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Who is trying ttc this month of September?

My fiance and i are starting to ttc. I should be ending my AF In a day or two. What about You? I hope this will be our month Baby Dust to everyone!!!!!
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I,m a little concerned though i,m a little heavier than i was with my other children before i got pregnant. Any tips on how to not gain to much during pregnancy lol?
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I'm so glad someone finally made one for Sept! :) I'm 2dpo! CD 21! I'm so excited but have all the same signs I had last month when AF came!
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Signs of Af and Pregnancy are sometimes the same. I hope that this is your month and you are pregnant!!!! Lotts of Baby Dust sent your way :)
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Yea ik they are it just feels exactly like last month at the same time! But thanx for the baby dust! And I hope so too!

I wish u much lucky and suggest u use OPTs!
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Thanks!!! I will try that i am only on cd3. I really hope that this is our month to get pregnant :)
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Well ladies I'm also ttc, I've only been trying for a month now my cycle started on august 29th. I'm not sure when I ovulate as sometimes the signs are not that great. I'm also hoping this will be my month. So I'm throwing BBD in the air and we all can just stand under it and catch sum... BBD to everyone TTC!!!
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I suggest OPTs! I thought they weren't gonna wrk for me but they did!

My DB is so sure that its gonna happen straight away but idt so Idt I will be till pry Jan.

But all the same *throws dust up* let's dance! ;)
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I'm 9 DPO, I'm going to try my hardest and wait to test until this Wednesday or later.  I hate waiting.  Baby Dust to us all!
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I have never taken an opt when are you supposed to take it?
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Ladies I have a question so plz don't judge me..... I was on birth control but came off of it when I got to the last week of pills when AF comes on, so that I July 25th AF came on July 28th. On August 29th AF came on so how do I determine when I will ovulate?????
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How long does your af usually last? I stared mine 3 days ago and i think i am already done.Does that determine on how soon you ovulate? I feel stupid asking so please don't judge lol Thanks guys
Baby Dust!!!!
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I know it is soooo hard to wait to take a test!!! Especially when you are ttc i feels like you are waiting for years lol. I hope that you get a positive. Good luck :)
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I'm not sure if u was askn me how long does AF last, mines last 3-4 days no longer. When I was inputing my info into the ovulation caculator online depending on the number of days in you cycle depends when u ovulate I guess.....
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Thanks!! Good luck to you
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Hello ladies, I am now on cd 7 which is the last day of AF for me so I expect to ovulate in the next 5-7 days so I will be tracking with opts. **Lots of baby dust to us all**
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degriffdog- good luck on testing hope you get a BFP :)

carebear1805- AF came for me on 29th aug, last few months i started using opk's around cd12 and usually detected a surge around cd16, well this month i was feeling a bit crampy around my left ovary on cd10 so i did a opk and it was very positive, my bbt also showed a thermal shift on cd11 so i know i ovulated early this month, i would suggest using them straight after AF if your not too sure when you ovulate just so you dont miss it.

To everyone else whos ttc good luck sending you all SSBD

As for me i am 5dpo, lots of creamy cm and my temps are still up so fingers crossed

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Thanks for the info. Good luck i will keep my fingers crossed for you
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Hi Ladies,

My and my Fiance have been ttc for 8months, and i did a ovulation test this morning with a faint positive so hopefully DF is up for BD tonight :):)

Im so glad you started a september TTC.. !!!!

Good luck to everyone and looking forward to the next two weeks LOL!!!
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Relly- u started on the 29th of Aug. Count 14 days back I think that's the 15th start testing with OPT around I'd say the 10th. U seem pretty regular so I'd guess u O pretty regular too.

Carebear- it depends on the OPT mine didn't say(answer brand) but I found noon to 2 to be the best time. Morning are no good! And ur O depends on ur cycle so AF to AF. But I agree u shld start testing once a day(or temping(didn't wrk for mr)) till u get a faint line then twice a day.

SSBD! 2ww is killer!
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I am ttc too...It's been 3 years and 4 months for us and our problem is not getting pregnant.  In those three years I've had 3 miscarriages but I've had a total of 4 miscarriages.  

I am on CD 21 (I guess)  I miscarried the last one on the 17th of August..stopped bleeding on the 21st and started bleeding again on the 23rd and it lasted until the 27th.  So I don't know exactly where I am...since I counted my last period as the 23rd I would be CD 21 otherwise if I start at the miscarriage...I would be 28 days today.  So who really knows where I am...just still trying b/c the doc told me once my levels are at 0 I can try again.  

I hope we all get our BFPs and it sticks!  So lots and lots of sticky baby dust.
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Thanks, since I've neva tried OPK's I thought I would just BD from the 10th which was Friday until. But I hope I don't miss it with the schedule I work (I'm away from home Monday thru Fridays) the only time we have together is really Friday afternoon til Monday morning. So all this weekend we BD!!!! I'm really hoping we don't/didn't miss it already...,
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I work for a company where I can do overnights and the lady I wrk with wants me to do weekday overnights. But I turned it down bc I wldnt see my DB from Monday morning till Friday afternoon. I couldn't do it!

Good luck and if u BD this weekend and next u should be good! I hope u get a BFP!
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I,m glad i made one for September too!! It feels good when you can talk to people who are going through the same thing that you are. It really does help you get through it. Hopefully we all get pregnant and have close due dates. Then we all can be talking to each other about how sick we feel lol. Lotts of Baby Dust to all the lady's :)

Good luck!!! I hope this will be your month
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I really hope this will be our month....

Sending Baby Dust To All And In Return I'm Asking Everyone To Send Me Pink Baby Dust!!!!
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