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Weight and Pregnancy


I have a couple of questions.  My husband and I are ready to start trying for a family and I have tried to get an appointment with local doctors for a consultation to pick the one that we like best.  Most aren't available until I become pregnant.  I am overweight.  I am about 5'-6" and weigh about 240 lbs.  I also have elevated blood pressure and take 25mg of Toprol XL per day to control it (It still runs around 130/88 on a regaular basis).  Besides these two things, I have no other health problems.  I have started exercising on a regular basis, take a prenatal vitamin and watch what I eat (no more processed foods, lots of fruits and veggies, etc..)
My questions are:
1.  Can my husband and I go ahead and start trying for a family?
2.  Do I need to change blood pressure medication?
3.  I had read somewhere that preeclampsia runs in the family.  My mother and sister both had it with one of their children (they were average weight with no previous blood pressure problems).  Does that mean that I will probably get it also?  Is there anything that I can do to try and avoid it?  
4.  My sister also had placenta previa, her and the baby almost died when her waters were broke.  Does that run in the family and should I be worried about it?

Thanks for any help you can give!

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I suggest you wait to be seen before beginning attempts to conceive, but if not, you are doing all the right things for now.  

Regarding your questions.  You will likely be switched from toprol and put on Labetalol in pregnancy.  Both are beta blockers, but Labetalol has a better safety track record in pregnancy and thus more commonly used.

From what you have told me you will be at an increased risk for pre-eclampsia because of your weight, family history (it probably runs in families due to the same reasons a persons hypertension runs in a family), and history of hypertension.   If you are over 35 that too is a risk factor.  

There is not much you can do to prevent it.  Regular and early prenatal care is the best thing you can do.

And lastly, placent previa is not a heritable condition.

Thank you for your questions.

Good luck and best regards,

Dr. Downing  
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Hello I'm 42yr's old and trying to have anyother baby,  but i feel that my blood pressure is stoping me and of course my age.  I'm on Methyldopa 250mg and 4 times a day and my pressure is still running 170/103 . I'm scared but it does run in the family, my Dr. just said to keep taking the med's 4times a day . Will i ever get pregant again with this HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.
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