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What I did different to get pregnant!

I've seen a lot of questions lately on, "What did you do different?" or "How did you get pregnant?" First, for the record, we were not intentionally trying for a baby at this time.

1). Sometimes when you stop trying it will happen! This is what happened my previous pregnancy and this one.

2). I was doing intense exercise to lose weight! I lost 8 lbs in January and at the beginning of February (when I most likely ovulated and conceived) my weight wouldn't budge. LOSING WEIGHT CAN HELP OVERWEIGHT WOMEN CONCEIVE! Even as little as 10 lbs can help.

3). I started drinking MORE water and ONLY water. I didn't really drink anything else before, but I increased how much I drank. I literally drink water all day long.

4). AVOCADOS! I ate an avocado a week. These are a high fatty food but it is GOOD fat. Also, this fruit is delicious in many ways. Add some slices to a sandwich or salad, make some guacamole and dip veggies in it!

Foods that are rich in HEALTHY fats, and that can be eaten regularly to increase your chances of getting pregnant are:

Olives and olive oil
Coconut and coconut oil
Fresh, unroasted nuts and seeds (about a handful per day)
Healthy fish
Organic eggs

5). I started taking FOLIC ACID SUPPLEMENTS! Taken from a website: Folate - Folic acid is a must when trying to get pregnant.  It reduces the risk of birth defects and increases chances for conception.

And here is the website that I gleaned a lot of information from. EXERCISE and NUTRITION ARE CRUCIAL! You can't be lazy with it- you have to make a conscious effort to change. More fruits and veggies, more healthy fats, whole grains; it is so very easy!

www.  beginnerbaby.  com/  improve-fertility.php    (take out spaces)
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Funny you mention eating foods rich in healthy oils, which are mainly Omega 3 oils.  

When I conceived that's the only thing I did different other than have sex around O.  I started taking one Omega 3 capsule a day which is fish oil, also found in eggs, avocadoes, nuts, olive oil, etc.  I still take it every day and I've had a great pregnancy so far.

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Great contribution! I just started taking Omega 3 capsule last night. My doc's office gave me a bunch of prenatal vitamin samples and they each came with an Omega 3 capsule as well.
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If they gave you those, take them everyday, I think its a great supplement and it does wonders for your hair and skin!!
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LOL thanks!!! now i've got a massive craving for acacado with prawn salad in it and i just did my shopping today. i'll be shopping again tomorrow now lol
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Thanks ladies! I think I'm gonna go buy some more supplaments (fish oil) and try those, I'm already taking prenatals and folic acid..... now it's a waiting game.

yesterday morning my OPK had a faint line (not positive I know) but last night it had NO line whatsoever..... I wonder if the first test caught the tail end of my ovulation cycle.....hmmmm.
I had used preseed tho, so fingers crossed!
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Although I am not currently TTC I will keep that in mind...

Martikadragoon.... Good Luck and fingers crossed!
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"Folate - Folic acid is a must when trying to get pregnant.  It reduces the risk of birth defects and increases chances for conception."

Many doctors are now recommending that a women who wants to TTC start taking folic acid for 3 months beforehand!
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Go ahead with your pregger self!  I love Avocados!!!!!!!!!!  That's all I ate this summer before I even knew I was preggers...it's like my body knew what my little baby needed.  Much love and hugs!
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Well i have done the weight loss part almost 15 lbs now i guess i need avacados lol!! i dont like them but i dont hate them either maybe i can try to eat some! Do peanuts count? its like the only kind of nuts i cant eat without a bad reaction to them!! My step mom takes fish oil for her heart i never thought to take it to try to help conceive maybe i will get some too!!
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Humm I didn't know about the avacados I was eating about two a week when I got pregnant.
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Thanks for posting this Joy.  It's always encouraging to hear other people's experiences.  Hope you're doing well!  :)
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I think the exercise part is really helpful both times that i have gotten pregnant all i did differnt was work out like 4 times a week i didnt really lose any weight because i dont have much to lose but i think it was the trick!! i'll will be working out all month for sure!!
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Joy gave me the advice about avocados and so I started eating at least 1 a week and then I got pregnant. Thanks again Joy!!!
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Ok i had not heard about fish oil so i had to look online see what it said i found these articles:
http:// www.my-fertility.com/infertility/ does_omega_3_help_you_conceive.html
http:// www.bellaonline.com /articles/ art43609.asp
I also found a site for special fish oil for mommys to be and those TTC!!
http: // www.babyhopes.com/products/ mommy-bliss-omega3-dha-plus-fish-oil.html
I probably order online but im definetly gonna get some at the store next time i can!!
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gokuangel- peanuts are really fatty. Almonds or walnuts are the best nuts to eat, unless there's some exotic nut that I'm not aware of that is good too. I do not eat avocados plain- I love to add them to sandwiches, tacos, burgers... just about anything!

Tasia- I totally forgot I said anything about avocados!

I read a really interesting article about the fruit. If you notice the shape of an avocado, it resembles a womb. It is as if God purposefully made the fruit for our fertility. I wonder if pears hold the same reputation! Worth looking into!
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I was also exercising intensely when I got pregnant, we weren't trying either, I was actually trying to lose weight! Oh well, I got a better present than being skinny :]
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OH man i guess just fish oil for me then lol!! almonds walnuts and pecan ALL scratch my throat so i just stay away from them!!
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You might have a slight/mild allergy to them, then. BUMMER! But the fish oil will be good. There's a specific one you should get. They put a special coating on it so it doesn't stink like fish or make you stink like fish. I can't remember the word because it is funky. I'll go see if I still have my fish oil bottle.
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Okay- you want to get Enteric Coated Omega 3 Fish Oil (1000mg). You take three a day. And these pills are really long and skinny.
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ok i got it wrote down lol!! Yes i remember my step mom mentioning that she said she has to get one called no burp formula to keep from burping fish out which is really yucky lol!!
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Yuck! These ones have a really sweet taste/smell to them. Almost a plastic smell. Maybe that is what Enteric is? I don't know! But it beats stinking like fish.
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ok so more questions plz? the site i found says take fish oil and reduce carbs because you need to reduce your insulin so what can i do to do that? i know chips need to take out even 100 cal packs im trying to read also potatoes seem to be bad and cereals!! Yikes LOL!! What else yall think?
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Well you can't cut out all carbs. You need carbs for energy. Did it say how many grams of carbs you should consume? I think if you stay in your healthy consumption (based on your sp food tracker) then you don't need to worry about your 100 Calorie packs, cereal, etc.
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right i read that was dangerous! i dont think it said exact i wonder if there is any way to know for certain if your insulin level is up or down would that be like testing your blood sugar or something? I guess i need to track again if its that important!! it sooo hard to keep track of everything i just made up my mind to choose calories over anything else it seemed like you HAD to pick one of them or go nuts trying!! I'm almost to my goal weight now so maybe i can do it!!
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