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What was your first sign?

I want to know what the first sign of pregnancy was for you! Other than a missed period or positive HPT, what was the first clue you had that made you think "could I be pregnant?".
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I had no idea I was until DH brought it up, but he said he knew I was when I told him my breasts were sore. He'd never heard me say that. The next sign was when I could stay awake to save my life. We'd be watching TV or playing a game and I'd fall asleep sitting there.
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I had the teeniest bit of implantation bleeding but even then I wasn't sure until I got a BFP a week later!  No real symptoms until about 5 and a half weeks when my breasts became sore & I was feeling really tired all the time.
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My first signs were actually unusual ones: headaches and insomnia. All the other signs hit me when I was about 8 weeks pregnant (morning sickness, dizziness, ...). Good luck to you and SSBD
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With my first I was only 19 and didn't chart so I didn't even know my period was late. All I knew was I couldn't button my pants. Bloating was the first sign to me. I only took a pregnancy test because I had one and not because I felt pregnant.

With my second daughter it was also a fluke that I took a test and got a positive. I had had a miscarriage several weeks prior to getting that BFP and didn't think it would be positive. Don't remember having symptoms until after that BFP.

With my third daughter it was also after having had a second miscarriage. I wasn't trying anymore. The second miscarriage really threw me off emotionally and I decided to forget having more kids and focus on weight loss. Well when I'd work out I'd notice my lower abdomen just felt different, bloated. So I took a test and SURPRISE! Positive.

Okay now I'm pregnant with my fourth baby (technically sixth if you include my two angels). We were trying so I was testing regularly. I get really emotional when pregnant (crying over stupid commercials, etc.) and so when I start getting really weepy it's a big sign. I also felt crampy a lot but didn't know if it was an impending period or pregnancy.

So for me bloating and weepiness are the two major signs. Crampiness is also another but I mostly feel that after the BFP.
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Thank you, ladies! I am going to test tomorrow and I have been having slight nausea and today I peed SOO much! My period was due yesterday so I am really hoping I finally get my BFP tomorrow, but I don't want to get my hopes up...
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My first sign was the tiredness. No matter how well I slept or for how long I still felt exhausted. The next clue was the bloating. I couldn't fit into my clothes right when I was bloated and it just got worse as the day went on. In the morning I'd be fine, but by the afternoon, my clothes felt so snug.

Good luck with you test. Keep us posted.
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BFN... On to month 6 of trying/not trying. :[
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beast sore,and feelin weird..
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I had several days of negative pregnancy tests and felt that AF was on her way.  However, I woke up the next morning and had a stretch, cramp in my lower abdomen when I stood up too fast...I had that in a previous pregnancy too.  So I tested and it was positive!
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Oh no!!

Good luck for next month!! Keep your chin up!!!

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Was your period past due when you got negatives? I have heard of people not getting their period and still having negative tests for up to 2 weeks after AF was due. So there still a possibility I could be preggo, but doubtful.
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When I took the HPT.  Every month I would take a test because I had pg symptoms.  Every time it was just my body telling me my period was about to start.  This time I thought nothing of it.  After four years of trying and month after month of disappointments you just don't think about it anymore (my cycles would be 22-60+ days long so this past month I just thought I was going to have another long cycle).  My BFF talked me into taking a test because I was two weeks late and it came back positive.
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No - my period wasn't due for a few days.  I had an IUI so I knew when I could test.  I have gotten accurate positives 10 days after iui - but not this time.  It took until 13 days after.  
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I was thinking last night about posting up a question nearly the exact Same as this one because I have been having some mild cramps for the last two or three days. I was wondering if it could just be ovulation cramps or a sign of conception so was going to see what you ladies thought. Reading this has really helped, brilliant question cnhauk! With regards to myself (sorry don't mean to sound selfish :-/) I am half way through my cycle which hasn't been amazingly regular recently and have some cramps. What do you think it means? I've been trying for nearly a year now and getting fed up! :( !! Help!
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About a week before my period was due with all 3 of my pregnancies I got this horrible stomach ache and cramps that lasted for maybe an hour. It honestly felt like an hour of labor. That's how I knew each time.
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I think the cramps could maybe be ovulation since where you are in your cycle! But that's great that they're becoming much more regular!
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It ain't over till the 'witch' shows her face! Don't give up just yet, you never know!!
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Well, the wicked witch of the south just show up. Here's to May being my month!
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Yeah i kind of thought so, its kind of obvious but i keep getting my hopes up... at least i am still hopeful and not giving up like i nearly did at the start of this year! It is reassuring that im settling down now too! :)
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Sorry to hear this month wasnt to be for you.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you for next month, dont give up!
Enjoy yourself ;)
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Sorry to hear that; try, try again!   Headache is usually one of my first symptoms.  
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