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What could be wrong?

My daughter is 35 weeks along.  At her last 2 check ups her measurement was the same, 29 cm, when they measure her belly bump.  They say the baby isn't growing.  If it's the same at next weeks visit they will do an ultrasound.  Any ideas about this situation?  I thought  ....  why didn't they do an ultrasound then if they think there is a problem. Why make her wait a week and be anxious if everthing is OK
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Yeah I think she should insist to go in today and not wait! If the cord or placenta has a problem then days matter for the life of the baby!!! That is definetly not a good thing!
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I definitely think they should be doing an ultrasound to note the baby's measurements. She could have intrauterine growth restriction which means the baby will stop growing as it should. If a woman has IUGR then the baby is delivered early to prevent any damage to the baby.
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Are you feeling the baby kick and move around?  I'd say to ask for an ultrasound now.
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My daughter went through the exact same thing when she was around 35 weeks.  She kept measuring the same and at one point, the measurement fell behind about 2 weeks.  I believe they wait a couple of weeks to check because if the baby has dropped at all, those measurements wouldn't necessarily increase.  They sent her for a non stress test and ultrasound around week 38 and everything was just fine.  She had plenty of fluid, the baby supposedly measure around 8 pounds and the NST turned out perfect.  They induced her one day before she was due and she delivered a healthy baby girl (albeit, about 2 pounds lighter than the scan showed).

If your daughter's measurements have not changed after 2 weeks, then an NST and ultrasound are in order to make sure her fluid levels are good, etc.  Let us know how it goes.
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If your still feeling the baby kick and move, try not to panic too much.
The baby supposedly measuring the same size as your stomach isnt exactly the most accurate way to know if the baby is ok
For example, ladies who are larger in size will have bigger stomachs and those with twins also, and women who are smaller in size and have small bumps measure up smaller than their estimate pregnancy week.

If you are worried, insist on a scan now though for piece of mind.
Hope all is well with your pregnancy

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I was told the same thing at my 30 weeks check up. I was feeling regular movements though. They did ultrasound on 32 weeks and baby was measuring only 30w 3d. But my fluid level and blood flow were good. So my OB only asked to increase the nutrition and protein intake. She said it can happen and usually babies will catch up. Later on my 34 weeks check up she did an NST and it was good. So she said no need to worry and try to eat as much as possible... i feel if you are feeling adequate movements daily, then you should be fine. But definitely do and US to check fluid levels.
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Im just 36 weeks now,i had antenal last week and baby is measuring 30cms,which is perfectly fine,good size baby.i think each practional has different ideas.also it depends on the persons size to begin with,if she has movements then im sure she is fine.im sure the scan will show everything is great.
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Thanks for all the feedback. :-)  I really appreciate it.
I spoke with my daughter this afternoon to convey your words of warning.  She is still feeling the baby move. :-)   He is very active at times and then he's still for awhile.
It's been a long time since I was pregnant.  How long  ... is too long for not feeling movement.  I know everyone's pregnancy is different and babies move differently each day.  So when do you panic and call the doctor?  5 hours of no movement or 7  or is 2 hours too long ?  Would she feel pain if there was growth restriction?
Her next appointment is Tuesday morning and she's going to insist on an ultrasound if her measurment is still the same.
What is a non stress test?  
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Well I would say a biophysical profile which checks fluid level, breathing, body movment, arm leg movment, and one other thing. It is more in depth the the none stress test which test the babies hert rate and see's if they are tolerating contractions is what they did with mine.

SHe would not have pain with IUGR and days can matter with the life of the baby!  If the baby is not growing as the poster said above she would have to deliver so the baby can grow. She is far enough along for there not to be problems unless he/she stays in there to long and developes problems from IUGR. I would nto wait till Tueesday as it would be her third week! She should cvall the dr on call and say she would feel batter coming to labor and delivery to get checked. Also as far as weight goes and us is not trust worthy enough at this stage for size. THey can be up to 5lbs off or more. If her belly is not growing then the baby is not growind or there is not enough fluid which posses a great risk.

OK now her eis what happened to me. I was early 30 weeks and my water had broke but I had not gone into labor yet. I stayed int he hospiatal for 3 days to hold off as long as possible as it was just a small leak actually. I got the fetal monitor put on every hour for 20 min and the day I had her I had just got it off, the nurse walked out of the room and I had this overwhelming feeling she was in distress. She had been moving some but then stopped. MInd you it was like only 5 min since they took it off. I called thenurse and said hook it back up and she would NOT come!!!! I was really feeling like time is not on our side and called my dr at his office, they called an imediate biophysical profile and saw the baby was not moving at all or really breathing, she got a 2 (2 for each thing) for fluid level which was weird my water being broke ( but fluid can replinsh to an extent) They took me straight to deliver and her heart rate went down I started to contract. They took me for an emergency c-section and had her out in 32 min from when the nurse left the room. That was before she would of come back to hook me up to the fetal monitor if I had waited she be dead! She was on a partial resperator since she was still little just for 10 1/2 hours. Then came home in 14 days!! She is perfect and here thanks to me listneing to my body. Tell your daughter to listen to her body!! It is OK for the baby not to move for like up to 40 min if she knows he is sleeeping that is. if he is tsill not moving then she is to lay on her left side and drink something like OJ to wake him up he shoudl move within 15-20 min and be kicking! I would not suggest caffine and just the juice as that is what the ob told me to do evn in the hospital. 4 hours is way to long to not move!!!!! She shoudl do kick tests every hour to make sure he is moving good and note arm/leg and body movments. If it deminishes at all that is casue for concern. If she feels the baby is still movnig good and not in imediate risk she can just play it by hour as to if she should go t olabor and delivery or not, but any doubt go and get checked! ALl mothers worry to an extent and my ob told me that when I stop saying "I don't know if it is just me and everything is ok" to " I'm starting to get scared" then that is the point that you listen to your insticts and push any ob and nurse to get what needs done done. Remember when in doubt don't wait! I hope she is OK and things work out and the baby comes safely and healthy
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You know they told me the same thing on my last 2 pregnancys. My last one NOTHING was wrong at all I was just really tiny. My other on my fluid was low. So she should get it check out just to make sure, but it doesnt mean sommething is def. wrong. Keep positive!!!!
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At 35 + weeks the babys movements will be less than before,due to not having as much room to move,and they do sleep more.at 36 weeks,i have most movements in the everning only same with my son.both perfectly healthy.as i said in another post to you im a week ahead and baby measures 30cm,each pregnancy is different no 2 are the same.im sure alls well,but yes speak with her doctor if she is worried.
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