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What not to do when you're pregnant.

Okay, I know I'm posting alot of questions today, but one led up to another question, so I'd figure I'd just go ahead and ask anyways. lol.

My main concern right now is what I really shouldn't do now that I found out I was 11 weeks pregnant last week, but that was exactly a week ago, so now I'm 12.

But anyways.
I know the same ****, don't smoke, don't do drugs or drink, Stay away from caffeine n loads of sugar and junk food. Eat healthy. yadda yadda.

My main concern is lil things that could possibly physically hurt my baby.

I have a problem with sleeping on  my stomach.
It's the only way I can get the most comfortable at night when I sleep, is on my stomach.
And as of last night, not anymore.
It hurts if I try to nap, or sleep on my stomach now.
I've started noticing when I stretch my back n such, it tugs on my lower stomach and it hurts, so I try not to do that anymore.
I'm a smoker, so since I've found out the news, I've quit, but I still have that smoker's hack, and if I cough too hard it hurts my stomach.
I also have a problem with liking to sit on the floor pretzel-style and draw or watch cartoons with my 3 year old nefew.
I can't sit on the floor and expect to get up on my own anymore cuz it strains my back n stomach to get up.

So if there's anything else anyone can suggest not to do cuz I don't wanna put anything strainful on my baby.

Thanks all.
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its ok to sleep on your stomach but if it uncomfortable than you wont sleep but you are not allowed to lay on your back, the best way to sleep is on your left hand side as it circulates but right is good to.
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Just try not to lift more than 15-20 lbs and if you get into a position that is hard to get up from (like sitting Indian-style) just don't do it because the only thing that'll happen is you'll be uncomfortable and you may strain something! It won't hurt baby but it will hurt YOU! Ouch!!!
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Yeah the same old thing not smoke or anything like that everyone knows.  As for the stomach, I was always a stomach sleeper.  I couldn't fall asleep first unless I was on my stomach.  Then as I got farther it did hurt to do so so I didn't.  Yeah they say sleep on your left side so ur blood flows and not on your back.  I think that that's just a myth.  Cause for the simple fact I've done slept on my right side and my back and my daughters came out helthy with no problem.  But threw most of my preg I slept on my sides cause as i got farther along the baby put too much pressure on me to lay on my back.  I used to strech all the time to, but i had the same problem you did so I only streched so far.  If you're wanting to sit on the floor then just sit on the floor.  I used to roll to the side and get up sticking my butt into the air lol it did help alot it was funny and everyone made fun of me but I had to get up some how right?  lol Good luck you'll find more ways to make your self comfortable and know you limits by what you do and not what every one else says.  Good luck to you and have a happy and healthy baby.
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