exhausting and painful.  I had gotten the shot at10:30pm and it was time to push at 12:30 by then my pain meds have worn off comepletly so I felt everything.  and I was so weak, finally the last 20 mintues, I just had no strength left, so they had to use the vacuum.  Plus I had about 12 people in my room, which was very distracting. So if I were u, make sure u limit who u have in the room with u, cause it makes all the difference. I was just so worried about hurting feelings.  but now i regret it.  

Not to mention I had straight up back labor. I didnt have a single contraction in my stomach th whole labor until the last hour of pushing then i was feeling horrible pains in my stomach.  but every contraction was like someone was braking my back over and over again.

Okay sorry im probaly scaring you right now lol.  But dont worry it will all be fine. its a wonderful mirical. i look at my son all the time and think to myself "wow i cant believe Im the one that brought him in this world, and hes mine"  

And I agree with Ashleen again, u need to switch doctors.  You have to be completly comfortable with ur doctor. it is a big deal!  
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I was afraid of labor too but not the pain. I was afraid of tearing and the recovery afterwards. Well, I was induced and everything was going great until the epidural. I did have one put in but it did not work at all which I didn't even know was possible until that day when the anesthesiologist reviewed the possible outcomes. And even then I figured it wouldn't happen to me lol. So there I was with drug-induced contractions and no epidural. I asked for IV drugs and those only made me sleepy but did not touch the pain from my contractions. In the end I was very lucky though in my opinion because my labor from start to finish was 8 hours and that's not long from what I've been told for an induction. And yes I did tear but by that time I was so glad that she was coming out that I didn't feel the tearing. Even though my labor wasn't perfect I'd still do it all over again but maybe skip the epidural because I found the insertion process extremely uncomfortable. Could be that I have a low tolerant for pain but I doubt it because I basically had a natural childbirth and most people don't do that with inductions because of the strength of the contractions with Pitocin versus normal contractions.
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The used the vacuum with my oldest son, and he never had any bumps or abrasions on his head, nor was his head shaped oddly. I was told if they use to much suction with it, thats when bumps and abrasions happen.

Anyways, I would suspect the bump should go away after a week or 2.
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