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Weight advice needed

Hi guys, so today I found out I am expecting. I am nearly 5 weeks, but I was previously told at the beginning of this year that I may not be able to conceive. I let myself really go, and now I am grossly over - weight. I obviously want what is best for me, and my baby, amd I really don't want to gain much more than what I already carry as that would be harmful. Is it possible to stick to a healthy diet, and do some low exercise to try keep my weight down while keeping my baby as healthy as I can possibly do so? If I could have just predicted the future, I would have kicked my butt into gear ages ago!
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I've eaten how I normally do throughout my pregnancy and I'll be honest I'm not very healthy. I've not really had increased hunger but I've tried my best to eat. I'm 22 weeks 6 days and ive only put on 2 kg. I also had pretty bad morning sickness and only ate toast for a while.  I'm sure if you talk to your doctor about it they'll let you know the healthiest option for you and your baby.
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Thank you! So far, while I haven't been sick per-se, I have only been able to hold down avocado on toast as everything else just doesn't feel okay once it touches my tongue. I'm not a massive easter, I'm just a crappy eater haha, and after hearing horrible news at the beginning of the year I felt like I had let my partner down, even though he was 100% the modt supportive person through the whole ordeal. Being my first, I'm just scared.
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Honestly you can even lose weight during a pregnancy if it's done in a very healthy and proper way, daily walks eating extremely healthy and taking your vitamins. Talk to your doctor about it. My mom lost weight when she was pregnant with both my brother and I because she was eating so much healthier she went full on vegetarian with soy, tofu and beans for protein. Crazy thing is I've also turned to vegetarianism many times :) (I became anemic because of it though lol I hate soy and tofu so I really wasn't getting enough nutrients )
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It is very possible. Walking and swimming are great exercises while pregnant. Yoga is great. Dancing is fantastic. Not only does exercise help you keep your weight in check, it also helps you in labor and delivery.
Eating a balanced diet is also key. Try eating smaller meals through out the day. It helps with morning sickness and heart burn, as well. You can get a ton of ideas from Pinterest.  Grilled and roasted lean meats are great. High fiber foods are excellent. Keep mostly with veggies and fruit. Your doctor can link you up with a nutritionist if you need additional help.
Don't deprive your self. Give your self treats for those cravings, but keep moderation in mind.
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As a general rule heavier ladies aren't supposed to gain much weight during pregnancy anyway. And maybe the weight you put on is helping your body's ability to have a baby? Naturally women are supposed to be larger than society wants us to be for child bearing purposes. It helps our bodies house a baby and deliver them. Can you imagine being about 90 pounds and having a baby? Ouch! No thanks.
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Its ok to lose weight while pregnant, but it's just difficult because you don't want to lose too much too quickly. It's best to start in the beginning though because the baby isn't gaining much weight itself yet. I'm 32 weeks and I've only gained 4 pounds so far because I've personally lost weight while the baby was gaining. I would ask your doctor for some tips though and any limits, like how much you can lose in a week or so without it being dangerous. Good luck!
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I am really greatful for all this amazing advice! I already walk to work most days, but otherwise I'm really lazy, and even though I work in a fruit and veg shop, I kind of suck at the whole thing. I was contemplating Yoga as well, so now I think I'll go for it. Thank you all for being so positive and helpful!
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@madianne92, my only issue is that I am overweight. Not just a little bit, I put on so much I am now classified as obese. Which scares me a bit. But I don't mind gaining a little bit, so long as I can keep everything else down and make sure I give my baby the best start I possibly can.
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Being overweight myself, my doctor told me that it is OK to maintain your weight..even lose a little as long as baby is growing. Just make sure you are getting enough nutrition to support your growing baby! Talk to your doctor if you need more specific guidelines.
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Thank you so much again. It gives me a lot of confidence in this that everyone has been so lovely!
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Hi guys, sorry to be really annoying but I didn't want to clog up the feed by posting another thread. When I went and seen the Dr, he didn't like me saying I had some cramps and he mentioned that the baby may be in the tube. I have had pinching on my left hand side, but only when I'm lying down, or need to badly go to the toilet, and even then it isnt painful it's just really annoying. I'm obviously still panicking, my scan isn't till Monday and after the hard road we've endured I'm nervous something is wrong. Should I just go to the hospital? Or is it normal to feel occasional pinching? Thanks again guys!
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