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What exercise is safe during pregnancy?

I've been really enjoying this workout video from Jillian Michaels called the 30 day shred. I'm 4 weeks pregnant and because of a past miscarriage paranoid about continuing my usual workout. It consists of a mix of cadio strength training and ab workout for a 20minute non stop work out. Do you all think it is safe to continue ?? Am I being paranoid?? I don't have an appointment until next week.
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My dr told me I could do any exercise I did pre-pregnancy cuz your body is use to it. I dont know if I'd continue with the ab portion of it though! I know moderate weight trainging & cardio are actually good for you! Anything that doesnt take your breathe away too bad (bc that decrease oxygen to the baby) is okay & really anything moderate!
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I've heard ab exersice is ok before your second trimester even if your lying on your back. But once you reach a certain week lying on the back can reduce blood flow to the baby. I know exercise is ok in normal pregnancy, but I'm worried am I "high risk" because I had a blighted ovum in June? and a possible chemical pregnancy a couple months ago?
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I know nothing about being high risk or having a blighted ovum..sorry. I only know what my dr. told me & this is my first pregnancy and im not high risk. I did a lot of ab exercise pre-pregancy but once I found out I stopped just bc it feel too weird for me. Like I was crushing the baby. But if you know its safe I'd say go for it. Im too far past that pt now. I usually just swim for 45 mins a couple times a week & take a pilates class. Then hike & bike with my bf when we have time on the weekend. But def keep up the exercise..its so good for you! You might have to just cut back or decrease the amount of time & how much effort you put in...
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power walking and light weight are perfect.  Nothing that deals with jumping or jerking your body. OH and def no squats!!! but you can do the standing leg squat with a chair in front of you.
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Sorry but I have that workout and it's WAY too intense for pregnancy. I was using the same workout and stopped. I would stick with less intense workouts, such as walking, swimming and stationary bike riding.
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I think as far as the workout goes you should stop.. especially if you have had a miscarriage before. It's just not worth having a miscarriage that emotionally drains you for a 30 min workout. At  least not for me I was a jogger and I just walk now...I don't want to risk my baby for a workout it would absolutely kill me.
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  I guess I'll just call the doctor and ask
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I have had 2 mc's and told myself that I would work out and stay fit this time around. My doc told me that biking (no mountain biking), swimming, walking, badminton and those tpes of sports where you are not jumping up and down all the time are great. She told me NO RUNNING, I mean I'm not an avid runner so that did not disappoint me. 2x week I hit the pool for laps and 3x week for aquafit. Hubby and I were biking 10km while I as in first trimester and i was fine.....super friggin tired sooner than I used to be but fine.
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