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What are you looking forward to? (Lets lift the mood)

Just wondering ... once baby is born, what is it youre most looking forward to? (that you maybe couldn't have during pregnancy) Put as many or as few as you wish...

Mine are: (no specific order)

1.A comfortable lie down!
2. Meeting my newborn little boy and seeing how my little girl reacts to him!
3. A glass of red wine! Or malibu and coke
4. Maybe a cigarette (I quit both pregnancies and at least If I have one after baby's born I have nothing to feel bad about :) )
5. Eating Pate!
6. Chocolate cake! (gestational diabetic, haven't been allowed sugar)
7. Testing out my double buggy!
8, Having no bump/ feeling comfortable again.
9. Not peeing 100000 times a day.
10. Not having to test my blood sugars 4 times a day (gestational diabetes)
11, The smell of a newborn <3
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1. Sushi!
2. A rum and coke
3. Seeing my baby boy and seeing if he has my family's asian characteristics
4. Being able to eat a decent meal without being nauseated
5. Laying on my stomach
6. Having an actual purpose in life
7. Knowing that there is one person in the world who will always depend on me and love me
8. A friggin cigarette(I'm literally dying over here)
9. Having a normal poo
10. Not being so dang moody, horny, emotional, crabby.
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1. Meeting my little one!
2. A glass of Wine
3. A cig, possibly. I quit, but been craving one.. dont really want to start up again.
4. Lobster/Crab/ Seafood ( I moved to Alaska, and havent had the famous Alaskian Fish yet. :(
5. Enjoy being a mom for the first time! As my pregnancy goes farther, I am sure I will mention a few more lol. but so far, everythings been good.
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1)holding my little girl
2) being able to see my stomach tattoo
3) a glass of any kind of alcoholic drink
4) some coffee!
5) just raising a child
6)no constipation
7)no back aches
8) no shortness of breath
9) not turning into a crazy witch when something doesn't go my way
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1. Sleeping on my stomach comfortably!
2. Seeing what she looks like and holding her! :)
3. Poached eggs
4. Being able to work more than 4 hours (doctors orders)
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@acline93 - I forgot about Sushi... mm I miss it! And hey you do have a purpose in life, You're already a mummy.! I bet your baby will be super cute! I wonder if my little boy will have curly hair, like my daughter has from her daddy!

@ashkevin13 - I don't wanna start again either but after I quit when pregnant with my daughter, I never went back properly, I was able to become a social smoker which was great. You're so busy with a baby anyway to smoke like you used to.. Plus I didn't want her breathing smoke off of me so it would be my treat once she was in bed or my other half came home from work!

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Finding out if baby girl or boy and cuddling newborn and also fitting bk into my jeans :-)
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1. Seeing my baby girl, and my son's reaction to her
2. Sleeping on my stomach
3. Having a lap again
4. Being able to get comfortable at night again
5. Taking care of a newborn again, and seeing my son help with her
6. Not having to drive an hour away for my appt. every week
7. Not crying over food anymore
8. Getting back into shape and getting my body back!
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Plus seeing how my baby girl reacts to newborn :-)
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1. Seeing my newborn baby boy:-)
2. Going back to work and having a decent income
3. Getting back in shape
4. Getting out the house and meeting new people
5. Not being so emotional
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Having my body back,a cigarette, alcohol:), laying on my tummy, no back aches, no more maternity jeans lol. Seeing my belly tattoo,, getting more tattoos, piercings, and getting to celebrate my 18th birthday since i am pregnant i couldn't celebrate:/ and seeing my little man if he has his daddies Asian looks or my Indian looks:)
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1. seeing my daughter for the first time
2. Coffee
3. No more heartburn
4. Being able to get up from anywhere in less than 60 seconds
5. Being comfortable
6. Having energy
7. Being able to exercise intensively
8. No more feeling like a beached whale
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1.being able to lose baby weight
2.having a sex life again (right now im high risk)
3.eating all the tuna I want
4.being able to get comfortable
5.being able to wear my favorite jeans
6.no heartburn
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