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1111601 tn?1258686272
Just wanted to say this site seems pretty cool! I posted a question and now am waiting to hear from people :) thanks !

1111892 tn?1259962999
hey everyone!! Love this website it has helped me get threw alot everyone is so nice and welcoming. Just found out I am pregnant!! I am so excited.
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Hi I am new to the forum. My husband and I are TTC. LMP was November 14th, 09. We had sex on the 22, 23, 24, 30 of Nov. Ovulation from many sites were either on the 29th or 30th of November. I am assuming I am about 5 DPO and 9 days from AF. I want a baby badly. So yeah, AF around December 12th or hopefully no AF and a BFP!!!! I am so impatient right now. Maybe this is all in my head but this morning I felt like a was hit with a wave of nausea for about 30 or 40 mins. I had a headache all day too. Maybe it is just my mind jumping the gun... but I just want to know... I know I should wait until after I miss AF but how soon could I possible tell on a HPT? I am so anxious!!!!
Avatar universal
thanks for all the support from everyone i finally got my BFP! ressult it took 9 months of trying and the one month where i actually gave up and stopped trying.... surprise..so i guess what i want to share with everyone is wheather we are aware of the stress ttc causes or not,our bodies feel it and may not respond the way we expect...so as impossible as it may seem at times we need to take it easy:).good luck to all ttc baby dust to you.
Avatar universal
Hi everyone! I'm new here and have just been watching on the sidelines somewhat, but thought I'd finally say hi! I just got a super faint positive on a hpt!!! I'm waiting a few more days though to test again before getting too excited however but I'm just so ecstatic regardless and have to tell someone! I'm 20 years old, married, and this would be my first pregnancy so I'm super super nervous but I can't wait for the journey if it really is a positive!!! <3
1201929 tn?1293711672
Hi everyone...
Just here reading my way through the forums haha.
I love the support for one another on here and am waiting patiently for my answers to come in...maybe I will be part of your club (god willing) *wink*
Avatar universal
hello everyone! i love this site. Everyone is very helpful and I'm looking forward to getting and giving advice from you ladies
876979 tn?1310050503
i found this site like a year ago and is the best side what i found about pregnancy to it really get answer to my questions, give me suport and help me....thanks for that =)
1278326 tn?1271129512
im new to this.. and ive come here because i am soo lost in what to do.. I have been trying to get pregnant for about 1year now. Its very frustrating for me  because i feel as if doctors keep giving me the "Run around".  they first tell me to try for at least 6months, if nothing happens come back.. i come back and another "keep trying this time for 1year". Ive never been on birth control, healthy diet..so i dont know whats preventing me from getting pregnant.  I just feel so lost like there is no hope. this makes me feel so depressed sometimes... Ive never once been pregnant and im dying to know now that i will be soon getting married. If anyone has any advice i would be more to happy to listen.
Avatar universal
i want 2 concave my first baby n need ur help. i m new here. i hope this will help me.
1178131 tn?1282658419
1370897 tn?1278752036
I talk about this a couple of days ago but for who don't know what goin on with my body so imma jus mention it again. I had a period May 24th and in June i didn't have any, but on July 7th i started bleeding....it was flown but it just wasn't as heavy as usual and this has never happened before so could i be pregnant
Avatar universal
hi all this is my first post..I have a question regarding low progesrone.  I had  miscarriage in december....i am only 3 weeks pregnant and  told i had a 8,8 progestrone level, my hgc evvel doubled. I was given progestrone  soppositories wick melt all overr.  Do you think I can maintain a pregnancy with low progestrone lefels
1194973 tn?1385507504
If your levels are low, and you need to be taking the medicine then it's unlikely that the pregnancy will remain viable without them. Many women will have repeat miscarriages due to low progesterone and it's the only thing that helps to keep them viable. If they gave you the medicine, you need to be taking it as directed.
Avatar universal
Im new to this site. Im 22 years old and im 7 days late. i have had some weird cramping. getting sick to my stomach in the mornings minus one in the last 5 days. head aches. HEARTBURN galour(sp) like even from a corndog. tried to drink and had no abition(sp) to do so after the first drink. i also have narcolepsy so it makes it hard to determine if i am just more tired than normal but i have been having to take naps at the same time daily no matter what time i had woke up for the day. only slept with the guy one time and the condom did break. he had been trying to concieve with someone else for a year and they have not concieved yet! i took 2 HPT and one had a VERY VERY faint positve line and one was just negative. everyone around me thinks i am pregnant and i dont feel like i am. i have not had any tenderness in my breasts and idk what to think. i want a baby and know that i can handle one and have a very good support system. but idk if i am. also today a light discharge showed up its almost like a milky discharge. what should i do?
394803 tn?1326299203
im trying to conceive and i was given fertile super to ovulate and so i did and then my husband and i met and then the doctor started me off with duphaston for 15 days twice daily . i normally have a 24days cycle and my periods were due on 15th of sep but due to duphaston i obviously didnt get my periods but bleed a little on 16th and spotted on 17th & 18th and stopped... i did hpt and it came negative...are they still chances of me being pregnant while im still using Duphaston for the next 3days....
1450961 tn?1288305128
Hey my name is Lady im 18 and very new to this website. Most of you may say im to young to try and have a baby and blah blah blah but im not im probably more stabel then half of you guys that already have babies or whant them. I have taken care of myself since i was 6yrs old and ive raised 2 of my sisters on my own as well. I finished school have a job,car, and my own apartment. My boyfriend and i have been together for a while and we both have recently been having baby fever we know were ready and feel its time. Huh whats that we have time ahead of  us we need to enjoy being young.... well we dont party and hangout we have responsibilty to be handeled we have fun with one another the great thing is our relationship isnt built on sex like most of young teens today. I feel like my life is perfect we both do the only thing missing we feel is a beautiful baby boy or girl. We dont understand how many people are having kids and leaving them to fend for themself or having children with nothing to give it. oh i forgot my fiance is 23 he has a job and attends college as well as myself. he also works in a studio and i model. having a baby will not change the way our lives work the only thing that will change is that we have a life to work harder for and a life to show off for so that our child knows his or her options. we are the type of couple that make our friends sick to their stomach very romantic with one another. Anyways as i am rambaling on....... i say this so. im trying to conceive but have been having trouble. we think this is gods way of saying when the time is right it will come to you but of course like most we want what we want and while still taking in signs from god we are still trying. if anyone has any suggestions please HELP it would be highly appreciated.
thank you for your time. and hopefully many older women or women of my age will feel me and help me instead of judge me and decide to be my critic. once again Thanks  
Avatar universal
I've be a member of the website for a bit but just found this forum.  DH and I have been married just over a year and are TTC.  I've no idea when I OV since I've been terrible at tracking my temp (though it should be easier now that I'm not working at 7am).  My cycle had been very regular (28/29 days sometimes a little shorter sometimes a little longer, but never longer than 30 days) until the end of last year.  DH and I think I had a MC in Sep (very heavy with sever cramps...never had one like it before or since).  Then I went back to simi-normal until Nov/Dec when I went 40 days and then I skipped Feb completely and hoped I was pregnant then but AF started on day 50.

Since then I've developed Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis (a very itchy rash) which is an autoimmune disease.  So for the last 4 months we've haven't been TTC until we figured out what was going on.  Thankfully the dicloxacillin they put me on is ok to take while TTC and pregnant (we didn't want to wait 2-4 years for the rash to go away) and not Dapsone.

Last month AF was a bit strange, spotting off and on for nearly a week and then three days that maybe were light or just heavy spotting and then two days that were a little heavier and now I'm CD 38 and had a PFN this morning.  We're driving to a family reunion a week from today (10 hours across Nevada...oh fun) and I was hopping to know one way or the other by then but it will be my luck that AF will arrive as we drive or I get hit with M/S while we're around DH's family (we don't want to tell anyone right away).

I guess that's the long version...I usually lurk more than I post.
1444187 tn?1315425110
Hi everyone this site is a god send, im not pregnant but i am trying :) x
Avatar universal
hi..I've been needing a serious answer now.Can anyone help me please? I had an intercourse with my boyfriend two times. I asked him to stop on the first time because I was afraid because we were unprotected. After that, he ejaculated outside, urinated once, then we had another round after an hour. We finished the second one, without ejaculation inside. Of course, he pre-cummed inside me. I was on my 7th day of my period that day. Will I get pregnant?help me please.
Avatar universal
Okay I havent been on b.c in about 3 months and I think I may be pregnant...& could use some advice!! Lets see, on Sat. 10/09- Mon. 10/11 I had light pink spotting then on 10/12 started having a bit of pain around right ovary, took a HPT and got a big fat negative! I should get my period 10/14 (which is today) but it hasnt came yet...Im having headaches off and on, pinching & pulling feeling inside stomach, stuffy nose for over a week :( and my bbs are soooo sore! Could I be preg?  Should I take another test?  what should I do?....
Avatar universal
So glad I found this site, I was trying to find out how long it would take to get pregnant after having a mirena coil removed, but I've just found out I'm pregnant - so so happy :-))) xx
Avatar universal
Has anyone ever been preggers and get a rash out of nowhere and the food you ate was the same as before? I might be preggers won't know for sure until mon 10/25, and monday i woke up with a rash. then it started going away. Today i ate a vietnamese sandwhich and broke out all over again and then some. they're little red dots that itch and kinda burn.... You can barely see them but i can feel them... Does this sound normal?
1481269 tn?1295607360
I had my last proper period on the 7th of september 2010. I was then supposed to be due on the 5th of October but i was a day late and i had light spotting, i had two negative tests on the 6th. I then bled for 2 days which finished on the 8th. Feeling tired, bloated, nausea, tender / swollen breasts.

Am i pregnant????????!!!!
1450961 tn?1288305128
hey everyone im new to this and idk how to feel about it because i keep posting things but i dont seem to be getting any help. i guess i keep trying and mayb someone may notice. (( fingers crossed))
Avatar universal
I am pregnant with 5 weeks now and having on and off pain in the lower right of my abdomen. Not sure if it's normal and should I be worried. Didn't have any discharge yet, no bleeding and no spotting either. Would appreciate if you could please share your experiences or knowledge on this situation.
850258 tn?1312335331
Hi,i am in the same boat..i am 5 week and 1 day today.. And today only i noticed some white discharge(sorry TMI) earlier had nothing ... have sore breasts nd mild nausea and i am very tired since 3rd week...1st appointment on nov 10th.
Dont worry and just think positive thats the key :)
Hoping for a healthy and safe 9 months for all of us:)
Good luck & take care
Avatar universal
i have irregular period so I went on the bcp to help with the regulation now I stopped last month cause I want to get pregnant been trying for couple months now and nothing has happened am little overweight and been trying to lose some weight but lately ive notice my stomach a littel bulgy and been having lil bad feelings inside or headaches as well as backpains. I havent taken any hpt as yet cause I feel like ill see a negative result which I dying to see positive. I pray all day everyday for me to conceive please pray for me im dying for this.
850258 tn?1312335331
good luck hun...hope its a bfp for u..keep us posted
1502094 tn?1294353303
Good Morning Everyone, I am just confused. I have been very regular with all of my periods no matter what birth control I was on. I am typically to the date of when I will start. Mind you when I was on the IUD I never had my period or spotted.
After having my IUD removed on 08 Nov (due to complications) and I was told by the OBGYN that I needed to go on Prenatal Vitamins because I have a very active lifestyle with my fiance.
We are in our thirties and I currently have a 9 & 13 year old and starting over is exciting but I have NO idea what to think while after a week of NO IUD......I have been retaining water, throwing up for the last three days, spotting on and off.  How do I know if I am having my period or if I am even ovulating?

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Congrats to those that will be or just welcomed a bundle of joy!

Best wishes,
Avatar universal
i will like to find out if it is possible for one to experience stomach cramps when in her early pregnancy?

1035252 tn?1427231433
It is best for you to start your own post with your question, because you will get more responses that way. When you first open the forum there is an option to "post a question" (the large green button below the forum title) and if you ask your question that way you have a better chance of getting responses.

Ginger_Lee: Hopefully someone with experience similar to yours will be able to help you out once you post your own thread....there are some women with experience trying to conceive after the removal of IUDs and they will have some valuable information for you :).

bimbo84: Yes, it's possible. light cramping is normal in early pregnancy, but any severe cramping with or without vaginal bleeding means you should call your OB.

Welcome to our community ladies! I hope to see your posts very soon :) Bear in mind that it is an American holiday weekend so there may or may not be lots of women on to help answer your questions....if you don't get a lot of responses, try back next week. Have a great weekend!

1035252 tn?1427231433
I meant to add..none of us on this community are doctors. there ARE "Ask the expert" forums where you can communicate with a doctor, but here we are all just women who speak based on our personal experiences with pregnancy and childbirth.

When in doubt, consult your doctor ALWAYS.
1343283 tn?1300901864
hello everyone. i am joining this forum because i found out that i am pregnant. i have my doctors appointment on the 10th to confirm, but i figure i am about 6 weeks along :)

i've been ttc for 9 months, and then last cycle, i decided to take a break from ttc, but i couldnt get a hold of my doc to get some birth control, so i just went without this last cycle, and lo-and-behold, i conceived the month i stopped trying!

but i am very excited to snoop around here some more and hopefully get to know a few new buddies :D

1035252 tn?1427231433
Welcome Sarah!

Have fun "snooping" and I hope you decide to make your own post and ask any questions you might have about pregnancy....and CONGRATULATIONS! :) What a cute story about how you conceived...you just never know when it's gonna happen!

Welcome again and I hope you stick around :)

-Co-CL Ashelen
Avatar universal
My gf is 10 days late she took planb last month and I'm freaking out... is this normal. 10/02 is when she took it last month and I don't remember when she got it last month.Im thinking it was the 20th and she is having cramps in or around her uterus . And on top of it all I suffer from anxiety problems. Someone please get back to me. Fyi she also has OI so I don't know wtf is going on. She took 2 pregnancy tests and both negative so can someone please get back to me
1035252 tn?1427231433
Hi there!

yes, it's entirely possible that the Plan B messed up her cycle. At this point I would honestly recommend she see a doctor. While Plan B can delay your periods, if she's nearly 2 weeks late it would be good to get in to a doctor and get a blood pregnancy test done just to be on the safe side, as well as discuss other possible reasons for her period to be late. I wouldn't worry, though. Try not to think about it too much and just realize that Plan B can mess up her period for several cycles. However I'm sure you know it's not 100% effective so there's always a slim possibility but since she's 10 days late for her period most tests would appear positive by now if she were pregnant. Seeing a doctor will put these fears to rest and help you figure out what else may be causing the delayed period.

By the way, you generally get more responses if you make your own thread :). When you open the forum, the large green button reading "post a question" will open up a form for you to fill out to ask your own question and that way more people can see your message and hopefully reply.

Best of luck! Let me know how the blood test comes out if you choose to do that.
1540054 tn?1293407572
i'm back :)

under a different username...anyways!! i'm jessica. i have a 2 year old named alex, who i was pregnant w/when i joined the forum in 2008...he was born in october of 2008. after 5 stressful years, i've found an amazing man and we are getting married sometime next year, and are actively trying to get pregnant :)

to jog some memories :) i was on here originally when kelsey had her baby(she took that walk right before memorial day and never came back lol), along with tisa, and i remember joyrenee :) i also posted in a parenting <5 and teen pregnancy...ok, that's it!!!
Avatar universal
hi there!
   i would just like to ask,im using injectables as contraceptive.but lately,i feel so thirsty always and urinates frequently?is this sign of pregnancy?im afraid i might be pregnant again.i have 3 sons already and im not yet ready to have another baby..is it possible to get pregnant while taking injectables as contraceptive?pls help!
Avatar universal
yes well i am almost 7weeks pregnant and its confusing me who is the father
1527009 tn?1329858125
Im finding this site very addictive and ive learnt so much on here that I didn't know before but in a supportive environment it's great!!!
Just to be annoying I have a quick question:

Three days late and negative test results, could I still be pregnant??

1572188 tn?1295836833
Hello, I just found this site!! I am ttc. We have two boys 6 and 2 and I would love to have a little girl , never thought I would , but I do. I currently have the IUD , have Dr. appt next Monday to have it removed and just curious if anyone here is or has gone through ttc after IUD. I am very nervous about it all. My boys were both surprises ! Now that it is in my hands and me knowing that I may be pregnant in  a few months is all new to me. Very crazy feeling and it is really all I have been able to think of ! So I would love to hear stories or any advice from all :)
Avatar universal
hello i found this site through google and feel it can help me get over my dilemmas...hoping to find some more informations..
1576600 tn?1296367456
hi all... was scrolling through pregnancy symptoms that i was unsure about and found this site... wow the ladies here are really helpful sharing their pregnancy stories..
I miscarried in june 2010 and fell pregnant in september.. im alil over 19 weeks and constantly panicing about the safety of this baby... it will be our first baby so im really holding thumbs...
1577074 tn?1296156026
I stumbled accross this site. I was searching information about conception after an IUD removal. My Husband and I have been trying to convieve our second child since August (when I got my IUD removed) I got my IUD put in in March 09' 6 weeks after my daughter was born. Then got it removed the end of August. Ive been tracking my ovulation and periods using an app on my Iphone. My husband and I have been doing all we can to get pregnant and no luck :( Im getting scared that the IUD could have possibly changed my chances of getting pregnant. We got pregnant with our 1st within 2 months of me stopping my BC.
I joined this site to learn how other woman out there are doing with their conceptions and pregnancy, and maybe pick up a few tips to increase our chances. Its scares me to death to think that we may not be able to concieve a second child...... Its like my biggest fear :(
1338133 tn?1324431268
Hello Ladies!

I found this site through a search Engine, im 20yrs old and engaged, we each have a child from a different rlationship and are currently 5-6wks preggo. I was diagnosed with PCOS and was taking Metformin and Clomid from march-july then gave up after multiple let downs. We took a vacation to the bahamas and low ad behold when i came back i missed my period! Ive taken 7 HPT in disbelief. They all turned out Positve to im now waiting for my doctors appt so we can really confirm this!
367100 tn?1330918325
this forum is awesome. i m addicted to it. I dont feel alone. all are so supportive. thanks
Avatar universal
im new 2 this site i found it while doing a search an i have a question posted an was wondering could i get some responses plz and thank u
Avatar universal
Hi everyone, I am also new to this site and have recently posted a question.  If anyone could give me some advice or reassurance I would really appreciate it.

Avatar universal
Hey can anyone please answer my question, I would really apresiate it! I am really wories,or happy just dont know waht yet
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