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My LMP was on 2/22 I had a "normal" af. I have been on Bcp's since I had my son(7/25/08). This month(march) hubby and I were going to start TTC again, I had already taken 3 Bcp(3/1-3/2-3/3) and then stoped. About a week later(3/9) I had a breakthough bleed for about 4-5days. Now I am just trying to figure out when AF will be here, I know it may take a little bit for my cycle to reg., but I want to know will the breakthough bleed push back Af? Or could I still exp. it on the same day as normal??

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I don't know much about BC but I wish you luck on TTC!! It's exciting and I hope you get your BFP soon girl! =)
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AnyOne?? My next cycle should have on the 22nd which is 3days away. But with the breakthough bleed and not being BC, Im not thinking it will come. Should it? AnyOne? I was also testing with opks up intill last friday and at that point No Oing has happen. But this week I have been having noticable cramping, 1st one the left side and then on the right side for 2days off and on and then back on the left...I have no idea whats going on. Just trying to get an idea when AF will be here.......
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Im sorry I have no idea:( But I wanted to bump this up so maybe someone that knows about BC can help:)
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i think you should count the breakthrough bleeding as an af.. and count from there .. how many days is a normal cycle?  its too weird we are like on the same cycle...lol my was the 22nd of feb as well.. lol... but im waiting til after the wedding to start ttc.. i want a winter baby this time ... i already got my summer baby ; )  

or i would count 19 days sice the last time u guys had unprotected sex and test cus it should show up by then
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Thanks. Well, i have no idea what my "normal" cycle lengh is. On BC it was 28-30day cycle. I am just so lost, I hate not knowing. You know. I think I am going to count the breakthough and go from there. because I was using opk and did not O before that.
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My Dr. said she wanted me off bcp's because there were various tests reflecting Lupus counts, and I was experiencing some pretty awesome headaches (note the sarcasm).  She was afraid of clotting.  So, 12/08 was my last month on the pill.  I completed my pack and when I was done I started taking prenatal vitamins in place of the bc!!  My husband and I had decided to let it ride so to speak.  In any case, you need to give your body long enough to flush the bc out and start working on its own.  Bcp's trick your body, essentially. I also began taking my bbt every morning before I got up and I found that to be EXTREMELY helpful in recognizing when my body had kind of leveled out.  I had 2 months of very regular cycles, O at 14 days, etc. and then....

I could tell by my chart that I had ovulated 3 days early!  It's all in the timing but you have to let yourself recover from the synthetic hormones in bc- I was on it for 10 years and we conceived after my LMP 2/10- I am 5w3d.

Spotting/breakthough bleeding should not necessarily be considered as your period - especially if you only took 3 pills.  just give yourself a little time.  Believe me, I know it's hard.
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