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Weird feeling of multiples lol

I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but I have this odd feeling of having twins. My whole pregnancy with Colton I told everyone it would be so funny if I got pregnant a few months after Colton was born and ended up habing twins. It took me months of fertility meds to get pregnant with Colton and bam 3 months after his birth I'm pregnant again. My symptoms with this pregnancy are much more pronounced then with either of my first two boys. I want to sleep all day nausea much earlier and my breasts hurt much worse. I just have this feeling!!!!! I know it sounds weird buy the feeling Is so real! I go to myob today and he will do an us so hopefully I will find out something today!!!! I'm so scared
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I hope you get the ultrasound but maybe its a girl!
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My morning sickness has been so bad I have a feeling I might be having twins as well but I am a first time mother so idk if mine is as bad as I think it is but I am sick 24 hours a day! Good luck and keep us updated! I won't have an us until the 23rd of this month
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I'm not trying to discourage you or anything. Try not to read to much into that "feeling". I had the same one with this pregnancy. I felt so strongly there was more then one. My symptoms came on faster and harsher then ever before. I even got my very dark positive test back extremely early(7days post ovulation). First doctors appt my levels were even higher then normal. I was even having dreams of twins. I am also a fraternal twin. My second doctor appt I was given an ultrasound and there was just one healthy baby. By far this is the weirdest pregnancy I've had. I still had the feeling of twins my second ultrasound at 13weeks but still just one baby. I have heard from others they had the same thing happen. I almost wonder if its the hormones.
I even asked my mom if she knew with me and my sister that she was having twins. She had told me she did not know it was a complete shock. Her hcg levels were never to much higher then normal, she did not have morning sickness at all, she actually said she felt pretty good while pregnant. My cousin also had twins and I had asked her. Hers was also complete shock.

update on what you find out and best of luck!
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I know it's def crazy just I'm scared ya know with having colton 3 months a go it scares me
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I went for my appt but no ultrasound yet. I'm 5weeks 3 days! I go in 2 weeks for an ultrasound!!!!
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2 weeks of waiting!!! i had a suspicion i was having twins after a dream i had....that was crazy....i was 8 weeks along and called my friend brandi with twins and decided to try to pull out my doppler and see if i could pick anything up....sure enough, brandi swore she heard 2 hbs and sure enough u/s confirmed 2 babies

a mothers instincts just have a way of knowing....keep me posted :)
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I will!!!! For sure! I'm nervous and can't wait to have my ultrasound! I am 5 weeks3 days now so I will be over 7 weeks then!
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