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WTF is that?!

So... I'd like to start off by saying that I have an IUD in and have had it in for a year and a half. I also got what I believe was my period 2 weeks ago. It ended a week ago. So the last couple days I have woken up nauseous and have been throwing up. Has to be the flu... only it got better last night and then this morning was back. It kinda reminds me of how I felt when I had morning sickness. So just to cover all bases I go to the dollar store and get a pregnancy test which have always been accurate and reliable for me. I go home and take the test and it is negative so I throw it away and then I go shopping for a couple hours, meet up with my husband and kids at the water park for a couple hours and then go get my hair colored. So I get home and this is HOURS later and my husband asked what the result of the test was. I say negative and go into the empty trash can to grab it (its the only thing in there) And now it has this weird purple line that isn't exactly straight up and down and is A LOT darker then the control line. So... evap line? I know everyone will say to retest but... I'm afraid. I just graduated from school and have my second interview at a prestigious interior design firm on Wednesday and I just can't be pregnant right now. Id rather be in denial and the odds of it being positive are just so slim its ridiculous. So basically I just want to know what you ladies think.
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I've never gone back to find another line on a dollar tree test, and I have checked a million times. Eeeppp maybe test again
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Hi there. I've used dollar store tests many times and never had a result like your pic. I will tell you though that i did get pregnant with my iud after 2 1/2 years and ended up losing the baby due to the iud. So pls retest or go get checked out by your doc. Wishing you the best and good luck.
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Brenconmom did you get a period when you were pregnant?
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I'd say since it was hours later, it's just an invalid mark. Never seen one curve, but it says in the directions that after an x amt of time, it becomes invalid. Maybe it curved because it was sideways for so long? You can call their number and ask why it looks like that, but I'd say it's negative just because that's what popped up in the time frame you were supposed to look
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I had the EXACT same thing happen, I took a test, threw it away because I thought it was negative, and picked it up a few hours later, positive, with a running line. I thought it was invalid because, first it was beyond the time limit, way, and second, because it was running, and I'm 14 weeks pregnant. I'd take another test, that's a pretty dark line! I agree, IUD's are dangerous to be pregnant with, you really need to find out!
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But... I had a period! It ended literally exactly a week ago and it wasn't spotting. However, with my first I started bleeding at 5 weeks and bled almost every day for 5 weeks like a period but I had a positive a week BEFORE that happened. With my second I took a test, thought it was negative and knocked it out of the trash on accident the next day and it was positive and I was indeed pregnant. HOWEVER that line was fainter then the control line and straight. This one is PURPLE, not pink and its angled, not straight
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I think you should test again! I dont think you are pregnant since you had a period a feo days ago, but just  to be on the sabe side, re test... Best of luck!
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Definitely retest - you know that after 10 minutes results are not valid and have to be ignored. Good luck.
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Maybe it was a shotty test?? I would take another, to be safe!
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