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Weight Gain!!!

I don’t understand. I had gained 13 lbs at my last prenatal visit. That was 9 days ago. They said it was perfect! Today I step on the scale to find out I’ve gained 20 lbs. I’m 25 weeks pregnant. I am experiencing swelling (feet, face and fingers) and have not been working out because of chronic headaches and fatigue. I still cannot believe I’ve gained THAT much weight. Nobody believes I’ve gained THAT much since I don’t look 20 lbs heavier. What could this be? I’ve been drinking lots of water. And well….I’ve been eating tootsie rolls, like 4-7 in one day. Are the delicious tootsies making me gain weight like this? What can I do (besides forgetting about the delicious tootsies) to NOT gain any weight this week, if that’s even possible? I just don’t want to have any complications that could affect my baby, like diabetes etc. And no I wasn’t underweight when I got pregnant. I was actually at a normal, healthy weight. Will working out help me NOT gain weight so rapidly? Any stories that you might want to share with me so I don’t feel like such an irresponsible mom?
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Oh, and I'm not carrying twins!! Just a beautiful singleton :-)
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Hey I had the same problem when I was pregnant with my first little boy... I had the worst!!!!! swelling in the world (everything imaginable) and more than likely it is water weight and it will fluctuate depending on what you eat and how much salt intake you have and how much you drink... I think that it is not a definite! I don't even have a scale in my house for this reason (even before I got pregnant) and just get weighed at my doctor's appointments. PS I don't think the tootsie rolls are going to hurt you unless the are the king sized ones!
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I truly think it is more water retention than actual fat. But I am still not happy about this. Maybe they’ll give me something to help me get all that excess fluid out of my body more efficiently at my next visit? Apparently my urination increase hasn’t helped much. Nickie….thanks for sharing. It’s working. I’m starting to feel better. I’ll make my husband place the scale some place where I can’t find it lol
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I know it's hard, but try not to worry too much.  I am the same as you I am usually very active and thin when I am not pregnant.  Even now pregnant I still I track what I eat on MH with the food tracker, and track my exercise (even when I know I make bad food choices).  I have gain 20 pounds too and I am only three weeks ahead of you.  I gained 8 pounds in one month at one visit...lol.  It is hard to watch the scale creep up and up.  
You are almost 6 months along and you can gain up to 35 pounds and still be in the "heathy" recommended weight gain... you still have 15 to go :)  Enjoy your tootsies, and try to eat lots of small healthy meals, and maybe try a few slow refreshing short walks during the week.  I have a treadmill, so that is nice because if I start to feel bad I can hop off and rest.  That may help slow the weight gain a little, and it's good for your circulation.  It may even help your energy some.
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I think working out even helps with the excess water issue.  I just don’t know why I feel like I don’t really get any benefits from walking anymore. I know this happens to you too. But, I’ll do it, for maybe 30 minutes every other day or so. Geez….I’m so not used to this body lol.
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I know how you feel sometimes when I walk I think it's pointless because compared to what I am used to it doesn't feel like I am doing anything, especially with the scale going up.  But, it really does help us and keep the babies healthy too.  It's good to keep some form of physical activity routine also.  I always read about the affects of moms not gaining enough weight on the babies.  That seems to help me calm down a little about the weight gain and put me back into prospective that it's what's best for the little man.  You think tootsie rolls are bad, I have a mcdonalds practically accross the street from my house.  Luckily, I am not a fan of fast food but I am in love with dessert.  So, I make hot fudge sundae runs LOL or an oreo mcflurry on a regular basis.  I will be lucky if I only gain 35 pounds by the end haha.
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Well my dear I’ll have to start reading on low weight gain next time I feel hopeless lol. Stop talking about food you’re making me want to eat LOL.

I will give it a try at walking tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t have those horrible headaches. Can you believe my headaches are making me see things closer than they really are? Like an illusion kindda? I could easily fall off the stairs seeing things like that. It’s just so confusing as to why I’m having these horrible migraines EVERY SINGLE DAY! Ugh..I'm a mess in a dress lol
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lol you are not alone.... and I can't stop thinking of the sundaes you are going down with me haha!!!
Maybe the migraines are from all of the extra blood us pregger ladies have.  Peoples bodies react differently to pregnancy.  Be careful.... that is really scary that you see things or maybe can't see?  I have heard of that like seeing a flash like when you get your pic taken?  What does your doc say about them?  I wouldn't want to walk either, but maybe after some fresh air it will feel better.  Do you take tylenol?
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Well my doctor prescribed headache pills and they do work. I just refuse to take meds unless it is absolutely necessary. Thing is, I let these headaches go on for over 12 hours usually, and that’s when the illusions or whatever they are happen. It happened to me for the first time four days ago and is still happening so I will definitely talk to my doctor about this. I agree, it is scary.

*sigh* I liked to work out so, so much. I was a maniac!!!! And to see myself like this, so ‘couch-potato-like’  and with such lack of energy is really depressing you know.  I want to get a treadmill or stationary bike. It is getting high up in the upper 90’s here in Fl, which really doesn’t help with the headache issue lol.  We have transitioned from winter to summer in a blink of an eye….no spring here this year. It is HOT!!!! But I know I HAVE to work out. So I will give it a try tomorrow. I’ll tell ya how that goes lol.
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I just went to the Dr on Thursday and found out I gained 9lbs in 4wks!! I was shocked. I didn't gain anything first 13wks then at 17wks I had gained 10lbs so I didn't think that was too bad. Now I'm thinking I've gained to much weight to fast. I don't watch what I eat but I don't eat junk either lots of fruit and veggies that I snack on all day long I am always hungry. I never feel full for long.  

Everyone keeps telling me I'm on track for the 30-35lbs that your suppose to gain. That's if I don't gain more than a pound a week from now on. I don't like working out but guess I should now.
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Hon what is your overall weight gain again??
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More than likely the extra weight is from the swelling.  I doubt 5-7 tootsie rolls are gonna make you gain that much weight unless you are eating the giant tootsie rolls.  
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when i was preg with my son 6 years i gained 60 lbs total...i could not believe it...i went from 110 to 170 (the day before my water broke)...i was retaining water pretty bad so that was a good portion of my weight....i did not have diabetes and he was born healthy...i think your weight gain seems fine for total...im currently almost 20 weeks and have gained 13 lbs....i know tomorrow when i get weighed that number is going to go but as my doc says weight gain is a good sign...shows the baby is growing

i dont think the tootsies are doing it...i think its the swelling thats causing the weight gain
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I agree with you guys. I have cankles!!! My face gets swollen every morning, and my fingers, feet and ankles. I just look so different. I was at 126 lbs before getting pg. Now I'm at 146. I just think that the only reason I've gained this much weight in such short period of time (9 days since my last visit) is due to water retention. I honestly don't look 20 lbs heavier!!! I was starting to freak because I'm too short (only 5'3) to be sooooo heavy at just 25 weeks into my pregnancy. Then I looked up a pregnancy weight gain calculator and it said I was on the high side. I guess I shouldn't have even looked at that yesterday because online tools do not take into account many things, like excess water.

I don't eat the giant tootsies.  I eat the regular, small ones. Gosh I swear I ant one right now LOL
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I worry too about the weight gain.... I gained 9 lbs in 4 weeks as well - and I am not real happy to go to my Wednesday appointment to see how much more I have gained. I am up 18lbs total for the pregnancy(29weeks) and I am 5'6 - I only gained 6lbs total by the time I was 22 weeks..... but I am thinking... when can you eat what you enjoy, gain the weight and have a real reason to blame - so I am going to try to have that attitude when I get on the scale again... yes, I am nervous for another 9lb month - but hopefully it will have slowed a bit since the weather turned warm and food does not seem as yummy!  I know that in the next 6 weeks or so I will put a lot on - I am trying to stay below the 30lb mark... I do not understand how people only gain 15lbs - I do not eat more than I did before I was pregnant - and I am not eating high fat stuff either... I am hoping it is just because I am drinking fluids like a fish!  BTW a tootsie roll sounds really good right now!
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I am getting hungry again... I like the flavored tootsies especially the cherry yumm! LOL
I went to the doc today for the past month and half I have been gaining the pound a week recommended.  So, I am hoping I will be at 35 pounds or below when I deliver doc doesn't seem concerned at all 28/29 weeks at 21 pounds total.  I have gained 2 pounds since my visit 2 weeks ago.  I am 5'5.... enjoy yourself :)
Also, it's not like you are gaining fat it's all water, blood, boobs, placenta, uterus and baby !  I have seen your pictures PK you look beautiful, even though I know from conversations you are having a rough time with your pregnancy it doesn't show.  You look happy and gorgeous!
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I have gained a total of 19 lbs in the last 11 weeks.
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It is more than likely a lot of water weight if you are having swelling! some of it might be legitimate weight gain, but mostly water retention! also tootsie rolls are one of the healthier candies (if you can call candy healthy) they have no fat in them and are relatively low in calories! not a bad way to go if you want somethign sweet other than fruit! i always lose weight in the beggining of my pregnancies (this one I started over weight) so I never worry about gaining unless it start coming all at once! good luck and I don't think it's all you, blame that dar ned water!
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Thank you all for your input. I appreciate it so much.

Heather....awww thanks hon :-)

Brittny....I guess I shouldn't feel so bad then since I'm not the only one who has gained 19/20 lbs :-)

rebekah...I didn't know tootsies were healthier. I'm thankful I'm craving that then :-)

Melka......you are fine, and shouldn't worry about a thing. Your weight gain is perfectly normal. See, my total weight gain is 20 lbs and I'm not 29 weeks pg but 25!!. I'm so jealous lol...
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my weight gain total went up to 20 lbs...so 1 lb per week...doc says its ok still so im not too worried about it

i blame it on the yummy ice cream cake DF got me for mothers day :)
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Seems like we've all gained 20 lbs this week LOL
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