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Weight loss..

I'm so scared that I'm not going to go back down to the size I was before I got pregnant. I'm almost 33 weeks and have gained 6 pounds. I know a lot of people have trouble getting the weight off. How many moms had problems getting their weight back down and what did you do to get it down? Just wondering is all, because I really just want to go back to normal after I have bubs.
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Your doing good believe me those 6lbs will be off in no time more than. Likely. As soon as you have the baby.  Consider yourself lucky I have gained 13 lbs an im 19 weeks
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I sure hope so!! I was pretty big before I got pregnant so I've been more worried about what I eat. I don't think you're doing bad at all!
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Ha. I'm 38 weeks and have gained 30 lbs. That 6 lbs wont be nothing.
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Do you plan on bfing?? I gained 36lbs during my pregnancy and had lost 18lbs at 12 days after delivery and I'm bfing and I think that has a lot to do with it!
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I'm wanting to try to for at least the first 6 months
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I'll probably be around that by that time, lol. I'm kind of hoping not, but I have a feeling I will be
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With my daughter I gained over 50 lbs and was stuck at the 15 lb until my pre pregnancy weight for probably a year. Everyone is different. And now im pregnant again.
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That's something I'm really scared of, honestly. I just really don't want to get "stuck" at a weight and not be happy with the way I look afterwards. Also congratulations on your second baby!! :) When are you due?
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I was also very big so I just plan on continuing what im doin which is eating healthy and working out bit only of course alot more since I only work out sometime I dont have the energy all the time
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Working out and eating right will get you there hun I gained about 40 with my son ended up at 180 was 160 before I got out of the hospital. I got super lazy and didnt watch what I was eating and I was staring at the scale and was 199! I'm only 4'11! I started eating right running lifting weights and I went all the way down to 135lbs in 6 months. My body fat was only 18% so I was tiny but muscular. Now I'm 27 weeks pregnant and have gained 13lbs and as soon as they tell me my 6 weeks are up and I can workout I'm getting my butt up and running! Until then I'll be taking super long walks and eating no bad stuff just healthy stuff because I do not plan on making the same mistake twice!
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Thanks. My due date is June 13th and I am 9w4d. We are thinking I am farther though since I have felt movement above my belly button and my husband saw my stomach move. And yeah being stuck really ***** but so far my weight has stayed within 5 lbs of what I was.
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