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What is YOUR story? Lets get to know each other.

I know this has been done before, but we have a lot of new ladies here on the forum.  I thought it would be a good time to post our stories and let the new ladies know where we are, what our experience is, etc.  I think knowing everyones background helps tremendously when deciding what advice we want to follow/trust.  

So here's my story, it's long so I will try and make it short, sweet and to the point:

I have 5 kids, one angel baby and have had 2 miscarriages.

DD14: was born via emergency c-section due to oligohydramniosis, breech presentation and intrauterine growth restriction at 40 wks 3 days. She spent 4 days in NICU before coming home.
Missed Miscarriage at 9 wks 5 days-ended up with D &C
DS(would be 9):  was born at 37 weeks, stillborn due to a cord accident
DD7:  born at 39 weeks, went into labor after my water broke.  No drugs, vaginal birth.  
DS6:  born at 38 weeks -spontaneous labor-he came very quick-had an epidural but didn't have time to take.
Natural miscarriage at 5 weeks
DS2:  born on my due date-induced with pitocin to ensure my doc delivered me becuase he's the ONLY doc in my town who will do VBAC-delivered vaginally in 8 hours start to finish
DD7 mos:  born vaginally-induced by artificial breaking of water.  

I've also been a member of this forum since August of 2007 :)  I've been a co-community leader since 2008
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Hi there!

My name is Ivy but I tend to sign my posts "Ashe" because it's easy for someone to call me that (being that it's my screen name) if they want to feel like it's more personal...so call me either, I'll respond to both!

I'm 25, married, and a Stay-at-home-mom and writer from Florida aka Paradise (most of the year).

I have two children:
a 2 1/2-year-old daughter named Kahlan Syana who is a little stinker, but never fails to make me smile. She tests me every day in every single way, and sometimes I need a break, but she makes my life complete and I couldn't imagine it without her. she's very bright and beautiful and I foresee her breaking many hearts someday.

I also have a 9-month-old son named Grey Joseph and he's about as sweet as babies come. He's also a little ham. yes, that's him making a face in my picture; he always makes hammy faces in pictures. He's already cruising and standing on his own, crawling like the dickens and getting ready to walk. He, too, is quite handsome and smart and is going to be a heartbreaker...he's already a major flirt!Only if you're blonde, though, for some reason.

I had a miscarriage before my daughter was conceived, in 2007, and that's when my husband and I were married as well. Kahlan was born September 23, 2008, and Grey was born July 14, 2010...2 days after my birthday!

My daughter was conceived the first month trying after the miscarriage, and I had multiple kidney stones during the pregnancy and a kidney surgery at 34wks pregnant. Kahlan was born on her due date; it was a short labor, only a few hours, and I only pushed for 20 minutes; but when she came out, she tore me in every direction. I nearly bled to death on the table because I bled out so quickly, and they wheeled me into the OR with the OB kneeling between my legs and sewing as we went. I had an epidural but it had worn off by the time I started pushing; however, I was lucky I had it because the anesthesiologist was able to turn it way up in the OR so I didn't feel most of the sewing. It was a long, painful recovery, and at one point I vomited hard enough to pop a stitch. They missed some placental tissue and I ended up with a very bad infection and was told that I would never conceive again, and if I did, I wouldn't carry to term.

so when we started trying when my daughter was 13 months old we figured it would never happened, and if it did it would take forever. But we conceived the first month trying...again! it was an easy pregnancy until the end when I started having weird neurological and heart complications...my blood pressure was dropping significantly (60/30) and I was going blind for hours every day..I was experiencing numbness in my arms, face, neck and chest...so they induced me 4 days before my due date and Grey was born after only a few short hours of labor (i was already 5cm dilated and the bag of waters was sagging out of my cervix) and  about 5 minutes of pushing. I had an epidural with him too, but it never took. It worked for about 15 minutes before stopping working almost completely. He had jaundice after birth and was on a bili-blanket for about 2 weeks.

I had to take pain meds during both pregnancies for different reasons, and I'm more than happy to share my story with anyone who has questions about it. both babies were born unaddicted and without any issues.

Anyway that's my long, overly-detailed story...I hope to hear some stories from you other ladies soon! I've been a member here for a long time, but I never posted on my old screen name and I've been an ACTIVE member as Ashelen since 2009 when I started TTC Grey..I've been a community leader since...oh...November of last year I believe.
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BTW everyone just calls me GA or Cass, which is short for Cassie :)  My kids are:

DD14 Alex
DS(angelbaby) Joey
DD7 Abby
DS6 Zach
DS2 Gabe
DD7mos Lily

and, if it's not obvious, I live in Georgia :)
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So much more succinct than I am....well, that's why I get paid to write..I'm wordy LOL. Love you Cass :-P
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My name is Danielle (Nicole is my middle name). I prefer to be called Nicole, but I waited until I was 19 to decide this and so naturally my family calls me Danielle. I live in Tennessee and I have my whole life. I grew up on a farm, and yes...my first pet was a cow named Daisy.

I've been to College for many different things, but something always seems to make me quit. I quit Graphic Design bc I realized that I hated drawing. I quit Surgical Tech because I thought I wanted to be a medical assistant. I quit that because I couldn't afford to go to that school. I quit Cosmetology with 971 hours completed bc I was pg with Lexi and had severe hyperemesis and was put on bedrest. I want to go back, but would you believe that I want to try to go back for something else. I'm so dumb.

I had a m/c at 5 weeks September 22, 2009. We had been trying for 8 months at that time.

I got pregnant in March of 2010 with the help of Clomid. DD is now 4 months old.
18 hours of labor, epidural didn't work on one side, she got stuck, I had 2nd degree tears. She has severe reflux and a milk protein allergy. She is on Similac Alimentum and rice cereal for those issues.

DH and I have dated since we were 18, got married when we were 19. Crazy young, but I wouldn't change a thing. He works at VW and I get to me a SAHM. However, recently my ppd has swung into overdrive and I'm itching to get out of the house. Either by going back to school or getting a job. Then I think of how lucky I am that I get to be a SAHM and I feel selfish for wanting to get out of the house. I may just look into taking some online classes so I can be at home, and maybe that'll make DH help out more. HE NEVER HELPS! it drives me insane. I know I'm a SAHM, but I would like maybe five minutes to myself sometimes...but alas, I don't get it.

I've been a memmber since I started my TTC journey in 2009.
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My name is Kimberlee  but my screen name is Sabella(God's Promise) its because its name i wanna call my first daughter.

Im 20 yrs old and in the USN im new to this forum but love it all of you ladies are so helpful and filled with so much advice

Im origanny from atlanta but go stationed in San Diego. I havent been TTC for very  long more like 2mnths but since my BF is on deployment its much harder and a little more stressfull when we actually do get a chance to be together which if i didnt happen this time wont be till July or if not july then November

but none the less im happy to try and ive even learned alot about my body in the process so each month is a new experience
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Hi Everyone Im Amy (i think my username gives it away :-0) Im 25 and i manage an office the company sells Granite.
Iv been with DF now 6years, We have no live children as of yet (not for a want of trying!)
I had a miscarriage in  Jan 2006 i thought i was 9 weeks when i went for a scan and nothing was there :( i miscarried naturally.
I had an ectopic in 2006, I hadnt felt well for weeks i went to my docs who said there was nothing wrong, the night of my 21st birthday DF rushed me to Go 2 Doc (an emmergency docs) who sent me to A&E where i had a scan and within literally an hour i was in theatre as my tube had burst, I had my right tube removed and was told there was very little chance of me conceiving naturally as my other tube was covered in adhesions.
I then found out i was pregnant on xmas eve 2009 unfortunatly i collapsed in the bathroom DF foned an ambulance, I had a scan and another ectopic in my left tube :( was treated with 2 rounds of methotrexate.
I was then referred to IVF was waiting to start treatment in Nov 2010 when i have a +ve test unfortunatly it wasnt ment to be and i miscarried at 5wk6d.

I am now still waiting to hear off IVF as my file had to be discussed at the consultants meeting as iv had 2 pregnancys in 2 years and IVF is only funded if you have no pregnancys in 2years.

I joined this forum in Nov 2010 when i was struggling to cope with the miscarriage and iv made some great supportive ladies :)

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FIrst off AWESOME idea Cass!

My name is Sabrina, I'll be 25 April 29th, married to an active duty US Army soldier, Josh who will be 28 in two days (April 15). We are currently stationed at Ft Bragg, NC. We got married after 2 months of dating, on September 13, 2007, I've always said I knew I would marry him the day I met him. I'm one that believes everything happens for a reason, and had the date picked out three years before joining the Army myself when I was engaged to someone else, and just happened to graduate AIT, the Army training school, that day, which is when we planned to get married, shortly after starting to date.

I have an almost three year old (July 2) son named Elijah Kent, conceived almost exactly one month after we were married. He was born via planned c-section at 38 weeks 5 days due to breech presentation and spent the first 24 hours in the nursery. He weighed 7 lbs 10.7 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. He's a momma's boy through and through, testing me a lot these days...he's funny, energetic, adorable, and I love everything about him. He's potty trained, but for some reason likes using the floor instead of the potty at least twice a week. He can dress himself head to toe, counts to 13, knows all of his colors, and most of his letters even though he doesn't say them in the right order. His speech improves every day, and he says up to ten word sentences. This summer when he turns three I plan to start my own version, with workbook help, of home schooling for him to prepare him for kindergarten, which is a mere two years away already!!! He's pretty laid back, and easy going but as any two year old will do he throws his fits and has started refusing naps. I can't imagine life without him!

I also have a four month old, (born Dec 7) daughter named Aubryana Michelle. She was born at 39 weeks 5 days vaginally, weighing in at 8 lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long. She's the newest addition to our family, and we couldn't be happier with having a girl. She's got her daddy wrapped around her little finger already. She started rolling tummy to back at three months, has been smiling since a couple weeks old, and is reaching for toys and bringing them to her mouth, and starting to try to squirm to crawl, and has spun in almost a complete circle...in her sleep! She's very laid back and happy most of the time, but when she's mad, WATCH OUT! She's got my Italian attitude, and a short temper. She's a hard one to crack, she's not laughing much yet, I guess we just aren't that funny, lol. It took a whole year, with a three month break, to conceive her...six months consecutively.
I wasn't able to with Elijah, but have been successfully breast feeding Aubryana minus three bottle feedings the night before my milk came in.

Over all both my pregnancies were uneventful, and for the most part enjoyable.

Elijah loves his sister, and even said just yesterday she's his "best buddy". We are truly blessed to have two wonderful children! I can't see Aubryana being my last pregnancy, or my last baby. I'm hoping in about a year or year and a half to start trying for number three. I'm sure I'll be around here for number three because it is a wonderful website with a lot of great people. I've been a member since November of 2008, and look forward to continuing to be part of MH for a good long time! I haven't been on as much lately because I'm a stay at home mom, and with breast feeding I don't get many opportunities to get on the computer, but hopefully soon I'll get more free time.
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I like this post thanks for thinking of it! My name is Nicole I'm just shy of 32 and have two kids. A soon to be 13 year old son from a way too young marriage and a 20 month old daughter. My husband and I have been together for 7 years, married for 3. Right now both my kids are giving me grey hair. The 13 year old is having all the regular attitude issues. he pushes his limits and tests us every day. My 20 month old is the same exact way she's hit the terrible two's and driving me up a wall. They are adorable and crazy at the same time. When I can sneak away I love to blog about parenting, cooking, hobbies and my life in general.

We had a m/c in November 2007 (that's how I came to MH) and then a healthy baby girl born in August 2009. After our daughter was born we had a hard time ttc it took us almost a year to get pregnant again. Now we're expecting baby number 3 at the end of September. We're due In Oct, but I always go early because of scar tissue that prevents my uterus from growing as much as it needs to.

I'm a cancer survivor and feel blessed to be able to have such an amazing family when I was told that I would never have children. We even plan on ttc for one more next year!
I have my own software consulting business so I work from home only when I want to. DH also works from home 80% of the time and it's great because we get to spend so much time with the kids.

MH has been so great for me in terms of finding answers and being able to connect with other people in my same situations. I love being able to help other people as well.
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My name is Clysta (same as my screen name) and I'm 21. I have been a member here since January 2010, when I first found out I was pregnant. I moved in with my husband, Phil, in 2009 and found out 8 months later we were expecting. It was a "don't try, don't prevent" method. I was married September 23rd, 2010 and hope to spend the rest of my life with him.

My pregnancy was rough. I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis and was ill everyday. I couldn't walk into the house without vomiting at times, and each day was spent with me willing myself not to be sick at the mere thought or mention of food. My baby girl was born September 8th, at 39 weeks. It was a vaginal (medicated) birth, and she weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces, and was gorgeous. She's 7 months now, and still my little hairless wonder. She is her daddy's twin, but got my blue eyes. She started sitting unsupported at 4 months, rolled at 5 months, smiled at me at 5 days old and she's super close to crawling. I figure in another month she'll have it down. (or sooner!) She already pushes herself all over the house, but goes backwards. We've been EBF since birth, but that might have to end sooner than I hope due to a few medical issues. Hopefully they resolve themselves soon. I'm a SAHM currently, and try to answer questions and help members the best that I can.
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I love reading everyones stories.  You guys are part of my extended family and it's great getting to know everyone!!!  
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My name is Claire, 30 from the UK.
Have been a member of Med help since 2004 (prob one of the longer serving members by now!)

1st baby - delivered still born at 16+ weeks due to anencephaly, sex undetermined, but I   always felt was a boy.
2nd baby - blighted ovum diagnosed at 8+ weeks after 2 ultrasound scans, had d&c.
3rd baby - complete miscarriage at 6+ weeks
4th baby - again diagnosed as blighted ovum (thankfully I refused the d&c that was offered and re-scan a week later detected my babies hb!) resulting in DD6
5th baby - DS4
6th  baby - DS3
ttc my 7th pregnancy am almost at the end of my 2ww and this will be our LAST baby!
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Hi I'm Shannon (as you probably guessed). I just turned 32. I have one 5 1/2 year old son named Reilly Nevar (raven spelt backwards). My fiance is 46. I also have 3 stepkids from his previous marriage. We are trying to conceive baby number 2. I just recently (last month) had a chemical pregnancy (or I believe a very early miscarriage at 4 weeks...heartbreaking), so trying again this month. We've been TTC for almost 10 months now.

I work part time as a sales associate at an eyewear store, and my fiance works full time as a courier. Our son goes to senior kindergarten full day every day.

I've been a member of MH since Jan 2011 when I found out you can track your BBT's while TTC. This has been a very helpful website.

Thanks so much for all your help ladies!
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Hey I'M Lindsey, I am 22 years old and have a 2 year old (almost 3) son and I am currently pregnant with baby boy #2 Due in June!  I have been a member since 2007 when I found out I was pregnant then a few days later found out I had a miscarriage. I concieved DS the following month! Julian was born June 20th 2008 (The day before my 20th birthday). When Julian was one and a half his father and I divorced due to we got married too young and grew to be two different people with different morals and ways of living. I found my DH now and the first date we had I knew I wanted to marry him! We decided only 2 months after being together we wanted to TTC. I knew from some tests before that I had PCOS and it was difficult to get pregnant so I began taking Clomid and recieving trigger shots. I found out I was pregnant in October and since we were already engaged we went ahead with our families blessing and got married! I could not imagine my life with out him! Colton wil be DHs first baby and we couldnt be more excited!

I have been a co-community leader of this forum since 2008 and am so excited to see all the new ladies on this forum!!!!!
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Hi, my name is Carly and i'm from Scotland. I'm engaged to a wonderful man, Scott who I love with all my heart. We were best of friends for a long time until we finally told each other about our feelings for one another....here we are later down the road engaged and can't wait to be married.

We were actively TTC, but after a few times of my thinking I was pregnant (but actually wasn't) I found this site in 2010 and haven't left since! My cycles these past few months have been pretty abnormal...spotting randomly a lot etc.
Now we have decided that we are not 'trying' properly just not until we are married, but we are not preventing either...if it happens then great!

I loooove MH and I love answering questions and trying to help everyone on their ttc and it's always the happiest day when you see a lady who has been trying telling her story of how she got her BFP!

You're all fantastic!!!
I love this web
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I'm Heather and I am 29 years old.  I married my husband when I was 22 after we bought a house and I graduated college.  After 5 years of marriage we decided we were at the place to start trying for a family.  I stumbbled accorss this site when I stopped taking the pill, got pregnant right away and had a missed misscarriage.  I had to have a d&c then concieved my son 3 months later right after I got the docs go ahead.  

I had a very rough pregnancy where starting at 29 weeks I would go into labor weekly and have to go to the hospital to get it stopped with a shot.  I took meds daily too to keep contractions down, but they would still break through weekly.  I was on bedrest from 29 weeks to 36 weeks.  My water broke at 38 weeks (a very slow leak I didn't even know) and at that point I was already dialated to 4cm.  I got all the way to 10cm very shortly, pushed for 3 hours and my big boy wouldn't come down so after all that work I had to have a csection (I am on the small side and my son was 8lbs 3ozs even 2 weeks early). Been through a lot and like to help others when I can :)

My son is now almost 9 months old, talks, crawls, eats solids, and is starting to pull up on things.  I never went back to my job after maternity leave (I was a dedicated career woman before and thought I could be wonder woman/super mom too) I couldn't leave my baby.  So, I am a stay at home mom and I am enjoying every second with my little boy... but I do miss the social aspect of work so I hang out on MH when I get a free moment!
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My name is Angie, I'm 23 years old. DH and I met in high school and had our first  son very young (16 yrs). We have been together for 9 years and married for 5. I have 3 children right now and a little boy on the way. My oldest is Michael, he is 7 years old and makes me smile everyday. He's as smart as they come. He gets A honor roll every 6 weeks at school. He's missing his two front teeth right now which makes me smile at him even harder and he can't figure out why LOl. My DD is Melania, she just turned 4. She is in the Headstart program right now and it's a blessing what they teach the kids so early. She got sent home with a nurse note yesterday for sticking a "bead" up her nose. They called Daddy and told him what happened. My youngest is Mathieu, he just turned 2 in Febuary. He's spoiled (very). When DH and I were ttc and it wasn't happening I guess I held on to the thought he could be my last baby. So I gave in to everything he wanted. Then AF didn't show up in October like she was suppose to and I got my BFP. Now I'm currently pregnant with my little guy that we have decided to name Maxamillian. We haven't chosen a middle name yet. I'm 28 weeks and I turn to MH to get answers and give answers as best I can.
All the ladies here are very nice and supportive. I have never felt judged one time here. I love being a part of MH.
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My name is Laura, and I am 32 years old. (will be 33 in June). My fiance' is 46 y/o. He is an air traffic controller and I am a SAHM (for now). I have been frantically job searching, but I am not currently having any luck. We have our son who just turned 2 in January. His name Jaxson and he is hilarious, stubborn, and amazes every day with his new words &/or actions. My pregnancy was horrible so I do not forsee having any more children. I try to be helpful and have received a lot of help from this forum. I have been a member since I found out I was pregnant.. So, 3+ years.. I don't frequent MH anymore, but I try and stop by once a month minimum just to see what all you lovely ladies are up to. We have moved 6 times since I was 7 months pregnant, and currently live in WI. ;)
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My name is Malia and I am 23 years old. I am in college at ASU going for a degree in Interior Design. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and have for many, MANY years. I am married to the love of my life and we have 2 children (one that is mine and one that is ours).

In January of 2007 I found out that despite taking the morning after pill (the morning after) that I was pregnant. I was only 19 at the time and pretty freaked out. Turns out Plan B is only 80% effective. I spotted a couple times at 6 weeks and went to the hospital to make sure everything was ok. Saw a baby and a heartbeat while I was there and baby was measuring 6w2d. The spotting stopped and so I went for another ultrasound at 9 weeks (on Valentine's Day) to check on the baby and found out that they baby had stopped developing at 6w4d and that I had suffered from a missed miscarriage and would need a D&C. Ended up getting the D&C 2 days later only to find out that while my doctor was operating on me, my sister was giving birth to her daughter Alaysha. I was heartbroken and couldn't even hold my sisters daughter when I went to visit them in the hospital.

April 2007 found out I was pregnant again, 6 weeks after my D&C. I had only had sex 4 times in that month and only one time was unprotected. I never in my life thought that I would get pregnant from that one time but I did. At 5 weeks I started bleeding extremely bad, worse than a period and bright red. I went to the hospital and was told I had a tear behind the sac and a subchorionic hematoma and that with as much blood flow as I was having that I was most likely going to lose the baby. I wasn't put on bed rest and continued to go to work and school. At 10 weeks I randomly just stopped bleeding and baby was fine. At 36 weeks I found out that she was in the breech position and my doctor said that he would give me until 38 weeks for her to turn or then I would need a c-section or an external version to turn her. I wanted to have her vaginally so a c-section was out of the question to me. I researched the version and everything I read on it said it was extremely painful. It wasn't. It lasted a whole 10 minutes of them massaging my tummy and then a non-stress test after to make sure the baby was ok. I got into a car accident the next day after the version and then the following day my water broke. Delivered her 2 days before Christmas. My ex boyfriend doesn't want anything to do with Aspen Marie so my husband is in the process of adopting her. She is now 3 1/2 years old.

Baby #2 was conceived again with no trying. I was on birth control and got bronchitis and no one bothered to tell me you cannot mix antibiotics with birth control. Even though we weren't planning to have more children for a while DH was super excited. I had a relatively pain free pregnancy with her until I went into pre-term labor at 32 weeks I was dilated to 2 cm and 80% effaced. I was made to get the steroid injections and was put on extreme bed rest. I made it until 36 weeks and was released from bed rest. Dilated to 3 cm and 90% effaced but no baby. I went into labor the last day of week 38 and it was so fast that I was literally given the epidural while sitting on her head since I was 10 cm and fully effaced. She is now 6 months old and her name is Navy Autumn.

DH and I are only planning to have one more child and because we both want a boy we are looking into Microsort and the IUI treatment for gender selection. We dont want to do it until Navy is 4 years old though so we still have some time! :)
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Well where do i begin after going through so much. My name is Lisa and im 23 currently living in Anaheim, CA. I came to this site April 2010 after my first mc looking for some answers. Df and i have been together for almost 2 years now and ttc since june 2010. Our first mc was not a planned pregnancy but we were thrilled when we got the news. After already having two successful pregnancy i never thought i would go through a mc. My boys are obviously from a previous relationship but to them df is their dad. Here is a little of my pregnancy history,

ds7: born January 6, 2004 (39w5d) 7lb 10oz 20in vaginal birth induced with pitocin after being in car accident. Natural labor was stopped at 35w6d.
ds4: Born march 8,2007 (33w5d) 5lb 9oz 19in No reason for premature labor but was unable to stop it upon arriving at hospital. He spent 6hrs in level 3 nicu and 31 days in level 2 nicu.
mc1: Missed mc went for us at 9 weeks baby measured 7 with hb. Woke up 3 weeks later bleeding went to er us showed baby measuring 8 weeks no hb. D&C done april 2,2010
MC2: Blighted ovum diagnosed at 9 weeks after 4 us showing nothing but empty sac. D&C on august 20, 2010

We are currently 4w6d pregnant again at 4w4d my hcg was 238 progesterone 6.8. Went for repeat labs today and if hcg has doubled and progesterone is still low i will be starting progesterone supplements. We pray this pregnancy pulls through and we get out bundle of joy in December!!!
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I'm Joy! I have three daughters and I have also had two miscarriages. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and will find out baby's gender in about 2.5 weeks, yay!

First two births were typical epidural hospital births. With my third daughter the doctor was pushing early induction or cesarean (heavy emphasis on cesarean) with no medical reason. I switched to midwives at 37 weeks instead and I haven't looked back. I had my third daughter vaginally and naturally by choice.

I am considering becoming a Childbirth Educator (CBE) and down the road, when my children are older, becoming a doula. I am pro-natural birth and pro-midwife for myself but I ultimately support women in their birth goals and only seek to educate and empower women to make the right choices for them.
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I'm Vickie.  DH and I have been TTC for 4 years with no luck.  2 years ago doctors told us (after a multitude of tests) that we would never be able to get pg without their help.  After a failed IUI we started to believe them.  I didn't ovulate and DH had plenty of sperm but the viscosity was too thick.

Fast forward 2 years.  Back in January we asked our pastor to pray a healing prayer over DH and I.  Then we started planning a big 5 year anniversary trip for this August and decided we are happy without kids and will enjoy being with each other.  (Both of us knew deep down that's not what we really wanted though.)

The week of my birthday (March 18) I was really depressed and down on myself, crying because I was about to turn 32 and not have the one thing I've always wanted......a baby.  I really thought it was never going to happen.  Then a friend talked me into taking a HPT on March 19th.  It was a BFP!  The BEST birthday present I could ever get!  (Baby is due two days before DH's birthday.)

Then it all made sense.  Why my period didn't start but I kept spotting.  Why my boobs hurt.  Why I was so depressed (hormones).  Everything just added up!

So at 32 I'm going to be a mommy and couldn't be happier!
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Hello, My name is liz as you might have guessed from my name, I also love coffee but have switched to de-caf.
I have one baby girl who is almost a year and a half. She was a total surprise and didnt find out I was pregnant till 8 weeks. She really wanted to come into this world since she fought against the pill and won. She was my surprise, the best ever! My pregnancy went really well, I worked up to the day I had her......all the way in Germany :)  She is really doing awesome overall, although I do have my fingers crossed she will start talking more.
I am ready for another baby and of course since I am now aware of this pregnancy it has been a little stressful and time consuming. I had a M/C on Feb. 28th. Went to the Dr. and everything went fine, my body took care of everything. Two weeks ago took a positive pregnancy test, Dr. though he saw what could have been a sac but two days later no growth and my HCG levels went down by 100. Went back again on monday for more blood draws. Found out my levels are rising again, but slowly. So more then likely I am having a tubal pregnancy. I am about to leave for my next Dr. appointment, where I will hopefully figure out more and determine my options. I figure I will need to not get pregnant for a month and let my body get back to normal and then I have my fingers crossed for a pregnancy shortly after that, with a happier ending :)   Amazing how much can happen in a week!
Appreciate everyones help on here when I post questions, helps to easy my thoughts.
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This is great! I love reading everyone's stories.

My name is Chantal, I am 24, a SAHM and married to my wonderful husband for almost 5 years now and now expecting for the 5th time. I had 2 miscarriages in 2007, one at 5w and one at 10w. I joined MH shortly after my second m/c in Sept. 2007. Just 2 months after our 2nd m/c, we conceived my son who is now 3. His name is Jeremiah and he was 2 weeks early and was 8lbs 4oz and just perfect!

Eight months after my son was born, we conceived again (total surpirse!) and had another boy who is no longer with us. I had a complicated pregnancy, was on bedrest for 2 months, went into labor around 32 weeks and was 4cm, thankfully they stopped it and we made it to 36 weeks. He was 7lbs 2oz and the most beautiful little boy ever. Not long after he was born, we realized he had a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia. He had a surgery at 8 weeks old that was unsuccessful and so at 6 months old he was put on the transplant list. We did get a call that a liver came in for him, but it was declined because it wasn't perfect for him. Myself, my brother, and my brother-in-law all stepped forward to donate a piece of our liver to him, but I was declined and was only to be used in an emergency. My brother was a PERFECT match for him and was cleared to donate the day after my son passed away. Gosh, that is the hardest part. Jesse Alexander passed away at almost 11 months old due to a blood infection that over took his little body and ultimately caused complete liver failure. He was the light of my life and I would have done anything for him, but God called him home. We had him buried on our 6acre property, so I can visit him whenever I want to. I miss him dearly and he would have been the best big brother ever. He always smiled and kept us all smiling and lauging, even through all his pain. He taught me how to be a better mommy and a better person. <3

I am expecting again (once again a total surprise to us!) and we found out it's a girl!! I am 28 weeks and have been on bedrest since 25 weeks. 2 more months to go until we are in the clear. I am already dilated and effaced, but hoping to make it to June.

I love everyone here on MH and so glad I found this site. Have made so many wonderful friends along the way.

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Hi all! My name is Melissa (Lem=mel backwards and my middle name anne=enna...lemenna). I am on pregnancy 6 right now with 3 living boys. I am 30 going on 31 years old and my first two pregnancies were with husband #1 (married at 19, divorced at 24 due to him cheating and getting someone else pregnant). The last 4 pregnancies have been with my current husband.  I work 2 hours a week in pharmacy and stay at home monday-wednesday.

#1DS Sean 4/22/03 (4 days early) 7lbs 10oz. I had major problems with hypotension and wore a halter monitor for tachycardia. He was born with an apgar of 2, but recovered. My labor with him was 26 hours on, then about 15 hours off. Then I woke up with contractions 5 minutes apart at 5:45am and after 2 hours of pushing and help of first the forceps and then vacume delivered vaginally at 8:38pm. He came out looking sideways and I had a double episiotomy as well as had his cord wrapped between his legs and over his shoulder.  He has had surgery for hidden penis syndrome at age 5 months and again for an undescended testicle at nearly 5yo.

#2DS Ty 10/12/04 (9 days early) 7lbs 12 oz. I again had the hypotension problems and was told to sit at work (happened during pregnancy 1 also). Hard to do when we don't have chairs in the pharmacy! I awoke in full labor on 10/11/04 at about 11pm and he was delivered after about an hour or so of pushing at 8:08am. He had meconium in the water and apgar of 4 as well as his cord around his neck twice. Again he was wisked away from me.  Again he also had surgery for hidden penis syndrome at about 6-7 months.

#3 was a missed m/c found at our first u/s in my 9th week. I had to have a d&c due to my super high hcg levels.  They said it would be at least another 4 weeks before I miscarried.  My d&c was performed 4 DAYS before my wedding. Devastating. It was my husband's first.

#4 DS Wyatt 7/15/08 (induced 14 days early) 8lbs 8oz. Pregnancy was horrible. 7 ultrasounds, 2 ambulance rides (once for passing out at work due to BP of 50/40 at 26 weeks), halter monitor, king of hearts monitor, 3 day hospital stay due to kidney infection, the flu and kidney stones (they thought it was appendicitis).  I was induced at about 9pm 7/14. My labor was stopped completely at 5:30am by emergency shot due to my diastolic BP getting down to 27 and decelerations of baby's heart.  They restarted my labor at about 9-10am and he was delivered vaginally at 4:06pm.  His apgar happily was an 8!!!  He also had some problems with hidden penis syndrome although his was a different type and is in process of correcting itself and should not need surgery.

#5 found out I was pregnant at 11dpo and miscarried 6 days later. Was only 4w2d pregnant but it had been confirmed by doctor. Miscarried naturally on 12/27/10

#6 Got pregnant on same cycle as my miscarriage!!!  I am now 15w5days and will find out the gender on 4/23/11!  This is my first pregnancy with morning sickness besides the 1-2 days with the others.  I started not keeping anything down at 5 weeks.  Still not doing a great job of keeping things down.  I have food aversions badly and have lost a lot of weight.  I am on zofran and phenergan and now have to take stool softeners all the time as they are constipating.  
Okay that was way too long!
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