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What is happening

I found out I was pregnant on January 22nd with the last missed period of December 24th or so I thought.   On January 31st I started spotting brown eventually turned in to red on the 4th or so of February I start to freak out I call my doctors office, they asked me to come in the next day, and they do a pelvic exam everything is fine I do have some bleeding, the cervix is closed all looks well. because of the bleeding they decide to go ahead and do an ultrasound they don't find a sac, they're little confused as I should be about 6 weeks at this point. they call me the next day to give me my blood test results my HCG is around 2800 and progesterone is low at 5.4 of course the prognosis is not good the doctor does explain to me the risks and says I should rush to the emergency room that evening and get a D&C. Well,  I don't believe that I should do a D&C so I tell him I'll think about it and decide to wait it out at home, thinking that a miscarriage is imminent.  I have light bleeding for about a week or so. I decided I wanted a second opinion, I go the practice where I had my first baby. I explained the situation and of course they can they do a full pelvic exam and ultrasound. I'm so excited they see us after the fetal pole then they continue to tell me that they don't see a heartbeat. the gestational sac measurement it's about 10mm and fetal pole measurement is approximately 5mm. they do tell me that I'm measuring 6 weeks not the actual 8 weeks that I think i should be.  I'm a little confused I really don't know what's happening with my baby is it okay that there's no heartbeat at this stage in development. my hcg levels haven't really moved, roar to 3400, the progesterone on the other hand decreased to 2.
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If you were my patient, I would have to tell you that chances are extremely high that you will miscarry.  It is certainly fine to follow blood tests and ultrasounds.  There is no need for a d&c even in the event of a miscarriage, although I often recommend them just because the alternative is sometimes quite unpleasant.
I would say that is very remotely possible that the development will continue and a heart will start to beat.  Hope for the best, but definitely you should prepare for the worst.
Good luck!
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The heartbeat is normal not to hear until later on. I believe it barely starts at 5-6 weeks. Id pray. And stay positive(:
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Hi I'm confused and need help on the first week of January I saw bright red blood in the toilet so I thought my period was coming but then couple hours later it left and that was it so I went to the Dr on January 14th and pregnancy test was negative ok so I didn't worry then in febuary I had to period until the end of the month like the 25th and 26th but light pink only notice when I wiped on tp that was it so took 2 more pregnancy tests but all negative I don't have pregnancy symptoms either month that I could notice so now its march no period until the yesterday march 20th early in the afternoon it was like regular period but then when I went to go look again I see blood on tp  but not alot it look like just spots on tp  but old blood but just little bit then it was gone now from that evening to over night till now to period at all.all together I took about 4 or 5 tests and all negative what should I do
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I meant to say no period at all
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Waiting on response thanks
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