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What does "immature chorionic villi with edema and focal stromal hemorrhage" mean?

I recently had another preterm labor and this time I managed to get my a copy of my pathology report and it mentioned that I had/have "Acute chorioamniotis, Immature Chorionic villi with edema and focal stromal hemorrhage" I just wish I knew what that meant...
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I agree that your doctor can give you the answer to your question and how it relates to your pregnancy.  On the surface, an inflamed placenta.  You didn't lose the baby did you with the preterm labor?  Explain more and we'll talk.  I'm sorry this is so stressful.  You are wise to try to understand your health and these reports but your doctor should give you better answers.  hugs
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No i didn't lose the baby but yes i did deliver early at 23 weeks. We have had two earlier losses at 2o and 21 but they never explained why or anything. It's frustrating to say the least I have tried talking to my obgyn doctors but they're not really telling me anything ...
Just googling the terms you posted,  it sounds like there was an infection in the placenta/amniotic sac around the baby.  How's your baby doing?
she's a fighter!!! she's doing well so far in the nicu!!! thank you!!! I had asked the doctors but they blow me off now I'm no longer pregnant so i go back to the non high risk obgyn. I had no idea!! thank you for the link as well!!
Ah, honey.  Yes, that's early.  I will tell you that my dear friend gave birth to TWINS at 23 weeks.  It was a long hall but they are both now 16 years old and fine.  Healthy as can be.  They have a few minor issues with one having dyslexia and another having dysgraphia. (one had issues reading and the other had issues with math compulations---  both are A students though).  My friend had another pregnancy after the twins and that baby delivered early as well but later than 23 weeks.   I agree to see a high risk doctor for future pregnancies.  Evaluate this issue they've told you about to maybe head off before it happens and perhaps the stitch they put in to help a pregnancy go longer would benefit you. Congrats on your baby girl!  Blessings to you both.
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Buddabelly,  this is really something for you to discuss with your doctor,  and he/she will have the pathology report and would be able to tell you the implications/treatments and outcomes.  You don't say how far along you are,  and whether delivering the baby at this point would be possible,  but you should get these answers from your doctor.  Best wishes.
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