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Weight Gain so far?

OK girls here is one for you.... how much weight have you gained so far? .soem of you may be awear that i was struggling to quit smoking a few months ago well I HAVE DONT IT!!!! IM A NON SMOKER!!!!
In the process have put on a bit of weight :( im about 26 wks now and have put on 11.8kg what do u think?
with my other two baby's i put on 30kg total and i really didnt want to put on so much this time but im just so hungry!!!
looking for other opinions and how you are all going with weight gaining as before when i was smoking i was only putting on minimal weight its depressing!
soorry needed to vent as hubby keeps saying ur fine u look great!!!! grrrrrrrr
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Congrats on quitting!!! I know it is not easy, believe me, I have been there (4 times, and I swear I will never start again!)

I don't think you've gained too much, you are well within "normal" range.  I have gained about 30 pounds at 31 weeks.  

Anyway, gaining more weight is much preferable and better for baby than smoking, so don't worry about a thing!
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I gain about 35 lbs no matter what I try I swear.  I'm 24 weeks and I've gained about 18 lbs.  I'm sure I'll hit the 35 mark again!  Congrats on quitting.....that's a huge accomplishment.
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I am 5'2" and prepregnancy weight was 111 lbs (50.5kg).  I am 29+2 with twins now and have put on about20 lb (9kg)...  My weight gain stalls sometimes and then goes up faster and then plateaus again, then goes up....  

You can find various weight gain charts here:

www . storknet . com/ip/reproductive_years/pregnancy/weight_gain_intro.html
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Congratulations on quitting! That is fantastic!!
As for my weight gain, I've gained 29 lbs I believe, in total. But I have started losing weight now. I am 37w5d. My last 3 dr appointments I have lost about 2 lbs per visit. But if quitting smoking means putting on some extra weight, who cares!!! You quit smoking!!! That is considered the hardest addiction to kick! So congrats again, and dont worry about the weight gain! :) I am very proud of you! I haven't been able to manage to quit, but I am still cutting back.
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I'm 23 weeks and have gained 14lbs but my bum has got smaller!!
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I am 32 weeks and have gained about 7lbs...
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I am 29 weeks and I have gained 20lbs.......yuck! I only gained 22 with my first one so I am not doing so well this time!
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i'm 32 weeks and I've gained about 30lbs (somewhere arounf 14kg)
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I gained about 40 Ibs over my 39 week pregnancy - I typically gained about 1 Ib a week.
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im just 6 weeks pregnant but i have lost 6 1/2 lbs.. dang morning sickness
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Congrats on quitting! That's awesome news you should be really proud!!!

I lost 12 lbs (5.4kg) then gained 14lbs (6.35 kg) back after the morning sickness passed. I'm at 26 weeks as of today and the dr says it's normal. I started off a little over weight so I didn't want to gain too much. I think I'll end up with another 15 lbs before I'm done.

It seems like I'm always hungry now. When I quit smoking I was snacking more often, but this is different. The belly demands food about every 3 hours. For me the trick is finding healthy light meals instead of junk food and large meals. My only real vice is gummie bears. On top of that I take my dog for a walk at least 4 times a week for about an hour each time.

Think of it this way you have the rest of your life to get skinny! Enjoy the one time where it's okay to gain weight and be rounder.
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