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What does it feel like?

I know thats a silly question bc its different for every woman. But for those of you that have had an epidural, do you feel pain after you've had that? Or are you numb? Me and hubby aren't expecting....but a baby is in our future!
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When I had my epidural I couldn't feel the pain, but I could still feel the pressure from the baby when it came time to push.  It made my legs feel very heavy and warm.
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I had a spinal for my c-section and after they pulled out the baby I started to feel pain. Two shots of morphine and one shot of demerol later I wasn't in pain anymore.
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OH, but I didn't feel anything other than that. But I was out of it for quite a while, and I was pretty numb for a few hours. The spinal doesn't last as long as the epidural.
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i had an epidural and it was the best thing ever invented lol...it didnt even hurt going in because i was induced and my contractions were so strong so the little ***** was nothing when you have back pain.. i just felt a pressure.. i felt totally fine.. felt all the pressure down there...after i pushed my son out they took it out and an hour later i was walking...my legs felt like they were asleep a lil but not too bad and then within 2 hours i was back to normal...cause i had to go pee...so i had to walk but the nurse came and helped me incasei needed help.. she insisted i rang incase i needed help...if i were ever tpo have more and ever induced i would definately go back for the epi.. if i were to have a natural birth than i dont know..lol
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I don't think my epidoral was strong enough because it felt like fire torch being stuck up me when my son came out it hurt so bad!

My first son they gave me 100 mg of Demeral and 4 numbing shots which I asked for with my second son but my new obgyn said he wanted me to be able to feel things to push I so much didn't like it because it hurt but its different with everyone!  
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the epidural is so awesome! hehe..it doesnt really hurt going in..just feels like a big pinch and alot of pressure..a few days after i had my babies i had some back pain and soreness from the spot where it was at..but of course they give you pain meds for all the other pains everywhere else so the meds should help you..i loved the epidural because i felt nothing what so ever in any of my labors..and i was so aware of everything..it made it so much easier for me and so much more enjoyable..the only parts that felt numb to me were my legs..i couldnt move them for anything..lol..it was a weird yet funny feeling...i'd rather feel good and enjoy my labor then be in so much pain and feel so miserable.....
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Wow! Cant believe all the responses I received on this question...haha Thanks girls!!
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So after an epi, you dont feel contractions ?
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I had an epidural with both of my girls and I didn't feel much of anything.  Last year, both of my girls had children of their own and their epidurals didn't work so well.  One daughter said the epidural only worked on one side of her body, which must be a weird/painful feeling and my other daughter said it wasn't taking for longer than about 1/2 hour at a time, so it was like she didn't have one at all.  We all had some residual pain in our backs from the epidural.

I had a good experience, but they did not - - - - everyone is different.  
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As for the contractions, you can "feel" the tightening in your stomach, but it doesn't hurt.
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After i had mine i actually could not feel any contractions.  The nurse had to tell me when i was having them so i could push.  I know it is different for everyone, but i also had some back pain afterward, but it was nothing compared to the pain of the contractions!!
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I had an epidural and what a waste.  It only worked on one side of my body.  I still felt every bit of pain but yet one side was numb.  I could've done without it since it didn't work and my labor was so fast.  Plus, the pain of labor wasn't that bad, I felt scared of it getting worse so I caved and got it but looking back, the most unbearable contractions were the one I felt right before you have to push.  IMHO.  
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