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What's Up Wednesday?!

What's up Wednesday?

Today, I think its due to talk all about you again.  Tell us what's up with your body, fertility, pregnancy, worries, concerns, questions.  Lets have a proper Pregnancy 18-34 conversation.

Me I have no clue what's going on with my body, yesterday I thought I ovulated late, today I have no clue, my body is acting strange.  So just waiting as always, I feel that I'm on a perpetual two week wait and that my life goes in two week cycles.
That's it.
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I am 30 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I am so excited to be reaching the end of pregnancy.  Only 9 weeks and 3 days left!  I am having a rough time being able to sleep at night now.  When I lay on my side my little one will kick, hit, and poke that side until I move (same thing for when I lay on my stomach, which so uncomfortable anyways) and I am not supposed to sleep on back (which I have never enjoyed either).  I usually get awakened during the night by little dear son kicking me or poking me, but I guess it is all good, b/c i am getting into practice for when he does not sleep at night.  I know I am complaining, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! I am loving every minute of it.  I just can't wait to meet the little guy who keeps me up at night already.  
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Well I thought I was pregnant agian after a faint positive test, but Af came so thats good news, considering my DS is only 3 months!

durhamjk1, you are so right you are practicing for when he does not sleep at night! Wow only 9w3d! Cant wait to see pics
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I am currently 11 weeks 1 day. I still have morning sickness like crazy, but I can tell it is getting better. For the last few days I have had almost no desire to eat. Cold cereal and soup have been the only things appealing to me.

My breasts are sore. By the end of the night they itch so bad! Growing pains I guess, but nothing I can't live with. I am so excited to find out what I'm having, but that wont be until a week before Thanksgiving. . . . come one Thanksgiving!
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This is my first month of TTC.  I finished BC pills on September 6th, and AF came, as scheduled, on Sept. 10th.  Now I'm just wondering if I ovulated regular or a week late.  Last night, around 2 am, my right side was cramping, but it's been cramping for over a week now.  It's a little frustrating dealing with my DH with this whole situation because he was definitely the one who didn't want to BD last week (he has Crohn's disease, and his abdomen was bothering him, and he was exhausted the other day).  We're not temping or using ovulation kits this month, just to see what happens.  If AF shows in about a week, we're going to start using them.  Keeping my fingers crossed, but it's hard to stay optomistic!
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well im 21 weeks and 3 days i am also struggling with sleep im coping a bit better with pillows between my legs but really hard to get into a comftable position cant imagine being 30 weeks bet its 100 times worse! im knackerd all the time, b ut on a plus side im loving food again yippeeeee! like you griggsy i have been off food since 8 weeks and very sick but luckily those days have gone and i am now at my weight i was before i fell pregnant so sure ill start piling on the pounds soon, griggsy try using something for the itching i use bio oil it really helps and helps keep stretch marks to a minimum im covering myself in it as the elasticity in my skin isnt very good and have stretch marks like road maps just from growth spurts as a teenager and really dont want my boobies to look the same (they are my best asset at the mo..... huge!)
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My husband and I just started the whole infertility testing.  We've been TTC since February, but because I have long cycles, I'm only on my 7th cycle.  We're probably jumping the gun a bit, but I'm having some cycle issues, so we decided to start the process.  

We had our initial consultation, and I also had a vaginal ultrasound done, where the nurse said she was pretty sure she saw a polyp in my uterus.  I'm 7 DPO, so today I had a progesterone test done, HIV, Hepatitis, and all that other good stuff they make you do.  Once AF comes (which I'm hoping it doesn't, but pretty sure it will) I'll have my CD 3 tests, such as FSH, and all those other ones.  Then on day 7-10 of my cycle, I'll have an HSG test done, which will confirm if I have a polyp in my uterus, and if I do, they'll remove it.  

So, we are very early in all this, and I am hoping and praying we get positive results. I'm also praying there is something very minor wrong with me, that once corrected, will make me fertile Mertile. :-D
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Well Im 20 weeks pregnant this week.  I found out a week 1/2 ago I am having a girl, but of course I'm second guessing it.  I can't believe that is my main concern right now.  I want a healthy baby and that's all I ask for, but I am such a planner that I don't want to get all girly stuff then have a boy.  We don't have a lot of money to spend on things, so we are depending on family help but I am just paranoid.  So now I am trying to convince hubby to let me get a 3d/4d ultrasound (my parents will make that my birthday present).  Anyways, other than I am feeling great!  We also decided on a middle name for our baby girl, so it will be Mikayla Renee.  Renee is my mother's name and my middle name, so to not dis-include my mother-in-law we are looking at it as passing my middle name down.  I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my monthly check up, where he will go over all the babies measurements from the 2nd trimester screening.
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I am 30 and my Spouse is 37, we have been TTC for about 2 months, after I accidentally got pregnant in May and it ended in an Eptopic in the end of June we decided to try again. I am currently taking Vitex, and multi vitamin. Keeping a chart and talking to other woman and seeing what has helped them and what advice I can give them. I am in a down mood today don’t know why it’s so fun being a woman and so hormonal.
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Hi Ladies! Well I am 16 weeks and feeling a little better than i have been feeling... I still get a little sick to my stomach every once in a while but am tons better..... I seem to have a problem sleeping UGH! I cant get comfortable and it just makes me think WOW just wait until you 33 weeks lol... i have my anatomy (sp) appt in a week to tell me the sex of the baby and im very excited about that..... Its been so long since i have been preggers (10 years) this all seems so new to me again :-) Good Luck to all the ladies trying to make the babies ;-) and tons of good luck wishes for healthy babies to all that are already preggo!
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Exercising my butt off... literally!
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Well, im 30 weeks, 1 day today and feeling good.  I started my gest. diabetes diet and i think its ok, the real bad thing is that I cant have any sweets, but hey, my little boy is worth it!
Ohhh, also, Me and my husband are travelling to MIAMI tomorrow!  We're taking some days off work to do a little shopping and to try to take it easy (he spoils me so much!).
Nausea has started at night, Im just trying to cope with it and tomorrow I start checking my blood sugar levels twice a day - not so happy about that :( -...
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Well its pretty much same ol for me. I am now 6 weeks post op from having a dermoid removed from my right ovary. Everything seems to be healing nicely. I'm at work as usual. The family issues I have been having are starting to settle down. The 4 extra people that were living with us are now back at home until further notice.

The only bad thing is that my fiance was layed off yesterday, but were both kind of happy about it because we hated where he worked anyway. He called yesterday to tell me but told me he was going to surprise me with something when I got home. I got home and he told me that he has decided to join the Army..*sighs* He needs to pass the ASVAB test to get in though so it will take him a little while before he's ready to do that...I can only imagine what my life is going to be like when he's gone for training and if he gets deployed. Hopefully we will get married soon enough and when he gets deployed or has to move bases I can go and live with him. Its all really hard for me to swallow right now because of my family and financial situation.. It's going to rough for me but I am accepting it because I know its what he wants and I am proud of him for that. He needs to feel as though he is doing something with his life and normally he feels like a disappointment. So things are going to really change sometime in the near future...Any experiences with the subject would be nice ladies! Army wives anyone?
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Well, I am 34 weeks 1 day, I started going to a new doctor on Monday.  Mine didnt deliver.  My other doc had moved my due date up to November 5, and now this one wants to push it back to my original one of nov. 12.  Dont they realize that they are playing with my sanity.  I am getting huge and really uncomfortable.  I cant imagine if I actually make it to my due date.  I am going to be hurting really bad.  I am just so ready for this pregnancy to be over.  My DH has no idea what I am going through and doesnt care to learn.  He just expects me to be my normal self.  But I am exhausted all of the time.  I cant do as much house work with out my back cramping up on me and bringing me to tears.  I just want to have my little Chloe and put this whole pregnancy behind me.  I am so sick of being unhappy and fighting with my DH.  Well other than that, everything with the actual pregnancy is going really good.  She is bigger than what she should be and doing wonderful!!  
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I'm 11 weeks today and yesterday I noticed that I think my belly 'popped'  I actually look pregnant now!  Yikes, kind of early I thought but I 've only gained 2 pounds and it definately looks like I've gained more!  We've seen the baby and heartbeat at 8 weeks and I have an appointment in a week for another u/s.  I know this sounds crazy but I am trying to hold off on buying any maternity stuff like a bella band which I desperately need until I see everything going well next week...I think I had a mini anxiety attack the other night because I was lying in bed and I just had this rush of panic overwhelm me and I kept thinking, what if something goes wrong...Crazy!  So, I've been trying not to be crazy although I am so hormonal, I dropped a bowl last night while making dinner and I got soo upset/sad/teary....luckily dh came in fixed the mess and made the rest of dinner for me =)
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Im 34 weeks today *SIGH*. Im so there with "Taken062406" im ready to have my baby! I cant sleep and everything aches. Im still working so im extra tired all the time. Other than that you can say everything is good. Im just waiting to see my little guy :) I have a feeling that i will have him sooner than later...not sure if sometimes mommys to be have this feeling a little bit before going into labor, but i feel it.

Jame0223: WOW...thats a big step. Its going to change your life for sure. Ive been an Army wive for 6 years now (Infantry Airborne wive). Its tough, he has been deployed twice, the first one was 10 months the second one was 15 months. Thats not including the time he is gone training, months here and there. You can do it...im sure. It takes a decaded wife and you guys must have a good and honest relationship. Hubby and i almost got a divorced at one point but was able to work it out and here we are. Hubby decided to join when after we got married, well actually he talked about it before we got married but never thought he would actually do it. A month after our wedding he left for basic. Let me tell you it was the hardest thing, we had been together for 3 years and never apart. So we missed each other so much. Its easier for some, like for me now if he leaves yeah i miss him but hey its the Army life what do you expect. Thank God he recently decided to change jobs, yay he will be home all the time (i hope all the paper work goes through). It gets easier with time...well for some. Good luck and if you have any questions let me know. Take care!
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Well i think i missed my ovulation window not sure when i ovulated owell theres always next month. but i did have a dream my sister told everyone i was pregnant
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im 38 weeks and 4 days..i only have 10 days left but i am so ready for him to come now..these sleepless nights are getting rough...the movements of Aiden hurt soooo bad...my back hurts, knees hurt..im falling apart...i just can't wait until this is over..he is worth it though
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Been TTC since the loss of our baby in April, ovulation testing and all and got AF today :(
Feeling sad and frustrated.  I would be so excited to even have the morning sickness and everything that goes along with being pregnant!  I was hoping to get preg again before our child was supposed to be born, but that is around this week so no luck!
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As of today, I'm 3 CM dialated. Due 10/16, I'm supposed to go in on 10/8 to have a C-sections. And three words, CONTRACTIONS, CONTRACTIONS, CONTRACTIONS!! They've pretty much been continuous for the last 36 hours. Don't want to seem like a broken record, if you have time read my journal! Good luck TTC girls, and girls that just got your BFP!! You have a long and bumpy (no pun intended) ahead! ;)
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