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Where's my March Mommys??????

How r u guys feeling?? ,, we have a month left, im nervous && excited, im due March 4th but feel like im going to deliver earlier. Some of my energy returned but I still dont have as much appetite. ..hope u ladys r doing fine && hanging in there bcz its almost OUR turn :)
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Hayyyyyy due 13 th so.not long after u feelin rather shattard breathless n ready...only 4"9 so ntuch space now haha nw u feelin.I'm so exvited too wat u havin wst u lookin forward to the most n.wat u most nervous bout think I'm goin.to b early tooo head down.n.ready lol...xx
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In the 18th and I am dying to meet him
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Hereeeee!! Lol due the 14th an cant wait to start my life again,im so big i feel like im at a stand still. I cant wait to see him!!
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I'm due the 7th but today I get checked to see if theres any hope.  I've had to be induced with 2 others after going past my due dates.. so I'm hopeful this ones different.  I'm impatient, freaking out, repacking bags I've packed 300x already.  I just want him here :(
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Here :-) im due 17th but may deliver sooner as my waters a leaking and the drs have found an infection somewhere. Ive been having bad back ache..but we will see. Good luck ladies
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Has anyone had there babys weight estimated already?? I know some do when they have scans :-)
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I'm due march 6th but already been checked last week and said I was 2cm and 50% so I also have a feeling I'm gonna go early. My aunt who is a midwife felt the baby and said she thinks he is 6lbs 12oz... I'm so excited. I have also been having sharp stabbing pains in my vag/ cervix. Has anyone felt those before? They catch me off guard and make me grab myself lol
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I'm having my c-section March 20th (as long as I don't go into labor sooner) I can't wait to have my little one and know if I have another son or my first daughter!
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Thats a good weight, they didnt tell me thr weight but said he was gong to be a big baby! Hopefully he will stay in there till at least 37weeks, one more leakage and ill be treated for my waters going and get the steriod injections..NERVOUS!
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My C-section is scheduled for march 13 if she doesn't come earlier. I'm very excited, ready for her to come seems like its taking forever.
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Im due 18th march  cant wait either! Dont want her to come too early tho as shes only little so want her to have as much time to grow as possible! Iv got my last scan on the 14th of feb to check growth hope shes put a lot of weight on!
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Im having a boy btw , && yayy were all excited &&& readyyy, so far I have everything I need for him but everytime I go out && c something I like I buy it lol .... Wish u all the best of luck && hope we all have a safe && healthy delivery!! :)
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Im 34+2 due march 12th but supposed to be induced a week early...i was at the er yesterday with bad pelvic pain..turns out lil man is head down and im 1cm and 30% thinned...this is my 3rd and i never dilated until i was being induced with my others.so we shall see..
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I'm due March 23 but Dr said she will be here in the.next two weeks I'm 2 cm and 50%thinned a littler nervouse
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My due date is the 14th but I'm more than positive I'm going to go earlier! I'm so excited to meet my little man! Mommy's Prince Charming! He weighs 5lbs already!
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Im due march 7th can't wait for him to be here :) I think he might come early... we will see tho I don't have much symptoms just my back hurts and feet kill after working the night shift :P which ***** and I have horrid stretch marks :( I just want to cry every time I see my belly lmao but I guess its all worth it for my baby boy
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Im due march 5th but could be induced anytime after Monday due to suspected preeclampsia. Hoping meds work even for a week so can get to 37 . There making me so tired feel half drunk most the time
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And he's weighing about 5lb on scan hoping it's slightly wrong. N he lil bigger if coming early
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I'm due March 31st and feeling great!! Just counting down the days until my lil man arrives.
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im due March 16th :) im pretty good... my right side rib is hurting cuz my lil girls feet are up in there haha... get nauseas feeling here nd there.. nd ive been watchin my blood pressure cuz its been a lil off the lass few days... nd as of yesterday my lil girl was weighin just about 5 pounds... im 33+5
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