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Weight Gain, stretch marks and all the other bits

Hi guys,
I'm a bit worried about weight gain etc and stretch marks. Please don't think I'm too shallow etc I've suffered from eating disorders from a long time and I hate my body how it is. And I am petrified of looking awful after birth.
Does anyone have any tips etc? What kind of things did you do during pregnancy.. IE exercise.. eating? How much did you gain? Did you use creams?

Thanks xx
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You can't really prevent stretch marks. They're somewhat hereditary. Either you'll get them or you won't, doesn't matter what precautions you take.
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I'm sorry you are having these worries.  There is no doubt that having a baby changes our bodies.  But it also changes our soul.  Life isn't just about us anymore or our superficial concerns.  Prior to my first pregnancy I too was very obsessive about my weight.  It always helps to have a healthy relationship with food, exercise, make good food choices (which includes not depriving yourself).  Remember that eating disorders are psychological in nature.  They often require the help of a therapist.  So if your anxiety grows to the point you take action and starve, binge, purge or have food rituals --  please seek psychiatric help.  Otherwise, you are young and with the right choices, you will get back to normal but it's post baby normal.  Our breasts, abdomen, etc often look a little different.  But it's for the greater good. :)). Good luck
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I started at 120 and am now 156 at 40 weeks. Everyone's body responds differently to pregnancy. I had trouble gaining weight and had to force myself to eat more at the start of my third semester, but then my body began gaining at a normal rate. I have gotten stretch marks but only on my hips and breasts. It was not representative of actually stretching since I'm all belly and have barely went up a cup size. It's difficult but you'll get through it, just focus on being healthy.
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don't stress! I've always been skinny, started out my pregnancy at 125lbs and now I'm 154! weight gain depends on how healthy you eat in my eyes. I let the cravings control me lol. I applied coconut oil on my entire body 2x a day AND stretch mark prevention lotions and none of it worked. my stomach looks like Freddy kruegers face :( I'm almost 39 weeks. I hate to look at my stomach but I know my baby will be worth the scars and stretch marks and body changes. women are meant to have children, so don't feel ashamed of a post partum body. love yourself! try staying VERY hydrated, drink as much water as possible every day to keep the elasticity in your skin, good luck
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BIO OIL..... don't let them scare you, I gained 45lbs and I have not one stretch mark. I put it on twice a day, make sure you don't scratch. Regardless of genetics you can build elasticity in you skin and that helps with the skin (dermis) from breaking.... It definitely will help
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Stretchmarks are something you cant stop. You can slow them slightly by lathering up 5 times a day but really its not worth it. You just have to except yourself. I know its hard and will take time. But exercise and eat healthy. Lots of veggies and fresh food try to stay away from processed foods. But before exercising talk to your doctor you shouldnt do anything you coupdnt do 2 weeks before you were pregnant. So take frequent walks an hour a day if possible. Use light weights 5-10lbs i would say 15lbs tops of you arent use to it. Pregnancy yoga is great. Squats are amazing. I use an app called my fitness pal that tracks my calories i know its easy to over eat during pregnancy. I used the app to lose 40 lbs with a calorie deficit but now that im pregnant i put it on maintain my weight for the first trimester then for the second i will add 200 calories to what my normal maintance should be then ill add 350 to what my maintance would be in the third trimester to make sure im getting what i need for baby without over doing it blindly.
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I've gone from 120lbs to 165lbs.  I haven't used any creams or oils etc and i don't have a single stretch mark.  It really is just genetics, either your skin stretches easily or it doesn't.  
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