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Who all is preggo? What's you Due date, and what are you having?

Who is pregnant?

When are you due?

What are you having or hoping for?

I'm due Dec 25th, with a baby boy to be named Mason Cole. My doctor has said they will deliver me via csection at 39 weeks but won't set a date until I'm about 32-35w
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hi there,  im due on the 30th september, and iv been told im having a baby boy hoping to call him lewis, this will be my 2nd baby and i mite not even go full term!  my midwife thinks ill get to about 37-38 wks,  which im  kinda hopin she is right as im off on holiday for a week tomorro. but sayin that  i cant wait to meet my little baby!
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Congrats TKM! This is my 2nd baby as well, my 2nd boy. :) I hope I go to 38w at least but am ok if I deliver a bit earlier than that. My son was born at 35w5d and his lungs were ok.
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I'm 26 weeks pregnant with a girl.  She's due around November 27th-Dec 3rd.  My doctor will be inducing me around 39 weeks or so.
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Im due December 13th with another little boy
we are naming him Ayden Alexander :]
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Hello there i am 34 weeks with my first child and its a girl. Madilyn Lily, we still not 100% on the middle name but atleast it something
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opps lol due oct 9
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Hello, I'm having another boy, i'm due November 24th We plan on naming him Liam Brycen =]
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Hi, This is our baby #2 and yes it's a surprise (but i'm say i have strong feels is a girl) we have one lil girl and she is 3 years. i'm 33 weeks and 4 days and due date is Oct 13.
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I'm due on January 19, 2010 with my second child (I already have a son who will be 3 in October).  

We don't know the gender because the baby won't cooperate.....I could have a difficult child on my hands here, haha!!
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Who is pregnant?   Me

When are you due?   Oct. 20, 2009 (so almost 33 weeks along now)

What are you having or hoping for?   We're having our third baby girl, Zoe.
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I am! I am! With my first! ive had 2 m/c so im really excited! Im having a little boy named Jamin Scott (jay-min) Im due in 6 weeks (Oct 6th) I went for my last appt wed will be 2 weeks ago and they had to put me on a low sodium diet bc pof my awful swelling and high bp. they are getting worried that i may get preeclampsia. and they also think that the baby may be big. She said since im so small framed shes afraid he may not fit through the birth canal. So she has talked about possible c section. I got this wed for an u/s to see how big he is. She said i have to make it to 36 weeks i will be 35 on monday. Im thinking they may induce me at 38 weeks. I will find out the details on Wed! I had my baby shower today and it was great i got lots of awesome things! I also have pics posted of Jamins room! It turned out sooo cute!
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i am!! im the newest looks like....5 weeks!! im due May 1st 2010 and i have a strong feeling that its a little girl! i dont know why i just felt like i knew right when i saw the positive test that its a girl.
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I'm right with you sunkissed!  I'm 5 weeks, 2 days :-)  I'm due April 29, 2010, and everyone else thinks I'm having a boy, but I have a feeling its a girl!  Wonder who's right?
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I am with my first!  after one m/c...We find out the sex on Wednesday.  Both me and the father are pretty sure it is girl, but who knows! Im due January 17th!  Congrats to everyone!
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seeing all these prego ladies makes me wanna get prego again!!!! even though my boogers are 1 i just want another itty bitty baby!!!! *sigh* they grow to fast!
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awesome!! im technically not 5 weeks until monday but....close enough! i guess thats why id be due a couple days later than you lol! i hope we both get our baby girls!! im happy i found someone as early on as me so now we can share stories!!
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Im due 26/28 september im having a boy and we are calling him Zac.
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Who is pregnant?  ME!!

When are you due?  December 6, 2009 with our first child - I am 26 weeks today!

What are you having or hoping for?  We are having a son - name undetermined, but likely will be the 4th as my husband is the 3rd and wants to continue his name
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Who is pregnant? ME

When are you due? October 13, 2009 Almost 34 weeks along

What are you having or hoping for? We are having a girl Sahara Madina (atleast if hubby doesn't change his mind again)
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whos pregnant? i am!!!!!

when are you due? dec 19th  i am 24 weeks 1 day

what are you having/hoping for? we were told it is a boy and it looks like it too we are naming him elliott jaymz

we are so excited buying anything and everything for this baby
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Who is pregnant? ME (still!) with first baby.

When are you due? September 12, under two weeks to go!

What are you having or hoping for? We are having a boy, name TBA!

BTW...I was due Dec. 25 but was born on Dec. 24 and love having a holiday birthday!
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I'm pregnant with my second baby, right now I'm 13 weeks 5 days...have nooo clue what I'm having or the slightest instict of what I'm having! My due date is...well one doctor said Feb.27 and another said March 3??? So basically last few days of Feb. and first few days of March. I think my next ultrasound will give me a better due date.
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hi im 9 weeks pregnant with baby no 3.  dont know what im having and wont be finding out (i love a surprise). have no incling what this baby is, thought i was having a boy in my first it was a girl, though i was having a girl on my second and i had a boy so im not even going to guess on this one lol.
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I am 17 weeks and due Feb. 8th.
I don't know yet if it's a boy or girl, but will hopefully get to find out on Sep. 14. I don't mind if it's a boy or girl, I just want a healthy baby. ☺
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