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Weird Period...Could I be pregnant?

I am on birth control, but missed a couple of pills this time. On Saturday, the day I finished my pack of pills I started getting really bad cramps. My period was due the following Wednesday/Thursday. On Sunday morning, I started to bleed lightly (a very light red/pink color). I barely needed a pad. Later on it turned a brownish color. On Monday it was still brown and by the afternoon, it had stopped. Here it is Thursday, and my period is supposed to have started but it hasn't. I have really bad cramps still. My other symptoms are going to the bathroom frequently, mood swings, and being tired a lot.

I had unprotected sex on October 27th, but he pulled out. Could I be pregnant and the brown discharge was implantation bleeding? Or is my period messed up from missing a couple of pills? I've missed pills before, but my period was still regular.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?
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Could be either! I would test if I were you. Sorry I haven't experienced that, but good luck! I hope all goes well and it turns out how you want it to! :)
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I'm not to sure on this one. I would say though since you're due to start to take a test, it should show by now!! Especially if you had sex on the 27th of October. You would be about 5 weeks. Good Luck!!
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yeah it could be either, but either way if he pulls out you can stillget pragnet,becuase of the pre-com!and that pre-com is just enough to get you pragnet,i was told this by an "RN"..but then agian it could just be cuz you missed some pills.....but if i was you i would take a test just to make sure!
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hun we are probably going through the same damn thing i was started spotting on october 22nd,my period was due the 26th...never came,it's november 17th now still no period but,the moodyness is here,and im sleeping twice as much as i was before i took a test about 2 or 3 weeks ago...negative and one yesterday i should have done it in the morning tho i did it in the afternoon,but it was negative also, i say take a test if you dont get your period soon enough and you are getting negative after negative go get a blood test!
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I took a pregnancy test on Thursday night (Nov 15th) and it looked negative at first, but then it kind of looked like there was a second line but it was faint. Then about 2 hours after that I went to the washroom and there was a tiny bit of blood. So I put on a pad but when I got up in the morning there was nothing. I still have the cramps but I have no idea what is going on.
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i said when you can go see a doctor and ask them about this, I made the mistake of going to the hospital and waiting for 5 hours..then i just left and the second line on the test could be a faint positive ,take another one later on! good luck
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I need help as well. I spotted brown three days ago now im having very light bleeding. But my period isnt due till 9/22. Please help
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