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What do you let your kiddos eat and not eat?

Some of you may know I am a nanny and looking for a new family, so I had an interview with one family on Friday.  They were nice but there is no way I could do it!  They have a 4 year old and a 7 month old well their 4 year old is only allowed 1 hour of t.v. a WEEK... no sweets EVER (even special occasions) and he isn't allowed to eat anything non organic and he can't eat chips or pizza.  Is he 4 or 90?  I couldn't abide by that so I turned it down, he is a kid and needs to be able to be one.  Use this as an open forum...  What are your kids allowed to do and not do?  What are they allowed to eat or not eat?  I think it is an interesting topic because I know when I was a kid my brother and I could eat candy and cookies and watch t.v. all we wanted but never did.  We had to choice to if we wanted but never wanted too and we had a friend who was never allowed any candy or cookies and so when he would come over that is all he wanted because he was told "no" to it at home.  I think that if it is given in moderation that is much better than saying no completely because then they will go crazy when they can finally eat it or do it.  I just think its interesting... what do you let your kids eat and not?
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My kids are allowed to eat and drink just about anything and everything. Of course no Alcoholic beverages lol. They aren't allowed Soda's with caffiene, but they are allowed to split one non caffinated beverage a day. Absolutely no coffee caffinated or not. Candy is allowed only under strict supervision, as I have had my boys choke on candy before. I prefer sugar free candies, but nowadays everything has sugar in it, wether it is an additive or natural sugar. I do however water down certain juices for them, because it causes them to have severe diahrreah. I am however strict on what they do eat, because if I wasn't my boys wouldn't touch their veggies. They don't have to eat certain veggies that I know they won't stomach...like peas and potato salad. I do make them try new stuff atleast once, if they don't like it at that moment then I make them a different veggie.

They have to have a balanced diet, for all 3 meals. Snacks are only healthy ones, except on the weekends I allow the to splurge a little. They can have chips, and junk food, I just monitor how much they have of it.

Im only strict like this because I would like to install good healthy eating habits early, that way it will hopefully carry on to adulthood.

I however am not the type of parent that will eat something in front of their children, when I tell them they can't have it. We don't drink any caffiene in the house, except my morning coffee, that I drink before they wake up generally. If I say no ice cream, then that goes for me and hubby as well. I don't keep things in the house that only me and hubby can eat, everything that is in my house is allowed to be eaten by everyone including my kids.

My kids have never chosen chocolate pudding over fruit. They don't always want the candy and junk that most kids love to eat. They have their days when they want normal healthy food, and days when they want their sweets. They are able to willingly turn down any candy that they don't want. They know if they want something junky, they can usually have it, just in moderations.
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I also wanted to state, that my children are allowed to watch TV, BUT only if they participate in their 1 Hr session of educational stuff that I do with them, like reading, writing ect...They get to play video games, but only under mine or hubby's supervision. They can do pretty much as they please aslong as there are some educational benefits during the day. I do an hour of inhome preschool with my youngest son, and 2 hours (1 hr AM and 1 hr PM) with my oldest. We also do an hour of arts and crafts wether indoors or outdoors. Like today we went and collected fall leaves and made a beautiful collage.

My MIL sounds like the fmaily you had an interview with lol. She doesn't allow TV period in her house, just religious christian music that constantly plays on her radio. They don't get junk foods or meat products. No video games, no computer, no TV, AND they are not allowed to play with other children unless in daycare, or it they are related to family, her fear is that they will catch something. They aren't allowed to play with bugs at her house, which is sad, because both of my boys have ant farms, and have had jars of crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, and fireflys.

I like my kids to just be kids, aslong as they are learning something.
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Well, my kids get 2 hours of tv time a day, but I don't actually have tv cause I have never watched it myself, so we buy educational shows on dvd and they get 2 hours of that a day.  Listen to like oldie music to dance to cause their dancing feens...  LOL  

Now my food thing may sound strict but there is an ALLERGY note to it.  No candy, because every candy is made in a factory that peanuts are and my son is HIGHLY ALLERGIC TO THEM!  Ahaha...  No chips, no junk food.  The meals I make are highly colorful...  3 diff kind of vegies, one sort of meat, rice or noodles or potatoes...  

I also have a lot of allergies, so I usually make me the same food as them but minus orange, lemon, lime {im deathly allergic to those}  and no pop.  no alcohol or caffiene lol

I'm just like bts I don't keep anything in this house that they cant eat.  I do have a v-smile game system for them to play, and this learning computer game, but thats it.  they have tons of fun with legos and what not!
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Oh and I tried to feed my kids cake on their 1st birthdays and they refuse to eat sugar, so in my opinion it's great!  ahaha  
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We don't buy chips, pop, or sweets. In fact the couple of times we've let our oldest take a sip of pop at a restaurant she HATED it (yay). I once saw a 2 year old guzzling a 20 ounce of Pepsi and I was horrified. It's just not necessary.

I like to buy organic when I can afford it but I don't freak out if my kids eat pizza or ice cream. They rarely get sweets. They HAVE to eat the dinner set before them (I'm not a short-order cook). I don't believe in catering to a child's every whim and desire, especially when it comes to food.

They do get one cup of apple juice a day! I also make "Moo Moo Milk" as a sweet treat (it's a nickname I gave chocolate milk) every now and then.

I think the family you turned down is normal. They want what is best for their kids and their kids aren't missing out. I think the "No pizza" is a little extensive, though. There is healthy pizza you can make at home!
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Oh, and TV. My oldest is allowed to watch one movie a day but she loses it often because it's a privilege that she must earn by good behavior (they're not educational movies- they're Disney movies). They have better things to do. In fact, I keep the T.V. off allllll day long, until 7 PM (then hubby and I watch some shows).

I LOVE to have special days where we pop in a movie, make some popcorn, and all cuddle on the couch. Especially on stormy days. Otherwise we're homeschooling and doing crafts, going out on walks, etc.

The other day I put in Willy Wonka and broke out the Halloween candy and my daughter was absolutely glowing with pleasure. I also am guilty of putting in a movie so I can get work done around the house!
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Whoa, I just re-read some of my comments and I sound hoity-toity but honestly, it's the norm for my kids. They expect it and it's just their lifestyle. When I was growing up we ate everything on white bread and HATED wheat bread or any sort of nutty bread. But my kids have only had white bread once or twice and prefer wheat. I think when we instill healthy eating habits, it becomes natural for them. I grew up on junk because my mom was divorced and depressed and didn't cook for us.

I do cave in to my kids, too, on days that I'm stressed and tired. So don't think I'm trying to be Miss Perfect because I'm far from it!
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I do think that family she turned down sounded normal.  If she honestly couldn't adjust to that, she may be out of the norm!  In my opinion!  

Joy~ everything you said to me sounds on the norm!  I wait till after dinner for them to get their movie time because i love watching them run around all day and sing, dance, do everything crazy ish!  Plus they wind down after dinner with their movie, then bath, then story time and bed!!!

My dad was talking to me about how when I was little my brothers and sister and I didn't have boundaries, we did whatever, but I was the only one to not watch tv, eat candy, or anything un-healthy!  I chose on my own to not eat red meat and my dad always thought I was a little weird, not in a bad way though.  I did excell in school though, always had 4.0's played 3 sports at a time, and graduated at 16 with my brother who was 18.  He did not like that.  And went on the graduate from college by 21 with a bachelors degree.  Which no one else in my family did...  So I don't know.  If my son weren't allergic to peanuts I doubt I would change anything with the sweet, but he would definately be eating peanut butter LOL...
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I guess actually peanut butter is the one thing i buy my kids cant eat, uh well my daughter can eat it when my son is sleeping but i have to go on a cleaning frenzy afterwards so she gets is once a week, while he is sleeping.  but when he gets big enough it'll be kept above the fridge till he understands
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Joy, you totally saved yourself with that last post! My mouth dropped open as I was reading the first two, and then the last one made it all better :)

My son eats whatever I can get him to eat. It bothers me when people say that I should force my son to eat whatever I cook for him, or send him to bed hungry. Who sends their just turned 2-year-olds to bed hungry? He has food allergies, Apraxia (motor speech disorder..he physically cannot talk), and Sensory Integration Dysfunction...he is very sensitive to tastes and textures, so food is definitely an issue in our house. He also just recently began using a fork/spoon...he's not a pro yet, but we're getting there. The motor skills delay also ties into to his Apraxia/SID.

In the morning he eats Cheerios with soy milk (he's allergic to dairy), mini Eggo pancakes with sugar free syrup, a banana, or sometimes some powered mini donuts if he won't eat anything else. I won't send him to school without anything in his tummy.

At school he eats a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich (he's allergic to strawberries) cut up into little bites. He doesn't have the sense yet of how much he can bite or put into his mouth, so I have to cut everything up still or he chokes himself/spits everything out if he gets overwhelmed. He also gets Cheetos (the baked kind), Goldfish crackers, Cheerios, and Gerber fruit snacks. He does not eat all of this, but I send it in case he decides that he's hungry one day. He drinks 1/2 water-1/2 apple juice. I let him have several cups of this per day if he wants...but most of the time it's only 1-2. It's 100% juice and counts as a serving of fruit...plus I try to get as many calories in him as I can. He's only gained 2 lbs in the past 14 months (he's 26 months and wears size 18 months pants/shorts).

For dinner...ugh...dinner. Lately he opens the fridge and says "ga" which is short for "hot dog." He eats turkey dogs cut up into bites...and lately, it's the food of choice. He had some 100% natural Tyson chicken nuggets tonight. He also fed himself 1/2 a cup of apple sauce.

Why am I typing a diary of my son's eating habits? Maybe I'm using this to vent my frustrations. Feeding my son is extremely stressful. I no longer enjoy meals. My heart beats fast sitting next to him and looking at him out of the corner of my eye to see if he's going to put anything in his mouth. Restaurants are agonizing. We only order grilled cheese and fries when we're out because it's all that he'll pick at.

He doesn't eat candy because we don't eat candy. He's had chocolate and LOVED it...and if we have some in the house, I'll let him have a bite. He spits soda out...I think it's the fizz. We'll let him have some cool ranch Doritoes sometimes. He can have pizza in moderation because the cheese messes up his tummy. We rarely eat these things, so I guess that's why he does not. I do let him eat marshmallows sometimes...I guess those are like candy. I try to model good eating habits because I don't want him to battle with his weight as my husband and I do. I swear I've been on a diet since I was 8....
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Can your son eat almond butter? I've never had it...but I know it exists.

I wonder if an almond butter and jelly sandwich is good (?). I think the stuff is like $7 for a jar. Craziness...
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g8rgrl, LOL! Yeah, I thought I better amend what I said. SO MUCH can get lost in translation and I have a habit of not explaining the WHOLE situation. My kids are happy and get to do SO MUCH fun stuff. We make forts and do crafts, have picnics (inside and out), they get to pick lunch but not dinner, etc., etc. My oldest gets candy on Sunday if she behaves. Today I let her have a piece of gum. So I'm not the meanest mommy on the block! LOL!
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