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Which spelling for this name?

Okay, we've had the name picked out for our little boy for quite some time now, and who is due at the beginning of February. However, I just happened to come across a different way of spelling it the other day that I thought was very interesting and unique, and not to mention, as far as the "look" goes with the letters and spelling, there is one spelling that looks "British" (Greydon) and the other spelling looks "Gaelic/Welsh" (Graedon), but they both have the same pronunciation.

I honestly don't mind which spelling we end up going with; I like them both. I asked my husband about it today, and we are leaning more toward the Welsh spelling because the middle name we chose is also Welsh and is spelled in the Welsh origin, which is Rhys (pronounced "Reese").

The problem is that for the last few months, we've been telling everyone that the name will be spelled Greydon, so that is what everyone has in mind. I know it won't be too difficult to make a spelling change before the baby is born, but it might be easier to just keep it as Greydon, since everyone has gotten used to that spelling already.

Anyway, I just wanted to get a public opinion on the spelling options for this name. Which "look" seems to fit the name best?

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I really like both spellings. I think if you went with Graedon, he'd be the kid with the name that no one could pronounce. I have a friend named Kyrstin and it's pronounced Kuhr-stinn, and she's annoyed every day of her life because no one can pronounce her name correctly.

You already have Greydon on your MH profile, you might as well stick with it. :]
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I <3 Greydon....I would hesitate with Graedon because anyone who's taken latin might pronounce it as "Gr-i-don" .....but that's just my opinion. what a cool name!!! lucky boy :D
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Hmm, I didn't think about how people more prone to Latin spellings might pronounce it. I had been completely in the mindset of British/Gaelic--where the "ae" makes a long "a" sound.
Funny how different origins can make the same combinations of letters make a different pronunciation. :-)
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I'd go with Greydon because when people go to spell it they may sound it out and I know I would think Grey-don.  <3333
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Isn't it?? I took latin for years and I <3 it, but my family's fresh across the pond from Ireland and Scotland, so I get screwy on pronunciations sometimes, LOL. To make matters worse my family's Catholic...and church latin is WAY different from book latin.
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And there is always Graydon too.....
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Lol, yes there is...but husband and I voted out the "ay" spelling from the beginning because we wanted to go with a more unique look to the spelling, but stick with a spelling that was still easily pronounced when seen. :-)
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I say go with the original spelling. I think it would be easier for people to pronounce and spell. :)
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I would also stick with the original spelling. I think it's easier for people to know how to pronounce and it looks good with the middle name.
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I would def stick with the original spelling as well.
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Well I guess I'm the only one that prefers "Graedon" I think it looks very unique and I personally wouldn't have a problem pronouncing it. I also love the nickname "Grae" over "Grey." DH and I love Welsh/ Gaelic names.

I love it! Great name choice!!
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I chose Greydon but not because people are used to seeing it spelled that way. When you get into unique spellings and things you will find yourself having to spell out and pronounce your baby's name for every little thing.

Forget what people are used to seeing. Go with whatever spelling you like best and if it is Graedon then there you go!
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i think Graedon looks really cool so i voted for that one! its different and handsome : )
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I like Graedon, and I personally don't think anyone would have any trouble pronouncing it. But that could be because one of the names I'm thinking of for our son is Braeden, so I automatically connect "ae" with an "ay" pronunciation. I think its a more unique spelling.
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I personally like Graedon too! But I'm partial to Gaelic names LOL! The only thing I would recommend if you do decide to change the way that you want to spell it is to let people know soon, because some people like to buy personalized baby gifts. You would hate to get a ton of blankets or pictures or whatever that say "Greydon" if you name him "Graedon"
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My thoughts exactly...I know some of my family members and friends will give personalized gifts like they did for my first son, so I want to make sure we have a decision about the spelling of the name as soon as possible. After all, I only have two months left! :-)
So far, family and friends have been practically 50/50 about the spelling, just like in this poll, so I think however we spell it, it won't be a problem as far as pronounciation confusion.
Hopefully, we can make a final decision by the end of the week.
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A friend of mine loved Gaelic names too and named her son Braydon (not sure how she spelled it) and that over 20 years ago.  It is probably a popular name now, but it sure wasn't back then.  Go with whatever spelling makes you happy, but beware......you won't find any nameplates or coffee mugs with his name on it, if it is spelled different, LOL.  I say that from experience.....I NEVER found my name on anything.....LOL.
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It's always tough choosing spelling..my daughter's middle name is Syana (also celtic), but originally it was spelled Sionna. I KNOW people would have pronounced that "see-oh-nuh" because that would be the American pronunciation, but in Gaelic or Celtic it would be si-ah-na, so we took a little creative licensing and spelled it phonetically.....I was never able to find customized things either, LOL, and my name isn't all that weird (Ivy). my MIL seems to think it's tragic that my daughter Kahlan will never have any customized mugs or hats or whatever but it never bugged me so I'm not too worried...LOL. I still like Grey!!!
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I also gave thought to customized trinkets like keychains and mugs and whatnot, but I guess that doesn't really matter to us much. I also have a first name that is not very common (Audrey), and I can almost never find my name on things like that. It's never been that big of a deal to me; plus, I had plenty of gifts customized through special orders to make up for it, so that's probably what we'll do for G (I'd put his name here, but now that I don't know how I'm going to spell it, I'll have to refer to him as "G" for now, lol).
My husband, on the other hand, has a *very* common name (Brandon), and he's never been too keen of the fact that he'd be one of a handful of Brandons in his class, or that if he ever wanted a customized item, his name and a few other common names were always the ones that were overstocked, lol.
My first son's name is Trevor, which is Welsh also and not a very common name, like mine. I can almost never find his name on stuff.
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I like both, but I voted for Greydon.  I love unique spellings (dd's name is Reygan), but I have this weird thing about the first and middle name having several letters in common.  So Greydon Rhys looks better to me than Graedon Rhys. ; )
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I chose Graedon, I think it looks more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, I don't think people would have a hard time pronouncing - it's not like it's hard to make an 'ae' sound. :)
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I didn't read all the comments, but I voted Greydon, and here's why; I would hate to be responsible for the constant annoyance that will be constantly bestowed upon your son when BOTH his first AND middle name are repeatedly and often misspelled.. Just my opinion. My son's name is Jaxson, and I sometimes wish I spelled the traditional "Jackson" because everyone spells it incorrectly and it is a constant nuisance.
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