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Who here LOVES being in labour?

I know it's not just me. There are so many people out there who feel the same as me, but I only ever seem to hear horror stories of unimaginable pain and complications resulting in everything but what the Mum wanted.

Well, I started contractions at 2am, and they were bareable till about 1pm. I had my baby girl at 15.39. It was tough towards the end, but pushing is a relief and i honestly don't think it hurt much at all. I said to my Hubby in the recovery room "If it weren't for the stitches (that was the worst bit, still not agony though) I would do that again tomorrow". I can't wait for the next time!

So, how many of you feel labour is a positive experience too? Let's see if we can't give the Mums-to-be something to look forward to instead of to dread. :-)
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I am right there with you.  I had my son when I was 16.  The whole pregnancy I wasn't ever worried or scared about labor.  My contractions started 1 minute apart and I had my son 4 hours later.  I loved everything about it...I loved the excitement, the people coming to visit.  The pushing never hurt me at all, and you are right I said the same thing about the stitches being the worst part....everytime I would laugh or cough after I was in a good bit of pain.  He was 9lb4.8 oz so hopefully this time I wont need it.  I am so looking forward to getting to be in the hospital and do it all over again.  My doctor said I could be induced at 37 weeks if I wanted and I said no because I think all the fun is in wondering when it's going to happen.  
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I definitely had a great labor as well.   I was looking forward to it the entire last month of pregnancy.  Everyone kept asking me if I was scared and I wasn't.  I was more anxious because I wanted to see what my son would look like.  I wasn't afraid of the pain.  I knew there were ways to reduce pain so that wasn't my fear.  Actually my fear was doing a poopie on the table while pushing...but that didn't happen either.  

It was exhausting but the outcome is a blessing....I would do it again in a heartbeat.
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I actually did do a "poopie". But i didn't care. I was concentrating haha
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I don't know yet but I'm hoping I do....LOL so far all I can do is imagine what it's like but one good thing is my ob says labor usually goes quicker with twins....I'm planning on going medication free
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Well my friend did as well and she said they cleaned it so quickly that it wasn't a big deal.  Although, that first push I know I farted.  It was just air though, but my doctor's face was so close...lol.

Brown Eyed Gurl - my epidural didn't even work.  I was only numb on one side, I could've done without it so if you can go medication free, then I say go for it.
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Oh that sounded stupid because a fart is air...what I meant is it didn't have sound to it...hahaha.
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Me! I love labor and delivery!!!
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haha, you really made me laugh then, twice! Weirdly if i'd have farted i would have been embarrassed, but crapping myself  I wasn't  lol.
I'm going medication free if my labour is as good next time.
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Haha yall are so funny.  I was sooo worried about pooping as well....I didn't but I did pea.  I was like "I have to pea"  they were like "okay pea"   They are so used to it I guess.  I'm always constipated so I don't think it will be a problem this time either.  I got to the hospital last time at 8 CM....they gave me the epidural and 5 minutes later my son came out....i will defiantly go natural this time.
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I was embarassed, but she didn't say anything.  Although, my fiance had no problems commenting on my bad breath...lol.  Like, I'm sorry I didn't have time to go and brush my teeth during the many contractions.  All I was allowed to eat was ice chips....I will be sure next time to bring some breath mints...what an a-hole...right?....lol.
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I loved the labor and delivery. I did not have an epidural or IV so no medication. I still say my hubby had it worse than me. He ended up getting bit and choked. When his mom got there I had him in a headlock and his face was starting to change colors. Once she got there things went much more smoothly. Then, my water didn't break until after I started pushing and of course DH walked in and I watched his face go completely pale and he swayed back and forth a couple of times. I still tease him about almost passing out. ;-) I totally plan on going with no meds this time too, as it was such a positive experience for me last time.
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I totally agree. But I hated the hospital bit of my labor.. It was so aggrivating in my experience because I arrived there so late, I was already 8-9 cm, in obvious hard labor and they had to ask me a million and one seemingly irrelevant questions, and they gave me Nubaine since I had no time for an Epidural. I HATED that, too.. It made me want to rip my nose off because it wouldn't stop itching. lol But that was only a minor set-back. The doctor giving me an episiotomy really made me PO'ed, I didn't see it necessary at all and there were other ways to help him out. But other than that, my labor was great. The pain didn't seem that bad really up until around 7 AM and I had him at 9:48 AM.. I hated that my mouth kept getting so dry too.. Haha but those are all minor things. All in all, I enjoyed it.. The excitement of it, and I was proud I went on my own and got to experience it..
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Now that I think of it, I want to try like a birthing center or something next time with no pain medication if my pregnancy is anything like this one was. The hospital really just got on my nerves.. Lol
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Thanks for posting all these comments!  I'm 35 weeks and hoping to have a smooth delivery.
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I am terrified. I have no idea what to expect. I am 34 weeks 1 day, and baby's head is now down. The doc said my cervix is not as long as it was my last visit and had shortened... which I have no idea what that means. She said it was 2 cm.

The reason why I am so scared is I have always been small in that area. I can't even use tampons without it being somewhat painful and uncomfortable. Exams always hurt... I guess I will probably need an episotomy... it will be my first baby, although I have been pregnant 4 times...
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I just have a question... all you who have positive things to say about labor and delivery (which is really encouraging - thank you!), did you do non-medicated? Or, did you have an epidural or other medicine relief? Just wondering....
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babydreams , like I said, personally.. I had Nubaine and as far as the pain goes, it did not help. I still felt all the pain. And it really wasn't EXCRUCIATING as some often say. I am a whimp when it comes to pain so I thought I wouldn't deal well, when I got to the hospital I kept repeating "pain medication!" lol.. I was intimidated/terrified of medication-free/natural birth before I gave birth myself. But after being through it, I think that it might not really be so bad. Plus  I've heard so many times about the epidural only numbing one side, numbing too much to feel to push, causing spinal headaches months later.. Etc. I think I might be glad I didn't get one after all.

To give you guys a picture of my labor, I spent the first portion of it plucking my eyebrows and getting ready to arrive at the hospital, then snacking and watching tv, then sitting on the toilet [the contractions really made me feel like I had to go #2, which I barely actually could. lol] all the while, timing the contractions and getting excited/curious if it was the real thing and if it would keep up. Then during the final portion, I went into transition at home, I just stayed in the shower and used pain management techniques I made up along the way and hummed with each contraction which helped. Then sat on the toilet some more which relieved some pressure of him going lower.  So labor was a pretty easy-going thing for me, really. Just don't panic at the actual THOUGHT of labor itself, that's key. The more your labor progresses, the more you will focus on IT.
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The only medication I had was Novacain (sp?) so I did not feel the tearing when she came out. That is how I plan on doing it again. I told them I do not even want an IV (they didn't seem to thrilled about that), as I didn't have one last time either. If you decide you want to try a med free birth, you can always sign the med consent form ahead of time, just in case you change your mind.
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I had something in a drip called Meptid (similar to pethadine, but not as strong, and it doesn't make the baby drowsy). I had this at about I guess 6cm dilated. It did nothing for the pain, which is why next time I won't bother with any drugs. My thoughts on contractions, well...in the beginning they are a bit like period pains, only they don't last all day and night. Only a minute or so. I found because the pain isn't 'stingy/sharp' pain It's not unbareable. My contractions also made me wanna sit on the loo, but to pee. I have video of hubby and I laughing and joking in between contractions because my hospital bag was too full to close. At the end when it was more painful I remember saying to my hubby in between contractions "I have forgotten how much the last one hurt"  so the next one didn't scare me. I had acupuncture in the weeks before birth to soften my cervix, it worked like a dream. And it started my labour off, so no inducing, heaven! I'm definitely having it next time (it's very popular here, in Germany). Due to the acupuncture the midwife assisting me took me from 7 to 10 cm in minutes just by pushing my cervix back (don't remember any pain) but all those contractions she saved me from - so worth it! Pushing didn't hurt either. I did tear, but the skin was so tight i didn't feel a thing, I knew i tore because i noticed the look on the midwife's face. Like "oh damn".

I would say to help your labour be positive (not the horror stories)
- learn all you can about what could/will happen
- stay calm, THIS IS KEY. Hope this link works.
- if poss, get your baby into a good position (back to back labour hurts more) do this by moving around, use a birthing ball in the weeks up to labour. I'm sure an internet search will go into more depth.
- If your contractions slow down or stop, see if you are allowed to eat something (it could be that your body has run out of energy, half a Mars bar will do)
- try not to have a set plan, go with the flow.
- TRUST YOUR BODY - we are made to do this!
(Don't I sound hippy!?)
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